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New Neighbor

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I live in a small, older apartment building, 5 units total, two on ground level, two on second floor, and 1 little apt. in the attic. A lot of people (mostly singles) live here for a year or less. I have been here 4 years, and have never had anything other than very casual relationships with other tenants, that is until about 8 months ago.

Her name was Janis. She was 56 years old, I found out later. I live on the second floor, and she was moving in right under me. I came home from work one afternoon as she was moving boxes in from a pick-up truck. I introduced myself and asked if I could help. She said that her son and nephew were coming right back with some fast-food and they were almost finished for the day, but they were moving the heavy furniture in on Saturday if I really wanted to help. I said fine, I will see you Sat., and went to my place. Now I have ALWAYS been attracted to older women, probably due to childhood experiences like seeing a woman totally naked from the waist down when I was 8 or 9, my aunt masturbating in front of me when I was 13, then showing me how to finger her when I was older etc.,etc.; you probably get the picture: I guess I associate older and female with sexiness, and that really gets me hot.

So this new neighbor, Janis, was pretty sexy for her age. She was wearing a T-shirt with no bra when we met, so I got some real good looks at her tits: 36C, naturally large nipples and surprisingly little sag. Her shirt was too large for her and she caught me looking down her front as she picked up a box.(She just grinned a knowing grin. Guess she knows 'men will be men'). Her tight jeans were those low-riders and I saw her "Victoria's Secret" waistband from the back when she bent over. Not a thong, but sexy and shiny, purple, probably a string bikini - my personal favorite.

I jerked off that night thinking about her. See, I masturbate once or more EVERY day, and I can easily fantasise about about a girl or woman I saw briefly on the street or in a store, so a sexy woman I had actually had a conversation with made my fantasy (and orgasm) that much more intense.
I worked late Friday, got home after dark, and noticed curtains in Janis' windows, as well as her lights being on, and then I heard some smooth jazz sounds in the hallway as I went into our building. It appeared as though she was staying the night even though her furniture wasn't coming until tomorrow. I thought about checking in with her after I settled in, but being kind of tired, decided to hit the sack early to be rested for "moving day".

Around 8:30, I was watching some soft-core porn on cable, gently stroking my cock, and imagining what my new neighbor looks like naked, when my door-bell rang. Expecting no-one, I looked through the peep-hole and there stood Janis! I opened the door, she smiled, and said she really appreciated my offer to help her finish moving in, but they had already moved all her furniture in and so I would not be needed. I replied something like "Story of my life: just when I start to think a beautiful, sexy woman NEEDS me, I get shot down again !" (Smooth, huh!?) Well, she gets it, laughs, and reaches out and touches my upper arm.

"Poor baby!, she says,"I still need you to be my good neighbor and friend. I'm just not going to work you over so hard tomorrow, that's all" As I looked her up and down, I was thinking she could "work me over" any time she liked. She was wearing a terry cloth robe that only came to mid-thigh, a football jersey type nightshirt that almost came to her knees, and cute little socks with ribbons on them. She looked cute and cozy and ready for bed and I was getting aroused when I realized I was standing there in a big T-shirt and knit boxer-briefs. I looked down and saw that my growing erection was quite obvious. I looked back at Janis and saw that she was staring at my boner. I'm so sorry, I said, if you would like to come in, I'll put some pants on. She said don't be sorry, she was flattered at my "interest" and pants were optional, and she would love to come in.

So I did NOT bother to put on pants, but fixed us drinks, and we sat on the couch and got acquainted. Background stuff: where we were from, what our jobs were, etc. As were chatted, her robe came open and her little short nightshirt started to ride up when she shifted her position. Then she put one leg under the other and this stretched her shirt out enabling me to suddenly see all the way up her shirt. I thought I had seen a glimpse of black panties a few minutes back, but I now knew that blackness was a mass of jet black pubic hair! I already had a sofa pillow in my lap to hide my hard-on, but now I was squirming as well. I was having a hard time keeping eye contact; beaver contact was all that was on my mind.

Janis was definitely noticing my jittery behavior and asked if anything was wrong. I just took the pillow from my lap and put it in HER lap.She laughed and said; " I'm not a cock-tease, baby. I was ready for bed when I decided to come tell you about moving, and I just don't wear panties to bed. I didn't mean to get you so worked up. And if I wasn't so paranoid about AIDS and all those sexually transmitted diseases, believe me I would take care of your needs right now. We really just met and you're a really nice guy, but it's just way too soon for anything like that. I hope you understand."

