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Unusual Extreme Exhibitionism

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Its been at least five years ago when I discovered that exposing myself to guys got me so aroused I masturbated every day. I wanted them to see me naked most of the time but only twice was I able to have a man watch me masturbate thinking I didn't know he was watching me. I was never satisfied and although I had mutual masturbation with quite a few guys wanted more. I wanted my body explored and enjoyed being exposed and masturbated more than having intercourse.


Sixteen months ago I began dating Paul. He is 49 years old yet we got along right away. I think he was surprised that I went out with him the first time since I am so much younger than he. Aside from that he is not a particularly good looking man but for some reason I liked him from the start. I believe he was shocked the first few times as to how freely I undressed or let him undress me. He also went along with whatever I desired and right away he knew how much I liked being masturbated both with his fingers and a few sex toys. Only a month or so went by when I began telling him how I so much enjoyed exposing myself and having him look at me while naked. I had him do things to me that for anyone else would be totally degrading. The more humiliating the situation the more aroused I became. Although I did have intercourse with him and jerk him off, the majority of our sex consisted of him masturbating me and exploring my body. It was tantamount to assault sometimes when he not only penetrated my vagina with several fingers, but also my anus which I found was also stimulating to me.

I knew Paul liked how I allowed him to do all this to me and he began taking liberties with my body that no other guy ever had. No one had ever exposed me naked to the extent Paul had, yet as disgraceful as this may sound it only aroused me more. I would go to his house and be naked for hours and orgasm more than any other time in my life. Three months had gone by and Paul built a table in his rec. room that had pull up pieces on each side. When pulled up it was like a gyno exam table and all he said was he could satisfy me better on it. Instead of being insulted by what he obviously thought of me I was thrilled at the thought of being so exposed in his contraption. That first night on that table I repeatedly orgasmed as he masturbated me. He used the sex toys on me most of the time and used dildos in my vagina as he inserted a new vibrator into my rectum. The sensations Paul inflicted and the way I was so exposed to him had me in a sexual frenzy. I can't begin to explain how incredible it is for me and its only gotten better since that night.

Paul and I talked about our desires and as much as I accommodated him sexually he openly admitted that he enjoyed my lack of modesty. Any dignity I might have had I gave up to Paul. When he asked if it would be alright if he bought a speculum I said ok but also realized the lack of respect he had for me. By the way I behave and react with him I don't deserve respect and know he is fully aware of my sexual fetishes. I told him things I did over the years admitting to my exhibitionism and sexual experiences I had with past boyfriends. He told me things about himself and his marriage falling apart but nothing nearly as bad as my past experiences. He seemed intrigued at how many times I exposed myself to other men and I don't think understood how it could arouse me.

About a week went by when Paul showed me the speculum he bought. It is clear plastic and I willingly let him use it on me. I wasn't too enthused about him using it but when he began expanding it, opening me more than ever it did arouse me. A few years ago a female doctor did this to me but no man had ever subjected me to such an invasion. As he was doing this he got an erection just looking at me and I masturbated him with the speculum still inside me. It was apparent how much Paul was enjoying this and my thought was that I created a monster. He used the speculum a second time that night but he also had me orgasm over and over. I am with Paul two or three times a week and the speculum is used on me every time along with the sex toys. He has perfected the way he satisfies me knowing I'm a willing participant to anything he wants to use and always tells me how much he likes seeing me orgasm. I even began getting him to lay on the table as I masturbate him and a long time ago began shaving each others pubic hair.

He always asks me what I like and has me tell him how things feel to me. It makes him happy when he knows I am deeply aroused and tells me how much he likes using the speculum and looking at every intimate part of my body. The way he talks and describes my body parts is in itself arousing to me and he knows that. Last spring is when Larry and Stephen came into the picture.

Paul and I have no scruples when we talk about our sexual desires. He asked me and we talked about my tendency to expose myself. I openly admitted many times how I continue to have other guys see me naked or partially expose myself when I have the opportunity. He knows the neighbor next door to my apartment has seen me naked often over the years even after I began dating Paul. I suppose it was me who brought up how much I liked him seeing me in such vulnerable positions and mentioned how I wished more guys could see me like he does. That's when he told me his friend Larry would like it and at first thought he was only kidding about it. The more we talked the more I knew he was serious.

