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This was a really really really good night
Well I tried to post a little bit more graphic story of this but it didn't work so I'm leaving stuff out. Well my step sister had a party at our future house, we had furniture and such inside but after the party I stayed at the house with my step sister, one of my friends and two of hers. We were playing around when I saw one girl had a thong on. She was pretty hot so I had a boner, about 8 inches long. Well later that night she slept next to me, but I was about to fall asleep but she said lets go upstairs I can't sleep. We were talking about many various things and then it came to masturbation. (this girl is a year older than me) she knew that guys masturbated and she thought there wasn't anything wrong with it she just didn't do it. We did some things, but we didn't have a condom so I started to finger her. She was really tight just one finger, I pulled her pants down and she had a shaved brown bush. I love seeing girls bushes. I got so horny when she started to moan but I heard something. I opened the door and the other girl was standing there listening. I pulled her in and we were talking she wanted to leave but I told her to stay. She was embarrassed the other girl didn't have her pants or thong on and I didn't have anything on either. She looked at my crotch. I have blonde hair so I have blonde pubes. She was excited but she was shy and inncoent, but I had liked her so I kissed her we started making out and my dick touched her. I pulled down her pants she wasn't wearing any underwear. I started to finger her and she moaned and moaned, meanwhile the other girl was on the bed masturbating. It was one great night. This was my first experience ever doing that.



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