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Another Of My Masturbatory Fantasies

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I went to an independent boarding school. I have always had fantasies that verge on the "naughty" or "forbidden". In this fantasy, which I still use for masturbation, I am 14, and wearing the uniform I had back then. The school was ultra strict, and the boys houses were right next to the girls. It was an expellable offence to be found in the others houses. No excuses, out! That's what made it all the more fun. Masturbation is very important to me, and when I want a real "session", I dress up, if that's what I'm thinking about, and really get into role. For this, you have to I,whine me in black tights, white panties, no bra. I'm wearing a plaid skirt that reaches down to my knees and a white shirt. The tie is the same pattern as my skirt. Over my shirt is a grey pullover with the school badge on my left breast.


I suppose hundreds of girls have discovered this special spot before me. I'm sure I'm not the first. No, not THAT special spot, the social spot that allows me to see from one of the bathrooms in the boarding house across the little alleyway into the boys bathroom. No good in winter,of course, but in the summer, thanks to the age of the buildings, the boys bathroom window only opens at the bottom. It's enough to see whoever is in the shower there, to watch him strip and to watch him dry off. Sometimes, we hit the jackpot and we get to watch a boy wank.

Although it's my time in the bathroom, I've had a quick shower and am dressed again. I am staring intently through the little crack that our window opens hoping, no, praying for some entertainment.

The bathroom door opposite opens and one of the hunky sixth form boys enters. OH My God...he's gorgeous! Immediately, I feel my body tense up. The bathroom sink is at crotch height and I rub myself against it as I watch him undress.

He wants a shower about as much as I do! He makes no attempt to get in, but he's turned the shower on. I do that....just to convince anyone outside that I'm using it. He turns his attention straight to his cock which is already hard. I can't imagine what it's like to have something like that pushed inside me, but I know I want to find out.

I feel a gush between my legs and I know I've creamed my panties again. I press against the sink in a more rhytmic way.

He has his cock in his hand now and I can see him moving his hand up and down the shaft. Is he thinking of being inside one of us, or is he gay? There's a lot of lesbian activity in both the girls residential houses, and it's widely known that the house staff turn a blind eye to it. After all, a girl can't get pregnant from another girls fingers or tongue, can she? I wonder if it's the same with the boys?

I push my hand under my tights and into my panties. I'm only 14 but I started to shave my pussy last month. It feels very daring to have no hair there, and also its cleaner too, but I must admit, I do so love being wet down there. I time my rubbing my clit in time with him. I start to think about what I would do if I was in that bathroom with him. I've heard of girls wanking boys off and I could do that for him while he fingered me. I've also heard about girls taking cocks in their mouths. One girl in my house tells us delicious stories about what she does in the school holidays. She says she lost her virginity to her own brother! She also says she likes being fucked up her arse.

I'm getting really horny now, and so, by the look of it, is he. He has turned his body around, and is now facing the frosted glass of the window. All I can see is his pubic hair and his cock. Mmmmm. It looks lovely. I pull my tights and my knickers down to my knees. I hold myself open and start to indulge myself in something I learned to do,only recently....say bad words. "Come over here and fuck me. I bet you want to push your cock up my cunt, don't you? Well, come on then. Come and fuck me....take my cherry."

With each utterance, I get wetter than ever. This time, i place a finger right at my entrance. This time, I'm going to,dammit. I'm going to push it in. I feel my orgasm gathering st the mere thought. He's going faster now. He has no idea this horny little 14year old is just a couple of yards away. Suddenly, he stops and tenses. From the end of his cock a spurt of white fluid shoots through the open window and lands on the shed roof below. Another spurt and another. And another. Boy, he was ready for that wasn't he?

My own orgasm rolls from deep within my gut to focus between my legs and I push a finger deep,inside me for the first time ever. There is a sharp,pan which, somehow, only increases the strength of my cum. I push another finger inside. This time, my cunt has something to contract around and it feels mind blowing . I'm panting and desperately trying not to cry out.

My orgasm just won't stop. I wiggle my fingers inside me and that just keeps,it going. I've never cum as hard or as log as this before.

I watch opposite. He's stopped cumming now but I can see that he is pissing out of the window. For some dirty reason, I imagine him pissing on me. I think I'd like that.

I look at my fingers, and there's blood. I guess that's my hymen gone then? Good. Now, when I masturbate in my room, maybe I can use my hairbrush inside me and pretend that long, thick cock is fucking me.



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