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A Couple of Memories

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These have surfaced from my memory, and made me play with myself at the recollection. Imagine me, in just a t shirt and panties, slipping my hand under the elastic as I remembered.


~ I remember listening to mum and dad fucking ~

The first time I absolutely knew what they were up to was when I was 14. I must have heard them before because they are anything but quiet about it. Maybe it was because I was becoming highly sexualized myself that this particular night, I heard giggles from mum, and just knew there was more to come. 

My walk-in wardrobe backs onto theirs and there is a small air vent connecting the two. It's a perfect place to listen in. I sat on the floor near the vent as I heard mum talking dirty to dad saying, "Look at me. Look how wet you've made me you bastard. Look, you can see the wet patch on my panties."
Dad mumbled something I didn't hear.
"Yes, both of them. Jayney and Claire, they both get like this. Just imagine how their wet, young cunts taste. Oh, I see. You'd like that, wouldn't you? I bet Jayney rubs herself off every night, and Claire, hmmm. By the state of her panties, Id say she does it a couple of times a week at least." (No mum. Every day. Just not always into my panties.) She continued, "There, ohhhh yes. Lick me. Lick my cunt. Ohhhh, you dirty fucker. Lick me. Now, finger me. Ahhhhh yessss. Just there. Oh you cunt. I'm going, Im, going to cumm. Ohhhhhhfuuuuuuuck."
There was silence, for a good few minutes and then she said, Go on. Smell them. She won't know. Hmmmm, see? Now, fuck me. Smell her panties and fuck my cunt." 

What followed next was really hard shagging. Lots of moans, swearing. Everything I like! Me? I was sitting on my floor, back to the wall, legs spread and fingers in my panties. I was wondering whose panties they were using. Mine or Jayney's. (As it turned out, it was another woman's; one they were swinging with, but imagining they were mine brought me off.)

~ Looking at another girls legs ~

It was late afternoon in school. I was 15. In front of me was Gemma who always wore ridiculously short skirts. I think she did it to piss off the nuns who taught us. Sometimes, her skirt was so short that, when she sat down, you could just see the crotch of her panties. Well, I was bored. Gemma has lovely legs; long, well-shaped, an smooth. Even though I never did anything with her, I had a crush on her then. I knew what she looked like naked because if PE and the showers. She was the first of us to shave her pussy.

This particular afternoon, I was lounging on my desk with my head supported by my left hand, and I was looking at her knees. I wondered what it would be like to gently part those knees, and what I would see and smell if I did. My right hand began tracking up and down my right leg and soon it was between both legs. I was pressing my panties onto my hard little button. There was no one next to me, so I opened my legs really wide and sighed. Gemma was, like me, very sexual, and, like me, she hated Latin. She looked over her shoulder at me and mouthed, "I'm fucking bored shitless." I mouthed back, Me too. I dare you to have a wank." She shuffled in her seat, and I had the joyous sight of that tiny little skirt riding up over a pair of maroon panties. She slipped her hand under the waistband and I saw her fingers working. Mine were too. Oh fuck, mine were too! Although I'd dared her, she didn't know I was doing the same! After a few minutes, I saw her thigh muscles tense and she shivered. As Sister Monica was looking in our general direction, Gemma bent over her book. I saw her write in pencil, "I just came." It was all I needed to let a lovely cum go into my panties. Gemma and I never got it on directly but, in certain classes, we were wank buddies. 

~ Watching a boy ~

I remember watching a boy for the first time. He was older than me at the time. He was 15, I was 13. We weren't boyfriend girlfriend, more like friends with (minimal) benefits. I was really scared of getting pregnant back then. I do remember that and, being a Catholic school, we didn't get much in the way of sex ed. The rumor factory was in full flow though, and I still believed you could get pregnant giving a boy a blow job. Anyway, we had gone for a walk and ended up having a good kiss and cuddle. I wanted more, a lot more, and so did he! I told him, "I've never seen a boy cum. Show me." He said he was too embarrassed, but I said, "Look, if we fucked, we would see each other in a much more embarrassing state than if I just watched you wank. Look, I'll tell you what. I'll do myself and let you watch me; you do yourself and let me watch you. Ok?"

I didn't give him a chance to say no. I reached up my skirt, pulled my panties down and sat on a fallen tree in the little forest where we were. I spread my legs and began to touch myself. (Hey, I've just realized something. This was the first boy who asked me if he could watch me pee. Maybe this is where I got to link peeing with sex! Huh, imagine that!) He got his cock out and it looked huge! Ok, I had no basis for comparison really, but I remember looking at it and wondering how the hell I could ever get that thing inside me. He started wanking, but his eyes never left my quim. I was barely covered with hair then, so I must have looked quite illegal. Maybe that added to the thrill. I remember he asked me to swear. I thought he meant talk dirty, so I said, "Do you like looking at my cunt?" But he said, "No, I want you to swear AT me. Call me names." So, I said, "Come on you dirty fucker. Show me your cum, you dirty cunt.  I was rewarded instantly by a jet of cum. Time seems to slow down as I watched it spurt from him and land on the grass. Then another jet, and another, then another. I remember thinking, Hmm, so this is the stuff that can make me pregnant." I came at the same time. I know I squirted a little because he asked if I'd peed myself. I replied, "No, but I need to pee." That's when he said, "Er, can I watch?" I remember still buzzing from the orgasm as I squatted in front of him and peed. I remember it feeling sexual. Maybe it was because I'd just cum and everything was very sensitive down there. Either way, peeing as a sexual act has stuck with me and, now, I think I know why. 

~ In the family ~

If you've read anything of mine, you know that I have had sex with my brother, sister, and dad. I want you to know that fucking my brother is head and shoulders the sexiest, raunchiest, dirtiest thing I've done. I think more siblings fool around than will admit to it. We grew up together. I saw him change from a boy into a man, and he saw me change from a girl into a woman. The church calls it: "The years of discretion." A stupid title meaning those years from which we keep ourselves private, hidden. I was fascinated about Chris as an adult. We would often wrestle as kids and, even then, I remembered he would sometimes get a hard on. I would get wet too, but he never realized it. I know he must have wondered though. If one of our wrestling matches had been more flirtatious than normal, and he had a boner, he would often stare at my crotch. He would be willing himself to be able to see if I was wet. He would always let me win, and I usually ended up pinning him on his back and sitting astride him with his hardon nicely between my legs. I would rock and yes, I came sometimes. I think he did too.

Ok, many memories here, and much wetness down below. I need to cum.



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