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Mom Showed Me

Posted by: Age: 24 Posted on: 3 comments
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I love this site. It has been making me wet and getting me off for six years. I have learned so much from all of you.

I have been a masturbater since I was younger, humping different things. Carrots, bananas, cucumbers, water, dildos, vibrators, fingers, hair brush handles, humping pillows, the handles of the toilet plunger. You name it and I have tried to hump it or fuck it. I'm so horny all the time and my pussy is usually wet and ready to go.

I have done it in so many places, and will write more stories about it later. Library, school bathroom, car, every room in my house, front yard, sitting in my window, baseball game... I love my pussy and LOVE to cum.

This time was the most interesting EVER. It happened when I was 18. Just thinking about writing it for you is making me wet, and my left hand is already touching my swollen clit and wet pussy lips. OK........

I'm 5'7", 125 lbs, blonde, blue eyes, 34B, ballet dancer. Just so you get the picture. I was in my room, laying naked on my bed room floor, legs spread rubbing my pussy hard, dripping wet, about to cum when my door flew open and my mom walked in. She was just coming to get me for dinner, she didn't expect to see me doing this. She stood there staring. I was so so so close I didn't want to stop. I just lay there dripping wet with two fingers still stuffed in my pussy, not moving. My mom said "dinners ready" and walked away. She didn't go to the kitchen though. I heard her walk into her room and bang around, looking for something.

She had been gone so long I couldn't help it, I needed to cum so badly. I starting banging myself again and was just starting to cum again when I heard her start walking back to my room. I jumped up and tried to find clothes. I was just pulling my panties on when she walked back in. She told me to come with her to her room, we needed to talk.

We sat on her bed. She asked me...."How long have you been doing that to yourself?" I said "five years or so"

"Is that the only way you do it?"

"Sort of"

"Do you want to learn more about your pussy and how to please it?

I was stunned. My Mom is so conservative. I thought she was kidding or being sarcastic. Then she turned and pulled back her comforter, revealing an assortment of sex toys. I didn't recognize most of them, just the dildo. She told me that if I wanted to learn, she would show me, and teach me. I didn't know what to say, what to do. But I was still so horny, I wanted to cum. The thought of touching myself in front of my Mom suddenly was so HOT!

"OK" I said, "teach me"

She pulls her tee shirt off and then takes her bra off. I was still naked on top. She started rubbing her breasts and twisting her nipples. She told me to do the same. She was watching me and I could tell she was getting hot too. My pussy juice was seeping through my panties and I was sure it was getting on her bed.

She stood up and walked to the head of her bed. She pulled off her shorts and panties. There was my mom, stark naked. I was shocked. She took one of her huge boobs, she must be like 36 DD, and started sucking her own nipple. She was making moaning noises and I new she was getting really horny. I couldn't take it, this was too sexy. I stuffed my hand down my panties and started rubbing my clit. My mom yelled, "No, stop. You watch first then you get off when you're done learning!" ok ok ok

She then selected a toy, she said it was an egg. She turned it on and while standing pressed it against her clit. Her body shuddered. She told me to come over and lay next to her on the bed. She lay down and spread her legs. I looked at her hairy pussy and her HUGE clit. It was so much bigger than mine. Her pussy was really dripping. She rubbed the egg all over her clit, then as she was about to cum she stopped, and told me it was better to save it. She then told me to spread my legs open. I did and she put the egg onto my clit. It was amazing. I came almost instantly, and not for the last time.

She had like six more toys, but told me to pick two and we'd try them and then try the others some other day. I selected the things that looked like a beaded dildo, and a curved dildo. I was interested.

She smile. And took the curved one, a g-spot vibrator, and slowly put it in her pussy. She began fucking herself hard with it. Her hips were bucking and she was squeezing her nipple with her other hand. All of a sudden she started screaming and moaning and then she came so hard it shot out of her like pee, it got on my legs and all over the bed. I wanted that too. I wanted it bad. She then washed the vibe off and told me to try. Within 30 seconds I was panting and moaning and then it hit me, like a wave, I was cumming and hard. Spurts of hot liquid were gushing out of my pussy. My mom was watching while humping a pillow. She loved seeing my hot little puss getting off so hard.

Then she took the final toy. Anal beads. She said I may hate it. But she had grown to love it. She knelt on the bed and held it in between her heels and slowly slid her lubed ass down on the anal beads. She was bouncing up and down smiling watching me still play with my clit, waiting for my turn. She came and cleaned it and said she wanted to do it to me.

I laid on my stomach with my ass in the air. She slowly slid it in, inch by inch, it hurt a little but then felt so amazing. While she was slowly fucking me with it I was rubbing my clit, fast and faster. I was getting so close I was shoving my ass into her thing to get more and more of it into my tight ass. I finally slammed back onto it and came hard. I rolled over on my back, sweating and laughed.

My mom smiled and said I still had a lot to learn, but that our lesson was over. She said to get dressed and never get caught again.

Hope this got you hard, or wet, or both. As long as it got you off. Keep jilling, I'm about to go finish myself off



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