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Taught by Best Friend

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My first experience with masturbation!


This happened one day when my best friend Rachel (not her real name) was over at my house after school. We were playing a game kind of like hide and seek only when you found the person you had to tickle them until they laughed instead of tagging them. I hid in my bedroom closet, not realizing that I would be trapped if she found me. Well she did, and she started to tickle me without remorse. I started laughing, but she kept tickling. Suddenly, her hands brushed over my crotch, and I got a funny sensation 'down there'. Intrigued, I stopped laughing and told her what had happened. I didn't know anything about masturbation, but apparently she did. She told me that when you touch your privates you can get a funny feeling and if you keep doing it, it feels really good. I was curious, so I asked, 'Can you show me?'

She said, 'Ok, but you have to promise that you won't freak out or anything.'

I told her that I wouldn't, and she told me to take my shorts off. This surprised me a little bit, but I still really wanted to experience this feeling, so I obeyed. She put her hand on my panties and started to rub in a slow, rythmic motion. I felt the funny feeling again, only this time it was a little more intense. Suddenly, I started to feel a wet spot on my panties! 'That's not pee, don't worry,' she told me. She kept rubbing, and it started to feel really good. 'Ohh..' I couldn't help but moan a little. She started to rub faster, and I started to get wetter. The feeling of the wetness in my panties only intensified the sensation.

'Are you enjoying it?' she said.

All I could manage was another moan 'Ahhhhhh...'

I could feel the sensation building, and her hand rubbed faster still. Suddenly, she slipped her hand inside my panties and slid two fingers in my pussy. 'Uhh!' I was panting like a dog now. I could feel the sensation building inside of me. When I felt like I couldn't take it any more, my pussy exploded with pleasure. 'Uhh..ahh..mm...mmmmm!!!...AHHHH!!!' I practically shrieked. The pleasure radiated up from my crotch through my entire body. I went into several spasms, and I knew it was definately the best thing I had ever felt in my entire life.

When I had calmed down, Rachel asked if I would do the same to her. She got right down to business, and she took off her pants and her panties. As I began to finger her, I could feel that she was already really wet. It didn't take long for her to let out a long 'AHHHHHHHH!!!!' as she came hard.

Then we pressed our slender naked bodies into each other and made out and fingered till we both came again. I still masturbate and imagine the feeling of her warmth against my pussy. It makes me so hot!!

For some reason, this was the only time we ever did this, and I really wish we could have done it more, but she moved away before it could happen again. I will still always remember this incredible experience!



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