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My First Time With Another Girl

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I love this site, whenever I read it I have to get off


I started masturbating about 5 years ago when I was 12, I was lying on my bed in just a nightgown (I sleep in just a nightgown without a bra or panties when its not my time of the month)and I had an itch on my thigh and when I was scratching it and I accidently brushed my hand against my clit and it felt good so I kept doing it until I came to my first mind exploding orgasm.
But let's get to the story.
My first girl girl experience was with my best friend - let's call her Britney. Up until then we had never done anything, but I always thought she was hot (I am Bi). One night she came over for sleepover at my house, During the night I just could not help but stare at her 34B luscious breast through her T-shirt and her frim ass, I have 34 B too and a pretty big butt which all the guys stare at. We were just sitting there talking when Britney asked me to get her a soda. When I came back Britney asked if se could take off her clothes because she was hot, so I said yes, so she proceeded to take off her tite white T-shirt and jeans to reveal a white bra and matching victoria secret panties. When I saw that I felt myself get wet, then she said I should take my clothes off, so I took off mr Red T-shirt and skirt to reveal and red bra and thong.
We sat down and started to talk again when I decided I could not take it anymore and just bent over and kissed her on the mouth, but to my surprise she did not pull back, she just let me kiss her. When our kiss broke Britney said 'Lets go,' so she got up and took off her bra and I took off my bra and Britney bent down and began biting my nipples and I could not help but moan. After she did that to me I went over to return the favor. After a little nipple biting I got up, shoved her on the bed, took off her white panties, spread her legs and dove into her hairy pussy.
After awhile she began to moan really loud and pull her nipples really hard and she orgasmed so hard that her spasms forced her butt right in the air and her cum went all over my face. After she came too she got up and kissed me and she used her tounge and got some of her juices in her mouth, after that she dove bent down and pulled my thong down and returned the favor. And let me tell you it was a good thing my parents went out with my neighbors because I was moaning so loud someone would have called an ambulance and my orgasm was so good I nearly fainted and at least a can of my cum poured out of me and Britney drank it all. After that Britney go up and said 'You are so hot, I just want to watch you get off' and I said 'Me too.' so we got on the bed and began to finger ourselves and watching another girl get off is the greatest thing in the world and about 5 minutes later we both screamed as we had earth shattering orgasms. After that we just pulled the covers over us and fell asleep naked on each other.
Since then we have done this several times.



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