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Amy, Oh Wow!

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Amy and I are lying naked on her bed.


Normally, when we make love it is so tender, it brings tears to our eyes. Amy loves looking deep into my eyes as we kiss or touch each other. That is how this started. There was a lot of cuddling; then a slow, gentle undressing began, but Amy stopped. She moved away a little and said, "No, this isn't what I need." 

For a moment, I sat there in a state of high arousal. We had got down to bras and panties and I could see the marks of her wetness; I'm sure she could see mine. Our nipples were hard like bullets and stopping like this was making my clit throb. I didn't know what she wanted, but I did know I wanted her. I wanted her on me, inside me, making me cum. I wanted her taste, her smell. I wanted to push my tongue inside her cunt and her arse. I wanted to swallow her juices, even her piss. 

As I sat there, a storm welled up inside me. I wanted her and I would have her. I grabbed for her shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed. She wriggled, but not with any real force. Then, oh then, her voice, "No. Please, you mustn't." The way she said it inflamed me more than the words themselves. I yanked her bra off and bit her shoulder, hard, drawing blood. My left hand cupped her breast and I squeezed the nipple far harder than usual. Amy likes pain, but this was something else. She squealed, writhed, wriggled. I shoved my hand down her panties to find her wetter than I've ever known her. Her slickness covered her lips, her clit, her hole, and even ran down to her arse. 

I kissed her savagely as my fingers plunged inside her. Amy arched her back and said one word, "Cunt!" The finger fucking was fast, furious, savage even. I felt a trickle, then a gush, as he bladder gave way and she peed her panties and my hand. 

I don't remember taking her panties off, but when we'd finished they lay in shreds on the floor. I must have ripped them off her. 

I plunged between her thighs. She smelled of cunt and pee and I licked her clit fast, giving it little nips with my teeth which made her cry out. Then I pushed a finger deep into her bum, something I've never done with her before. She groaned loudly as the second knuckle slid inside. Then my middle finger was fully embedded up her arse. I sucked her, tasting cunt and pee as I fucked her bum. 

Her orgasm was fast, savage, hard. "Ohh you fucking bitch. You're, you're making, me, cummmmmm!" I felt each and every contraction on my finger which was deep in her bumhole the whole time.

Then, she pulled me up onto the bed and rolled me onto my back. "You fucking cunt! Now it's my turn, bitch," she said and slapped me hard. Very hard. She took my bra off and slapped me across the tits, making sure only her finger tips caught the erect nipples. The pain was intense. Next, she pulled my panties down, smelling them before dropping them onto the floor. "Spread your fucking legs, whore!" Always happy to oblige, and loving this newfound dominance, I did as she demanded. The slap she gave my quim made tears spring to my eyes. The second one made me gasp, "No! No more, I'll pee!" 

Then, she reached for a candle.  I hadnít noticed this. It's long, about 9 inches, and quite fat. It's also her favorite color: dark midnight blue. She held it between my cunt lips like some monstrous cock. Then she spat on it, working her saliva up and down its length. Of course, I feel nothing, but I am imagining having such a weapon between my legs. Is this how boys feel? She uses the base of the candle to stimulate my engorged clit as she wets it. Then, oh, my, God. Then, I feel her pressing it against my bum. She knows how much I love anal stimulation of any kind, but, thus far, it's only been her tongue or her fingers. She pushes it in watching my reaction. While doing so she says, "Take my cock up your arse, bitch." I push down on it, keen to take every inch inside me. 

She fucks my arse while licking my clit. Having something up my bum makes me flood. I want to cum so badly! Amy has very long fingers, three of which are now inside me, pressing my g-spot hard; itís also pressing against my bladder. I want to cum and I want to pee as well. 

I copy her resistance. Somehow, I know it's right. I tell her, "Please stop. Ohh no, please stop. I need to pee." She looks up from between my legs and smiles sweetly. "Fuck you, cunt," and resumes when she's doing. 

I tense every muscle, every fiber of every muscle, willing myself not to cum, not to pee. Then a twist of the candle in my bum hole causes me to release a massive orgasm. My world shatters into bright shards of color as my orgasm consumes my consciousness. 

We are wet. Our faces and hair covered in a mixture of each other's wetness. We feel sated; and this lovemaking has been like nothing we have experience before. I begin to doze, and, in my dream-like state, I envision me, on my back, legs spread. Amy is between my legs fucking me hard with a strap-on. Then I see her on all fours; me wearing the strap-on and fucking her up the arse. Then, reality completely fades, and, in each other's arms, we sleep.

We are lying naked on her bed. Both of us are covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Both of us are in that lovely, post-orgasmic state after what has been nothing short of mutual, consensual, violation.



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