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Naked Day No.1 2024 Part 1

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As soon as I woke up I knew it was going to be a naked day! 

The sun had already warmed my corner of the world when I woke up and I exulted in what I knew was to come. I lay in bed, dressed only in panties - panties that were already wet from my late-night masturbation. 


The phone chirps. It’s a text from my wife. “No need to ask what you’ll be wearing today!” No…no need at all. I bounce out of bed, peel my sticky panties off and give myself a second to enjoy the scent of girl cum before going into the wet room and tossing them into the laundry hamper. I give a second’s thought to not showering, but decide I must as I’m a bit sweaty as well as leaving a trail of sex pheromones behind me. Too much. 



One shower later and I’m downstairs sitting at the breakfast bar enjoying a light meal. Our adorable housekeeper doesn’t give me a second glance. I did warn her about ‘naked days’ before she took the job - and anyway, I suspect she’ll join me at some point today. She has a busy morning of laundry and bed changes to do first though. Time for her to get a little hot and sweaty too! Mmm. 



I feel that almost imperceptible contraction deep in my vagina that usually heralds the emergence of wetness. Calm down, Anna. Whole day to go yet. 



Breakfast done, I go to the pool room and retract the roof and walls. Then I walk through the room, out into the courtyard, past the stables on one side and  the bungalow on the other, and into the first of the gardens. The koi pond burbles gently and I stop to look at the fish. They seem happy to see me and flick (?) to the poolside in the nope of some food. I take a small handful from the container and hold pinches of it in my fingers. They will feed directly from me, although it’s only the biggest, strongest fish who do this. I make sure the others get some by throwing what’s left far out onto the surface. I wonder about dangling my feet in here. Would I get one of those fish pedicures I’ve read about? 



The sun is really hot today and warms me, but also it gives me an immense feeling of well-being. Vitamin D, Tig tells me. I



I can hear the school kids walking through the woods to my left. I’d better stay away from the path where it comes close to the gardens, much as I’d love to give some teenage schoolboy some wank-bank material. Or schoolgirl, possibly? That thought triggers another vaginal squeeze, and this one brings with it the definite feeling or moisture. Miss Brain wakes up and joins the emergent sexual responses and flashes me the source of last night’s wank - Emily showing me an as-it-happened video of her licking out a chambermaid in an hotel. It was, apparently, the chambermaid’s first ever lesbian experience. She couldn’t have asked for anyone better than my Emily to show her the delights of sapphic sex. Oh dear…big squeeze that time. Slow down, Anna. Plenty of time. 



To my left, I hear the chomping of the mulched as my gardener’s son feeds it the winter prunings. The resultant mulch will go on the compost heap where, tomorrow morning, I will see steam rising from it as the bacteria begin to break down the plant material inset a rich brown compost. The older gardener told me, “In the old days, Miss, people used to pee on their compost heaps. Much better than all this chemical activator.” He might be surprised to learn that from time to time people still do pee on my compost heap! I suspect his son does too. Oh dear, that though contributes to the wetness between my labia! 



I don’t go into the vegetable garden to the right since it has pathways of stones - way too uncomfortable for bare feet. Hmm I wonder if I should replace it with quarry stones. I’ll ask Jim when I see him. Meadow next, and oh….already the scent is intoxicating here. I remember late latest summer when it was mown. All the wild flowers cut down, and that scent! So like the scent of an aroused vagina! So close you wouldn’t believe it. All it lacked were the sex pheromones. I soaked my panties there that day. Right now though, the flowers are fighting to grow. Soon it will be a riot of colour and butterflies and bees and other insects will swarm here.



And speaking of swarms, I am now the proud owner of six beehives. It’s been an almost vertical learning curve, but the hives and six ‘nucs ‘ arrived. Not much honey to have this year, apparently, but next year, my meadow should provide plenty of 100% natural organic honey. Walking past the hives I hear the gentle, drowsy-making buzz of bees doing - er - whatever it is bees do when they’re setting up home. 



Finally, I’m as far away from the house as I can get. Only farmland lies beyond my boundary fence. I look back over my estate and I feel truly humbled…grateful. I’m 24, born to incredibly wealthy parents, but I have made my own way to this. The coffee shop chain, now the pubs and the pole-dancing club, plus some investments. I have the most adorable, kind, loving and sexy wife you could possibly imagine. I’ve been blessed with Dani, and now Alice, both of whom began to explore their sexuality with me. Before that, my sister during the lockdowns. 



I find I can’t put it off any longer. Even though the path through the woods is visible in parts from here, I  let my hand find my boob. It is, as expected, rock solid and the nipple is almost painfully erect. I squeeze it - hard - to remove the ‘almost’. The Lance of pain shoots through me and right down to my clit which responds by turning the volume up on its pulsating. I feel the wetness begin to cost my inner thighs. I do get very wet when I’m horny. So I spread my legs and bend the knees a little. I lean against a rough-hewn fence post, feeling it scratch my skin like the frenzied clutch of a lover’s fingers. Deep within me the orgasm is already broiling, twisting and turning. 



As usual, Miss Brain flicks through her immense collection of erotic imagery, video clips, and sound files to find something to tip me over the edge. She pauses on last night’s epic of Emily screwing the chambermaid, and undoubtedly, that brings me closer. Much closer. Then she finds Dani. Dani’s first ever full-on lesbian sex with me. During the many things we did, I sensed she was holding something back - something she wanted either me to do or her to do. It became an irritant. I knew it was there. I felt it like a barrier in the road. At the time, I was between her legs, my tongue buried deep inside her, swallowing her juices as fast as she produced them. I had a finger, knuckle-deep in her bum, and yet…… So, I removed my tongue just long enough to ask her what she needed. Between gasps, she said “I….I want to…..swear at you.” I didn’t reply. There was no need. I just smiled, nodded my head and plunged back in her. I felt her hands grab my hair, pulling me harder against her crotch, and I knew she was building up to whatever she needed to say to accompany the feelings she was having. Finally, “Oh…you…..fucking…CUNT.” She exploded in a wild, frenzied orgasm, and, leaning against that rough, scratchy fence post, so did I. I squirted onto the rough grass and screamed out loud as my orgasm raped me. 



Did someone see? Did someone hear? Oh, as if I care! When I’m in this mood, I wouldn’t mind if someone scaled the fence, bent me forward and took me from behind. I wouldn’t mind if he was 18 or 80, I wouldn’t mind if ‘he’ were a ‘she’. At that precise moment, I was connected to the sexual universe utterly and completely. 



So slowly, I walk back to the house. I know I’m still gently oozing girl cum, and will be for the rest of the day….and I don’t care a jot. Today is going to be a great day, at one with nature. 




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