"Well, my big head understands perfectly. You are a very wise and responsible woman. But my little dick head is not responding to your reasoning."
"From where I'm sitting,she said, the word 'little' does not describe that dick head!" She pointed right at my cock.
"You want to see it?" Now I'm not all that huge, but at that moment as we both looked at my bulge, my dick had never looked bigger or harder.

She didn't answer right away, just kind of bit her lip and kept staring at it.
"Well, since you've been staring at my naked pussy, I guess It's only fair." She then threw that damn pillow in the floor, hiked her nightshirt up to her waist, and laid back like, "on with the show". As I looked at her, all spread open like that, I saw that her juices had already matted that thick pussy hair right around her slit. I stood up and dropped my shorts. She said "Oh Yeah !! " and started to lightly caress her pussy. My dick was so wet with pre-cum that it was actually dripping. As I started to stroke, I moved a bit closer to her end of the couch, and some of my "drippings" fell on her thigh.

Remembering her speaking of sexual paranoia, I thought this might be the first time in a LONG time that she's felt any fluid from a man. Evidently, I was right. As soon as those few drops fell from my dick and hit her skin, she just stared at her wet thigh, and really got busy on that pussy. I could smell her now as I watched her whack her clit really hard with one hand as her other hand spread those meaty lips and showed me her pink insides in the middle of all that dark bushy jungle. And I had a feeling that she WAS "putting on a show" for me. Maybe because she felt responsible for my raging hard-on. She was staring at my cock as she eased two fingers into her wet hole. They went in easily and they went in all the way. Only after she started to fuck herself did I realize just how wet this woman had become. Sloshing sounds seemed to bouncing off the walls of my little apartment, and that sweet&salty, musky aroma was making me almost dizzy. She pumped her pussy furiously for another 2-3 minutes, then brought those fingers out of her pussy and into her own mouth. I had to stop jerking my dick to keep from cumming. Same 2 fingers back in that sloppy hole, then right back out. I thought she was going to lick them again, but she reached up with a glassy-eyed look and smeared her slimey cunt juices all over my dick and balls. She didn't stroke or start jerking me off, just spread her wonderful juices all over my package. They smelled SOO good!

Janis had pulled her shirt up now and was twisting her nipples with both hands, so hard it HAD to hurt, but she just kept pulling and twisting. Her pussy hair was all wet now and her outer lips were stretched out and swollen to abnormal size. She had a bigger than average clit that was sticking way out from underneath its little hood. I wanted SO BAD to go down on her , licking and sucking and tasting her. But I held myself back, even though I sensed that she was NOT thinking about safe sex at this point.
She was moaning like a wounded animal. "Tell me before you cum" she said as she started to pinch her clit. "Will you cum with me" I asked.
"All over me, baby. Shoot that hot fuckin' cum all over me!!" Two fingers back in her wet pussy, her other hand rubbing her clit so fast her hand was a blur. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, she kept saying, matching the rhythm of her fingers. I wanted to watch this show forever, but I couldn't hold out much longer, being amazed at my endurance so far. The timing was almost perfect: Her sweaty body started to convulse with jerks and groans as my first sticky stream of hot cum hit her left tit. I thought she was in some kind of orgasmic other world, but she was right-here-right-now: her fingers came out of her pussy and rubbed my cum all over both titties.

Her "clit hand" went to her pussy and started slapping the outer lips and pulling on them. She was cumming like crazy as I shot more cum on her chest, bouncing and jerking around, finally rolling right off the couch! I was squeezing every drop I could squeeze out of the end of my dick now, the last drops hitting her ass. She was almost breathless as she reached around and smeared my sperm around her ass and towards her puckered little ass hole. After she regained herself, her first words were "I need a shower" I told her she could use mine, but she wanted to go back to her own apt. She put her robe back on, gave me a hug and whispered in my ear "Well maybe it's not so soon after all. See you tomorrow?"

"Sure. Sweet dreams."

Janis only lived in my building for about 6 months, then moved to another state. Our relationship grew, especially sexually, and we had some some really hot "dates" in her apt. or mine. She would cook and clean for me and I would continue to honor her requests to "shoot that hot cum all over me!" She told me that she had contracted an STD in her last relationship, cured now. And even though I was "squeaky clean" sexually, I also honored her request that we only masturbate for each other - no actual sex. This was okay for me and showed me that a deeply satisfying sex life through mutual masturbation was very possible, especially if you have a sexy, funny, caring individual to share it with.



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