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The Best Night of My Life

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This happened last week. It was totally unexpected, and was, without any doubt, the best sexual experience I have had so far!


Anna and I have been friends since school. We ended up at the same university studying the same course too. Anna is, how shall one say, cock mad. She loves men, and there is nothing she has not experienced. 1:1, threesomes etc. She tells me everything and having sexual conversations with Anna is nothing new. Me? No. I am not. The only thing I have ever done is masturbated. I have not let a boy touch me and not touched a boy either. I do like masturbation though and have become very good at giving myself an orgasm pretty much anywhere and anytime I want one. The most daring thing I do sexually is to go without knickers sometimes. It feels daring to me. Sometimes I will wear tights with no knickers because the seam gets you just in the right place if you know what I mean. (It is risky though because tights are not so absorbent. If, like me, you get pretty wet when you are horny your scent gets out really quickly)

So, this one night we were in her room and she was telling me about her latest experiences. I wasn't getting horny. Anna and I talk about sex way too much for that to happen. Then she told me she had, to use her bluntness, been 'fucked up the arse' and that it was the best feeling ever. Well, not as far as I was concerned. I can think of nothing more unpleasant. Then she told me that she had shaved herself. I guessed she meant between her legs and the next thing she had tugged her skirt and knickers off and was showing me. It looked amazing. I have always disliked pubic hair as, with girls anyway, it gets sticky and frankly is a pain.

So I said I wouldn't mind adopting that look myself. Of course, Anna offered to help. (She said her current boyfriend had shaved her).

It felt a little embarrassing lying on a towel on her bed with my legs spread and her rummaging around between them. I felt the coolness of the shaving gel and her fingers as she rubbed it into my skin. Then came the razor. I was rather worried she might nick my more sensitive areas and then, as she worked I realised I was getting turned on. I hoped to hell she didn't notice and for a while she just kept up her usual crude and inane chatter until she said....

'Fuck, Em. Your creaming yourself here!'

I turned the colour of a well cooked beetroot. Anna and I have never done anything with each other, never wanted to, yet here I was feeling really REALLY horny.

I felt her move my lips around to get the last wisps of hair away and the coolness of the air in the room contrasted nicely with the heightened sensitivity of my clit.

Then, without so much as a 'may we?' Anna just pushed a finger right inside me. The effect was electric. Suddenly, I was all over her. I almost tore her clothes off her and forced her onto her back, her finger still in me. I straddled her and rode that finger and DAMN it felt sooooo good. I was grinding my pussy against her hand and I felt her jam another finger in me. I mean 'jam'. There was no sensitivity, just a desperate need to get inside me. It also made me want to pee really badly and I told Anna. She gave me the most dirty smirk you can possibly imagine. 'You dirty bitch, Em. GO for it.' And, you know, I actually did. Suddenly I felt myself piss on Anna's hand, tummy and pretty much everywhere else. With it came an orgasm that knocked me over! The next thing I knew, I was between her legs up really close. I had three fingers in her and one finger from my other hand in her arse.

Anna and I spent the night together and we did not sleep for a moment. IN fact, all the next morning we seemed to be constantly masturbating each other. What was really surprising is that I was more depraved with her than I would EVER in a million years have thought I could be with anyone. I did things I would NEVER NEVER NEVER have thought I would have liked. For example, I got Anna to pee on me. Everywhere, from my head to my crotch. I licked her arse as she fingered me. I also let her 'use' things on me. Candles, even her vibrator. (that I might have guessed, but never knew she had). Knowing that it had been inside her and was now inside me was THE most powerful turn on.

That afternoon, she was seeing her boyfriend and left me in her room (no lectures THAT day for either of us!!!) I slept for a while and was woken up by her kissing me. She guided my hand into her knickers and I felt a lot of wetness there. When I tasted my fingers it wasn't just her wetness either. Almost instantly, it put Anna into the 'male' role and I looked into her eyes and said 'Oh Anna. Fuck me. Shoot your sperm in me'. I think it is called 'tibbing?' We kind of scissored our legs together for a while and rubbed pussies. That was SOO hot! Then she reached between us, just as we were both about to cum. She looked at me with that dirty smirk again and said 'Ohh SHIT Em. I'm gonna spunk up you' I felt movement of her fingers and knew she was fingering herself and then me.

It seems like she has pushed a switch with me. Suddenly, I am sex mad. (Up to then, I had only masturbated..yeah, I know. A virgin at college. How sad is THAT?) As I say, it was like turning a corner. Suddenly I wanted everything. And that 'everything' started my sex life with a threesome with Anna and her boyfriend.

What was it like? Well, I dont think I am allowed to describe it here. Let's just say I was totally wrong about how anal feels!

I don't know where I am really now. Anna is still cock mad, although clearly, she enjoys me. I don't know if I could ever be truly satisfied with just another girl. I loved what we did in the threesome and I think I need to experience more men. For the time being, I think I am what might be called 'available' for any offers. Male or female. There is one lecturer here who, it is known, likes young female students. I know one girl who has slept with him and she said it was the most kinky night of her life. When I asked her why she said 'I can't really describe it.' It turned out they did NOT fuck! Then she said 'Imagine the baddest thing you could possibly imagine.' I thought for a while and said 'Well, I guess that would be incest.' She grinned and said 'Yeah, well thats what it felt like... and it was fucking amazing.' Maybe I will see if I can try it with him? Heheheh. I can just imagine the role play. 'Ohhh daddy. You mustn't touch me there... LOL'

Damn. I SOOO have to get myself off now.



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