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More About Allan

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As I've told you, Allan and Chris had a tender, teenage 'thing' when they were choir boys...but apparently, they weren't the only boys who couldn't keep their hands off each other. One afternoon, after I had been Chris again for Allan, he told me this.


(From Allan)

The head chorister was a boy called Paul. He had, quite literally, the voice of an angel! Sometimes, when he sang, it made me cry. Paul was quite snooty though. He had this amazing voice and he knew it. There was another lad there called Michael. I often wondered if there was something going on between Paul and Michael, and one day....once and once only, I caught them. The church was very big, with lots of little rooms tucked away in strange places. Some we could get into, and others were locked with the keys long forgotten. There was even a crypt where we used to scare ourselves silly looking at the coffins in the darkness. 

Some of these rooms were big, some you could barely fit two people into. Some, only about three, I think, were weird. There would be a main room, but then a 90-degree bend, and another room carved into the stone. I was exploring the largest of these. In fact, this room was more of an E shape. There was even a hole through the middle bit of the E. Anyway, as I was in there looking at the marking the old stone masons had left on the stones, the door opened, and in came Paul and Micheal. Paul was his usual snotty self and I heard him say "Oh, for fuck's sake....go on then....if you must!" Peering through the hole, I saw Micheal unzip Paul's trousers and pull them and his pants right down. Paul didn't seem to have a lot of pubic hair, but it was clear Paul was fascinated with what he saw. Michael said "Go on...do it." Paul said..."It doesn't just go on its own...something has to make it go up." Michael reached out and gently took Paul's dick and started to masturbate him. I knew this feeling because it's what Chris and I had done by that time. I saw Paul get steadily harder, but the strange thing was that the harder his dick went, the softer his attitude became. He started to sound like a girl, and he even said to Michael "Ok, you can use my other name now." So Michael said "Oh Pauline." As he wanked his cock. Michael stopped for a moment to take his trousers down and started to press behind Paul. I don't think he....he....you know....went inside....I think it was just between his bum cheeks. Anyway, he was wanking Paul while he gently pressed back and forth from behind. He said stuff like "Pauline...I'm bum-shagging you. Can you feel my willy? I'm bum-shagging you, you fucking bitch." At these words, Paul shot his load. I saw every rope of cum leave his penis, and I could hardly breathe! When he'd finished, he turned around and wanked Michael off. Michael came against the opposite wall, so I didn't see him actually spunk. All I saw was the spunk on the wall. They left quickly, leaving me in there alone. When I heard the great church door slam, I knew they had gone. I came out of my hiding place. I stood in their little part of the E room, as I called it, with both their spunk on either side of me. I ran my hand through it and used it as lube to wank myself. That was the only time I ever saw any sexual activity between any of the other boys.

There were girls in the choir too. Although I never saw anything happen, either between a boy and a girl or two girls, I did see something when I was young that I think was the first time I saw a girl play with herself. A girl called Anna was learning the organ, and would practice.....fuck...she practiced a lot, and even though she was only about 16, she was very good! Sometimes, she would play whole services for us. Anyway, this one time, she was rehearsing for an exam. Someone said it was the Royal College of Organists exam, and they are fierce hard! Not only does she have to be able,to play, but she has to know how the organ works. So, one day, I was waiting for Chris to turn up in our special room....the one that has doors that lead into the workings of the organ, when I noticed one of the doors was partly open. I also heard what I thought was a sigh coming from deep within. Big church, big organ....except in this case it was large church, fucking huge organ. I peeped through the door and saw Anna sitting some way off, on one of the small staircases inside the instrument that the tuners use to get about. She was sitting there, leaning right back with her legs wide apart and her hand buried in her knickers. I could see from her face that she was enjoying herself. When she pulled her knickers aside, I got my first ever look at a girl's pussy. Anna was very hairy, and it looked red and glistening. I don't think I liked the look of it that much, but she pushed two fingers inside and really went for it. Then she lifted both feet up off the floor and curled her top half forward. She held this position for a moment and then there were a series of little jerks forward accompanied with gasps each time. I didn't know it then, but now I know she had orgasmed. 

Anna was very pretty, and I will always remember her white knickers, her fingers inside herself, and what she was doing with her other hand. I didn't think girls could do themselves like us boys could. I tippy-toed out and down the stone steps into the choir vestry. A few moments later, Anna followed me and muttered a brief "Oh, hi. Have you been here long?" I lied and said I'd just come in, which seemed to please her. I noticed a smell...a kind of musky scent about her which was different to her usual smell of soap. Chris arrived about ten minutes later, and we went to our room for some fun.


I offered Allan the chance to make love to Chris again. He asked if he could press between the cheeks of my bum without penetrating. As usual, he asked if he could call me Chris, which I don't mind at all. I took the opportunity (or chance) to ask him if he ever thought about pressing up against Anna's bum. He took a while to mull this over, and said., "You know, I rather think I would have liked to do that. I didn't want to put my willy in her pussy, but between the cheeks of her bum....yes...I'd have liked that I think." So I gave him a choice. I would be happy to be called Anna or Chris, Although I knew what it would be today.

I took my knickers off and lay on my side on the bed. Allan spooned around behind me, and I felt his hard cock between my bum cheeks. With a gentle sigh of "Oh, Chris" he began to move so gently. I wriggled, reached around behind to hold his bum and responded with an "Oh Allan, yes. Bumshag me Allan." I was absolutely aching for his cock to be inside me, and I didn't much care which hole either! I felt him nudge at my bumhole a couple of times, and I admit, I deliberately relaxed to let him in if he'd pushed any harder. But then, I felt him move his cock lower. It was a definite move on his part, and I felt his cockhead slide over my wet perenium to my cunt. "Allan, you're getting close to my cunt" I felt I should warn him. In that monent, from behind me came "Anna, I saw you in the organ loft yesterday. I saw you playing with yourself, and I saw your fingers go inside. I want to put my willy there." So I slipped into 16 year old virgin mode. I wriggled, giggled, said all the resistive things a good catholic organist might say, before letting him slip into my hole.

I thoroughly loved being called Anna. He fucked me gently, tentatively, exploratively, and his cock was right on my hypersensitive G spot! Then he said "I better pull out, Anna." To which I replied "No, Allan. Don't. Make me pregnant. Spunk your stuff inside me." And I felt each and every shot of sperm. Sometimes, I can even feel how high into my vagina someone shoots, and I felt it lashing my cervix.

I find I love role play. I get a real buzz out of living the dream...living the fantasy. Being "used"? Well, that just turns me on even more! Allan is working through some stuff I think. If my body helps him do that, well, I'm cool with it. 

I do want to make love with him as Chris again though. It was so tender, so beautiful. I loved his cock in my arse, and I loved not only the physicality of it, but the fact that for that brief moment, he loved me like he's loved no other person in his life. I realised something. He is clearly hanging on in there with his wife, because well, he made a promise. But if he ever left her, I truly think I would be able to marry him as Chris. I would even change my name for him. 

It is just possible I'm falling in love.



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