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Ma Chere, Part 1

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Women have always been open to sharing a 'private moment' or a fantasy with me. It was always a thrill, but there was this certain young lady...she was special…  

I was in my late 40’s, pushing 50, when I approached the Main Tower in the center portion of the beach. It was where I worked most days but for 2 weeks, as the division logistics officer, I was preparing for the annual inventory and chose to work the outer perimeter which had fewer distractions. Pulling up on my ATV, I noticed a family had set up close to the roped perimeter. They turned to me, smiled, waved and called my name in heavy French accents when the daughter got up she raced over and gave me a hug. I’m normally cool, calm and collected, but this young lady had my heart pounding. She was tall, slender, with legs that made their way up to where they came together and made the most beautiful ass of themselves. We made small talk and she explained she had finished high school and would be attending university when they returned, so this was a special trip for her. I remembered her from years past as a cute teen with a friendly attitude. I complemented her on graduation and how she had grown. She smiled and said, “Merci, but now I am no longer a little girl” and gave me a peck on the cheek. That set my mind racing, thinking "Mercy, no you are NOT the little girl I remember!"  I kept up the facade as the level-headed adult, while inside I wanted that kiss to continue.

I excused myself after a bit and went up to the tower, where I was greeted by 2 junior-level guards, the captain and chief--both with big grins. "Did you know about this?" Our captain, Ron, sat in the corner with his hand over his mouth, laughing. "Did you see his face?" as the chief repeated his favorite line...”the ladies love him and mortal men would kill to be him.”  All I could do was shake my head and say “Yea, don't I wish.” After the laughter subsided and they were tired of saying, "Did you see his face when she came up and hugged him"-- followed by another round of laughter--I explained I was here to get some serial numbers off their radios and some other information. Ron said he could send one of the other guys to cover my area. I declined the tempting offer saying I needed to get this done in the next two weeks. The chief, Gary, replied, “You are the man...tell us what you want and what we need to do.”

When my work in the main tower was complete I went back downstairs, stopped briefly to welcome the family back and telling them that hopefully I’d get to see them again before they left. Yvette asked where I was working and I pointed down the beach about a half-mile to my isolated tower. When I got back to my tower I immediately took out my binoculars and looked down to see her again while shaking my head...Damn inventory!

About 10 to15 minutes passed when who do I see walking towards the tower but Yvette. She was literally gliding with every step (at least in my mind!).  When she arrived, with a sunny smile and a wave she said, "Hello, Jim," in the cutest French accent. I replied “bonjour, ma chère”. She giggled and said, "Oh, you speak French?" "Tres peu,” I replied, adding I took French, knowing that after two years of Latin I would never get to speak it, plus I always liked the French tongue. (nothing like a little double entendre!)

She asked to come up in the tower and of course, I said yes. We had exchanged small talk for a bit when she finally asked if I was seeing anyone special? I smiled and said, yes, I have been seeing a very special someone--since I first saw you this afternoon. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek saying, “You are so sweet.” Admittedly, I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks as I blushed and smiled at her. She asked if we could go in the water for a bit. I could see the guys in the main tower looking towards us through binoculars, so it was no surprise when I called off to take a swim break.

She took my arm as we made it to the shore, giving an occasional squeeze. Once we were in the water, she moved in, nestled close, smiled, and gave me a passionate French kiss--which, of course, I reciprocated! After our swim, we showered off, but she looked at her watch and said she had to go back to the family as they had early dinner reservations.  Although it was against protocol, I drove her on the back of my ATV as she hugged me close and as I helped her off she asked if I would be working tomorrow. I said yes and would be at the same stand. "Tres bien, I will see you then...yes???" I smiled and said, "Of course."

To be continued...




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