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Fantastic Freewheeling Neighbor

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I am really lucky to have a neighbor who is so fun, so sexually open, so great looking, and so MARRIED! This is a good thing so she doesn't get serious wanting a relationship.


My neighbor is so good looking. I almost get a woodie just looking at her. She is 42 and she has been married for 20 years. I am married also and our spouses are also friends. I will call her Susan in this account of our get togethers.

Susan is extremely open and extremely friendly and outgoing. She loves to tell raunchy jokes and she uses the F word quite liberally. On more than one occasion I have told her she was sexy, in a kidding but also a serious way. One time I was joking with her and told her I had dreamed about her the night before and woke up with a super 'chubby.' She smiled and said 'ummmm. Interesting!'

Weeks go by and then on another occasion she asked me if I had dreamed about her again. I told her I had with the same results, but I spiced it up a bit adding that I gave myself a wonderful handjob thinking about her. She again purred 'ummmm.' Suddenly then I feel the sexual tension in the air. The way she looked at me. I was quite sure I was feeling some interest from her.

A couple days later, I was home working from my home office. My wife was at work. I went out to the curb to retrieve the trash can as the garbage guys had just emptied it. She came out of her house to do the same. We talked out on the street. She kidded me and asked how my 'chubby' was. I kidded her and said 'growing by the second.' We both smile and laugh ... then she said 'really?' I countered with 'if you want it to I can make it happen!' She gave me a coy look and said 'wanna come inside for a while?'

Damn! OK, now I was indeed getting hard! As soon as we were in her house she started hugging me tightly. My dick was hard as steel grinding into her pussy. Seconds later we were feeling each other through our clothes, almost roughly, like we were starved for sex. I wasted no time. I broke free and unzipped my pants and lowered them and my underwear in one swift move. Susan immediately took my dick in her hand and squeezed it and stroked it as she started devouring my mouth with hers. Oh fellow readers, my dick was friggin' THROBBING HARD.

She kneeled in front of me to look at it. She took it in her hand and felt me, and then placed my hard length against the side of her face, and closed her eyes, ... she looked like she was having a religious experience of some kind. I loved what she was doing. It looked and felt so sexy ... but I wanted to see her naked.

I pulled Susan up and started undressing her. She helped me and soon she was totally naked. Oh my. I could have cum right then and there. I carressed her holding her naked body against mine, my hard shaft tight against her pubic mound, her breasts and nipples squashed tightly against my chest, our combined pounding hearts all but crashing through our chests.

I kneeled and looked right at her pussy, and planted love kisses in her fluff. Using my fingers I rubbed through her wet pussy between her lips, and slipped fingers up inside her. She was moaning with pleasure.

I stood and she took my hand and we went to her bedroom, naked, walking hand in hand, my dick pointing due north! On her bed, we kissed and explored each other totally. She muttered 'I want to fuck you so badly ... but we just cannot do that.' I told her I wanted to cum with her and she said 'we can still do that.' She started jacking me off, almost roughly, hard and fast. I told her to slow down ... and she did, and I came soon after, squirting cum all over her. Then I started rubbing her clit and fingering her. She then said 'let me help you,' and she more or less took over and I watched as she brought herself to orgasm.

This was the most exciting, sexiest thing that I've ever done. Partly because it was taboo being with a married neighbor I suppose. Afterwards, we laid there and talked about sex. She said she loved to fuck and suck her husband's dick. Damned if I didn't get hard again as we talked about it. This time She scrunched up beside me and watched as I jacked myself off. I told her I had done that many times thinking about her. She loved watching me.

We get together discreetly now and then. Not real often ... but it has happened three times, more or less like this first encounter. My heart pounds and I get hard whenever I think about her!



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