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Naughty Is Best

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I guess like a lot of girls my age, I started growing up early. I was 11 when I had my first period and even then was an A cup. I used to fantasize about boys and what they would do to me, but always I needed to think 'dirty' to get myself off. I used to like taking risks too. You know, not wearing panties with a real short skirt and playing with myself in public places like the park.

Last week, though, I did the dirtiest thing yet. I had been feeling horny since I woke up and all morning long in school, I was wet and sticky. I couldnt concentrate so I thought The hell with this and skipped school after lunch. I wandered home through the park and saw couples just laying out in the sun and eating lunch and stuff. I wondered how they fucked and right there and then I wanted to do something bad. I sat down on the grass near a couple of girls. I had no idea if they was straight or not, but I wanted to think about them being lesbians. I could feel the cook grass on the backs of my thighs but the wetness between my legs was beginning to feel yucky. One of the girls started to get up and kind of squatted there for a few seconds. I could see that she had no panties on. Then, to my surprise, she peed onto the grass. Thats when I got the idea. I just kind of let go into my panties. It felt so horny doing something so bad like that. I peed for a long time, (or so I thought) it just soaked through my panties and onto the grass. The two girls got up and walked away. I went over to where they were sitting and I could see the wet grass. I slipped my foot out of my shoe and rubbed it in the other girls pee. After that I just had to get home and jill. True to my usual luck, my kid brother was in the house. He's 15 and can be a pain in the ass. He wanted to know why I was home. (I could of asked him the same thing) Anyways, I went to my room and stripped naked. Knowing that Chris was in the house made me even more horny,so I lay on my bed with my knees up and apart and started to jill myself.

I was really lost in what the girl in the park had done. I started to think about whether they really WERE lesbians and if they peed for each other, or even on each other. I was getting lost in m own world of sex when I heard Chris say 'Fucking HELL Jane' I opened my eyes and he was in my room with an obvious boner looking at me. I was way too far gone to stop though so I told him he could watch. He got naked and I went back to my fantasy when I realised that I had a chance here to be real bad. I knew Chris was jacking, and yeah, becuase he's my brother an all just added to it. I told him I wanted to see him cum. He was jacking like shit and was standing real close to me. Then he groaned and a huge stream of cum started to pulse out of him. It hit my tummy and my breasts. I felt my orgasm explode and I reached for his still jerking cock while I cummed.

I have never cum so hard in my life. In the cold light of day, I feel guilty about it being my brother and all, but then again, thats what made it so horny. The thing is, though I darent tell Chris, I want to fuck him. Just for the 'badness' of it.

My closest freind Anna is coming round later tonight for a sleepover. Maybe I will try my chances with her. We talk about sex a lot and I know she gets horny talking about it. Maybe I will get my first taste of pussy. I'll let you know.



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