It was sometime late last May that Paul had Larry come over. I did set ground rules with Paul and told him I would not have sex with him but would be willing to jerk him off. I had met Larry before but had only seen him at the pub a few times but also knew he was Paul's best friend. I think Paul was taken aback by how I was not shy by getting undressed in front of Larry and laying on the table. Even when Paul put up the two stirrups I had no shame opening my legs wide for the two of them. I can only say now I was wet right away just by the way they looked at my naked body.

Paul asked me then if it was ok for Larry to touch me and I agreed to it. He first fondled my breasts and the fact is I was already aroused just by him looking at me. Both of them just smiled and Paul let Larry masturbate me first and afterwards Paul used the speculum on me. Both of them were still dressed the entire time and I could see that Larry was delighted to see me naked and more than willing to masturbate me. Paul then asked if I would masturbate Larry and I said I would. Paul left the room then and Larry only pulled his pants down to have me jerk him off. After Larry went home Paul came back in naked and again satisfied me and I also masturbated him.

That's when he mentioned Steven who is also their friend and the following week he had Steven come to his house. Since last June either Larry or Steve are at Paul's house once each week. The other nights it is only Paul and I. Paul, Larry and Steve have never been naked in front of each other. When one of them wants me to jerk them off the other one leaves the room. Paul is content with Larry and Steve seeing me naked and masturbating me and seems to enjoy watching them shave me. He tells me how amazed he is at how I respond to all the things I let them do and how often I am able to orgasm. Each time either Larry or Steve are here we masturbate each other. When its time for me to jerk one of them off Paul leaves the room. Larry doesn't seem to want to be naked and usually only takes his pants down. Stephen is more willing to undress and most of the time he takes his clothes completely off. Larry has the biggest penis and hard I think it is close to nine inches. I also know Larry and Stephen are both married. Larry admits it but Stephen says he is separated and Paul told me he is lying.

Anyone reading this must think I am a lunatic for letting these men basically take advantage of me and allow them to molest me. Anyone who is not an exhibitionist probably can't comprehend the thrill and arousal I get by them seeing me in such intimate ways. As soon as I lay on the table with my legs wide open for them it is immediate arousal just by them looking at me. All three have used the speculum on me and have masturbated me vaginally and anally with their hands and the sex toys not to mention how many times they have shaved my pubic area. I enjoy jerking them off also knowing how much I have aroused them.

Stephen is the most polite and always thanks me each time he comes to Paul's house. They have all asked me if I ever get embarrassed with them. I tell them I am sometimes humiliated by some things but in reality I enjoy ever minute of it. They have all asked me how I orgasm so often and the truth is I am not sure. Its a combination of being seen naked and the ways they touch and fondle my body or penetrate me. There have been a few occasions when my vagina was sore and a few times my anus was. Some nights I am satisfied sooner than usual but most of the time I can never get enough stimulation.

I know most women hate the thoughts of a speculum being inserted in them but I honestly enjoy them doing that to me. None of them ever hurt me and I really like all three of them especially Paul. It's not just all sex because Paul and I go to shows and dinner often and have gone on two trips together. I have a decent job and a nice family and otherwise am a normal person. Naturally none of my close friends or family know about this and none even know Paul. In all this time he has only been to my apartment three times. Because of Paul's age I know my parents would never approve of me dating him.

Two or three nights a week I give my body up to Paul and once a week to Larry or Steve. They take full advantage of me but its something I can't put into words as to how much I am totally happy with it. I don't think many people believe I am sane by my reaction to be seen naked. I can't help it and the more I am exposed the more exciting it is to me. When I'm not at Paul's I still let my neighbor see me naked when possible and masturbate myself. I'm satisfied with Larry and Stephen coming to Paul's once a week but sometimes wish he would have more men come over.

My desire to be seen naked overwhelms any modesty I may have had years ago. I haven't dated any other guys since I met Paul and am content with the way things are right now. Paul is very good to me but its not love. We have never used the word love and I'm inclined to believe Paul only treats me well because of the things I let him do to me. Aside from the two or three nights I am with him we rarely communicate with each other. It's better that way so he never meets my friends or family members.



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