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...Other Things Girls Discuss When No Guys Around.....

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...fun with two guys in same day


...hmmmm.... the things we talk about on girly-nights,......enough to make our mum's blush....but maybe they also.......(better not go there)

So having previously talked about our fantasies, this time the topic was having sex fun with different people at separate times but in same day....wow! trying hard not to be judgemental as we are all individuals with our own moral code but experiences ranged from only ever fucking the one guy whilst in a relationship with him to generously spreading our love and genitalia around for mutual pleasure.

Hand-on-heart I lean more towards the monogamous camp but have to admit to two occasions where I have given hjs to 2 separate guys in same day and if you are interested in the first occasion read on.......

Towards the end of my first year at uni I was with about 20-30 other students in a local pub's private room celebrating the end of that year's exams, for many the drink had been flowing all day...and for some all week I think.....I had been working and hadn't been there that long and we were playing a kind of truth or dare game and I was asked if I had made any of the guys present cum and I replied No which I thought was true. This was challenged by one guy called Lee who seemed fairly drunk but in a happy way, he said that during a music gig a few months earlier I had done a lap-dance on him and my grinding and hand movements had made him cum in his pants.

I vaguely remembered the occasion but not that finale but everyone else believed him and I had to do a forfeit of his choice, after discussing and laughing with his mates he gave me a choice of either now giving him a proper handjob or letting him finger-fuck me and as the latter was never going to happen I chose the first....which, tbh, I think he wanted. I told him tho that he didn't touch me and didn't cum on me and he was happy with that and I was too as he seemed quite a nice guy and looked fit....probably the reasons why I had done the lap dance in the first place. 

He was wearing a tshirt and proper shorts and holding a pint of beer which he passed to a friend, I stood to his side and expected him to get his dick out but he just smiled and kinda waited and the others around were egging me on so I thought ok and undid his zip. I could feel that his dick was semi-hard even before I reached into his boxers, it wasn't that easy actually getting his dick out from the angle I was at and one of the other girls said to undo his shorts and I looked at him and he just smiled again. I moved round and unfastened his shorts, he said nothing but sort of took over and pushed them and his boxers right down.

I liked what I (and about 20 others who were looking) saw; in more private circumstances it was the kind of dick any girl would love to explore and play with, it was now fully hard, around average length but quite thick and pointing straight upwards from trimmed dark pubes and a shaven ball sack. Other than smiling when I took hold and stroked his foreskin back he hardly moved, I shuffled close against his side and he asked would it be okay to put his arm round my waist and I said yes as it made it easier for me as well.

As I started wanking him one of his friends put an empty beer glass on the floor about a pace away in front of him as a target and this did seem to add to the fun, his dick felt good in my hand and I could feel him deliberately flexing it and then after maybe 3-4 minutes he put his hand over mine and a few seconds later his cum spurted out landing on the wooden floor but considerably short of the glass.

He seemed happy and so was I, he pulled his boxers and shorts up and asked if he could kiss my cheek and I said yes. After wiping up his cum he went back to his friends and I went and washed my hands then we both got on with the party.

About an hour or so later I needed a bit of air and went outside to the back of the car park, it was just getting dark so it must have been around 10.30pm.  I was checking my phone when one of the guys also came outside. He was a black guy I had seen round uni but I didn't really know him,  we started chatting about how the first year had gone and then he said that watching me give Lee a handjob had been so hot and we joked about that.

I had had a few more drinks since doing that and I guess I was a little drunk, I shivered and he said it was getting cooler now and put his jacket round my shoulders and I snuggled into him. I deliberately let my hand brush against his crotch and yes he was hard and I made some comment about was he still thinking about it and he just laughed and said sorry.

I guess I was a bit horny and also a bit curious as I had never seen a black guys dick in real life and everyone knows the rumours.....I said there was no reason for him to say sorry and put my hand on his bulge, he didn't pull away so I undid his zip. His boxers had a large fly and it was easy for me to get his dick out. His dick was nice but kinda ordinary size wise, the only thing I noticed when I was wanking him was its end was a lot lighter in colour than the shaft and his normal skin tone. It was easy to read his face and breathing, I knew when he was getting near and then watched his cum spurt out onto the ground.  He said wow and kissed my hand then sorted himself out and we went back inside.

Over the next  two years I often saw both of them around the campus and we always said hi but nothing sexual ever took place again.



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