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Mom breaks her wrist and I have to help her masturbate!

We didn't speak of anything sexual for weeks, Mom was so embarrassed she could barely face me at all. I thought the whole thing was so exciting that I masturbated thinking about it once and sometimes twice a day. I kept it secret so Mom would not feel worse about the whole experience. I came home one day and found her standing on the edge of a chair on her tiptoes, trying to change a lightbulb. She was distracted when she saw me and lost her footing, falling off the chair.  When she reached out to stop herself she banged her wrist on the counter and was in such pain she started to cry. After I took her to the emergency room, they put a cast on her broken wrist, and I tried to make her as comfortable as I could back home.

When she woke up from her nap she was a little groggy from the pain medication, and she said it made her excited. "What do you mean by excited, Mom?" I asked. "Well, Honey, you know that I take care of myself, I mean sexually, because I know that you've seen me. And now I have this broken wrist, and I can't do what I usually do." I said, "Mom, are you talking about masturbation? I can't believe we're having this discussion!" She said, "I can't do anything to myself, and I'm very wet and excited, if I can be honest with you."

"Mom, you can always be honest with me. Do you want me to help you? With my hands? Down there??"

"Yes I would, Honey, you'll have to take my clothes off first. I prefer to be totally nude, I hope you don't mind." "No, of course not, Mom. Would you like me to take my clothes off, too, to make things even?" "I would prefer if you didn't, Honey, so it doesn't seem like we're lesbians or anything. You're simply going to help me reach orgasm."


"Okay Mom, should I just start?" She nodded, kind of helplessly. I took Mom's pants off, then her shirt, and she was in bra and panties. I unsnapped her bra, then slipped her panties down. She said, "Here, put this towel over me so it doesn't look like you're just masturbating me out in the open. It will be more like a massage." "It's only us two here, Mom, but okay. Just tell me how you want me to masturbate you." I spread the towel over her breasts and pussy, and reached underneath. I felt her hairy bush, and ran my finger up and down a couple times, and I felt the opening get very wet.


"Is this okay Mom?" "Yes, Honey, just keep going. A little slower at first, and I'll tell you when to speed up." I ran my finger slowly up and down her opening and her clit, and snaked my finger inside her. She gasped, "Oh! I wasn't expecting that." "Does it feel good, Mommy?" "Yes, why don't you push your finger in and out once in a while." She was looking down intently at my hand moving rhythmically underneath the towel, and she pulled it down so that her breasts were exposed. 



"You don't mind if I show my breasts, do you? You've seen them before, of course." "No Mom, I think you have beautiful breasts, and I can see they are getting hard." "Well, there's no need for you to stare at them, just keep doing what you're doing under there." "You mean masturbating you, Mom?" I couldn't resist trying to get her to say the word. "Yes, Jill, masturbating me. Jerking me off, if you like. Keep going. You can move your finger a little faster now, I'm starting to get close."


She was staring intently at my hand moving underneath the towel, and whispering things like, "Oh, yeah.... That's it.... Mmmmm.... Okay, getting close now." And finally she said, "I'm gonna come. Here it goes. Oh, I'm coming." And her body started to shake and I saw the top of the towel get wet all the way through. "Mom, I think you came. Did I do it right?" She said, "You did it just fine, Honey, thank you. I know that was probably awkward, but I appreciate you masturbating me. We'll probably need to do it on a regular basis until my hand heals enough for me to do it myself." "Anytime, Mom. That was fun!" "Well, just don't have too much fun!"


The next day we were driving to the mall and Mom seemed a little irritable. "Mom, is something the matter?" I asked. She let out a sigh. "Hmmm, Honey, it's a little embarrassing, but I always get a little snippy when I haven't been 'taken care of' in a little while." "Oh... You mean sexually? Because you can't masturbate? I didn't realize you did it so often." "Well it must be the medication. I think I need to have an orgasm now. Would you mind pulling over to the side of the road and taking care of me?" "You mean jerk you off, Mom? Right out here in the car in public? I guess I don't mind if you don't!" "I don't think anyone can see. Just go ahead and slip your hands down my shorts and do it quickly. It shouldn't take very long."


"Are you very horny, Mom? I didn't know Moms got that way," I teased. "Yes, Jill, I'm very excited, now let's do this quickly please. Put your hand inside onto my clit and rub very fast." I did, and again she looked intensely at my hand in her shorts working at her clit in fast circles. She started talking in a low voice again. "Oh yeah, jerk me off.... I'm going to jerk off right here in the road. Oh wow, I can see people looking in the car as I jerk off. Honey, lift my shirt up over my breasts please." "But Mom, you're not wearing a bra!" "Just do it please, and I'll finish before anyone even notices." 


I pulled her tight shirt up above her breasts, and she didn't touch them, just watched them jiggle as she bucked her hips against my finger. She said in a voice I could barely hear, "Yeah, that's it, finish off. Come. Come now. Look at those tits. Yes, everyone can see your tits, now jerk off. Hurry now, jerk it off. Here it comes. Yes, here it comes." And she rolled down her window so that anyone going by could not miss her bare breasts. She shouted, "Here it comes! Yes, I'm coming, Honey, I'm jerking off onto your hand! Ahhhhhhh! Oh yes, YES!" And she bucked and spasmed against my hand, her tits shaking and people passing in their cars could see it all.


She quickly pulled her top down and took my hand out of her shorts. "Well, that was embarrassing. Hurry up and start the car Jill, and let's get out of here." I said, "Mom can we pull over somewhere else? There's something I need to take care of, too!"




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