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Design Fault

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Now don't get me wrong. The human body is an amazing thing, right? But if it proves one thing, it proves God takes coffee breaks!


Who, in their right mind would say 'Let's have a hole between a girls legs that is designed to leak, pretty much constantly' and THEN say 'Hey, I know. Let's surround it with hair!' For me, pubic hair took a long time coming in, but when it did, it just didn't stop. I am usually quite wet and of course from the age of 13 things used to get pretty sticky down there. Irregular periods didn't help, but Oh, My God, the stickiness of it all... YUCK!

When I was 15 I decided enough was enough, especially when I noticed that some of the other girls where trimming like crazy in school. I decided to go one better and remove the lot. Its hard for a girl to actually see right between her legs and working with a mirror is not the easiest thing to do either.

The night I decided to do it I got home from school, took a long hot bath and shaved off as much as I could. The front part was easy of course, but getting right between my legs was tricky as all hell and the mirror made everything look reversed. Later that evening my best friend (also a shy kinda girl like me) came over. Jayne is a sweetie and I told her what I had done but that I couldn't quite finish the job. I also said that I really wanted the hair gone there. She looked a bit uncomfortable but offered to help me.

We went into my bathroom and I took my panties off and sat on the edge of the bath. Jayne knelt between my legs and I used some of my brother's shaving gel and handed Jayne the razor. She worked away for a few minutes then said 'I need to move things around a bit. Is that ok?' All I wanted was it all gone, so I said 'Sure.' I felt her touching me, moving my pussy lips this way and that and the gentle scrape of the razor.

Jayne dried me with a towel and took a good look and said 'Wow! You look really great.... and, OMG your wet too.!' Now I hadn't really thought about it in a sexy way, but there was no doubt that I was feeling horny. Jayne said she wanted to go for it too so I sat her on the bath and tugged her panties down. They were blue and as soon as I got them to her knees I saw how wet SHE was! I smeared the gel onto her and shaved her. She didn't have anything like the amount of hair I had and it didn't take long for her to be totally smooth.

So there we were, both of us without our panties and both of us totally smooth. Jayne stood up and there was a moment of utter stillness. We just looked at each other and didn't say a word. Simultaneously, we reached out to each other's pussies and started to explore. Just on the mound at first but then I felt Jayne's fingers explore between my pussy lips before pushing inside me and I did the same to her. The next few minutes were a blur. Suddenly we were kissing ferociously and fingering each other. I had even lifted her t shirt and was sucking on her breast at one point. Then I knew I was going to cum and told her so. I spread my legs really wide and Jayne knelt between them and just as I cummed she leaned forward, pushed up hard with her finger and I felt her thumb touch me on my clit. I totally exploded, including, I am ashamed to say, peeing on her hand. Jayne didn't seem to mind at all though. When I came down from it she stood up and I did her the same way.

For a few days after we didn't meet up. When we did it was at school and we just went into a bathroom stall and made each other cum again.

The next night we had a sleepover together. Although her room has two beds, we only used one, if you know what I mean and we did a whole lot more than just finger each other.

I don't think I am a lesbian though. I fantasize about cocks all the time although I haven't had one yet.

Jayne has though. She says it feels great to be fucked, but for now, I just LOVE her fingers.



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