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Milked By an Older Guy

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Going away to a holiday house with a friend and having a drunken wank with his cousin


During school holidays in 1996 I was around 15 and went away with the family of my Korean friend from school to their holiday house.  His cousin Che joined us, he was 24 and short with a tight athletic body and thick calves.  He was quite reserved but very cool.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and was rewarded when he came back from the toilet and sat with his knee up and his leg open revealing white Jockey String Bikini briefs under his baggy shorts, with a large, dark pee stain on the front.  He didn’t realise his bulge was visible and sat for a while, giving me a perfect view of his pubes exploding out the sides as he moved his legs to get comfortable.  I had never seen an older guy, let alone an Asian like this.  His pubes were wild and untamed.  I was going to sleep on the couch but I spent a lot of time fantasising about sleeping next to him.

Later that day the beach, I saw a nice red bulge under his baggy shorts.  His swimwear was tight and left a partial testicle peeking out the side, surrounded by his thick straight jet black pubic hair.  I was wearing my old school swimsuit under some swim shorts, too shy to take them off because I was getting hard and definitely leaking a lot of precum.  The whole time we were at the beach I was positioning myself to look up his shorts.

The next day the family was having a large party, and everyone but Che and I went off to go shopping and catch up with local friends.  After a lazy morning, he suggested swimming. I was feeling horny so I went into the bathroom and put on my old blue school speedo under my shorts.  When I came out, he was standing in his room with the door open, and held onto his swimsuit with one hand, while taking his clothes off.

“Excuse me,” he commented as he shucked his shorts and briefs at the same time so he was standing naked, except for his red speedo which he held in front of his private parts. I noticed he had a hot, thick uncut cock surrounded by thick and long pubes which tapered off to his navel.  I felt my dick starting to swell when he stepped into his suit and tucked everything in, bending his knees so it fit better.

Che walked into the bathroom and pulled the front of his swimsuit down and started peeing. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I went out and got my towel and held it in front of my boner.  When he came out of the bathroom I noticed his thick cock pointing straight up with a big pee stain forming near the tip. He winked as he pulled shorts back on before walking down to the beach.

We were lying on the beach, away from the swimming area, when Che pulled his shorts down and played with his bulge.  “Time to tan” he said as I tried not to stare at the bushy pubic hair coming over the top and out the sides of his swimsuit, and the outline of his cock pointing up.   After a few nervous minutes, I decided to do the same, however I had to concentrate hard on not getting a boner.  Eventually I stood up to pull my shorts down, and then took a long time pulling my t-shirt and singlet over my head.  I noticed Che was staring at my bulge and I felt embarrassed and I wanted to turn away from him immediately, but I stayed in place.

“You haven’t worn your swimsuit recently,” he said casually, as I stood in front of him, frozen.  I started bending my knees and used both hands to stretch the pouch around my balls, tucking my pubic hair under the elastic the same way he had done.  At this point my boner was growing and impossible to hide. I was nervous and I didn’t know what to say and I felt my body trembling with excitement as I rearranged my penis so it fit diagonally in the pouch.

“Your um… you, really shouldn’t be that...obvious in public…” he said slowly, as he took a good look at me. I quickly sat down on the sand. He had also grown inside his swimsuit and his penis was thick and stretching against the drawstring. I was still nervous, but thrilled to be having this conversation.

“Come on, I’ve gotta pee something bad, let’s go for a swim”.  We swam in silence while so many thoughts raced through my mind. I felt like we shared a secret, but there was nothing to do about it and I was too shy about advancing it any further.  We returned home at lunch and everyone was back there. I avoided Che a bit but the rest of the afternoon was sublime, the family returned home and we prepared the party.  In my haste to feel good, after a couple of hours I was drunk and my head was spinning.  I went into Che’s room, with a bucket, and passed out.

As the intoxication wore off I couldn’t move, but I was lying in Che’s bed rubbing my hard cock through my pants.   I pulled my fly down to slowly rub my penis through my briefs and felt that a lot of precum had seeped through the fabric.  It felt amazing as my mind replayed the earlier experience at the beach. I lost track of time, but after a while Che came in and switched on the light.  I got a shock and sat up, but the light hurt my eyes.  I remained on top of the bed pretending I was asleep but I opened my eyes enough to spy on him as he got ready for bed. 

A couple of times he turned around and stared at me but I quickly shut my eyes.  He left the room and I sat up and realised I’d left my fly wide open after playing with myself, and he had been staring at the large stain on the front of my briefs going down the shaft of my penis.  I tucked it back in and looked around, but I couldn’t see my backpack.  He came back and I was more awake and apologised for sleeping on his bed and offered to take the couch, but he told me there were still a few stragglers from the party.

As I took another sip of water, Che suggested that I get changed for bed, and after I told him I wasn’t sure where my backpack was, he told me I could borrow some of his clothes.  I felt my dick starting to get hard in my pants and started stalling. Maybe thinking I was too drunk, he came over and pulled my t-shirt up over my head.  I undid the button on my jeans and tried to pull them down, except that I was still wearing my shoes.  He bent down to help me and soon I was starting to get rock hard in my stained grey mossimo briefs right in front of him.

I quickly found the t-shirt and some satin boxer shorts he gave me and put them on.  My dick was harder than ever as I got under the covers and curled up with my back facing his side of the bed.

Che took his shorts off and got into bed and turned off the light and rolled around until he got comfortable.  I wasn’t sure where he was and I was too scared to roll over and find out so I lay very still and tried to fall asleep.  I felt my dick getting harder in my pouch and more precum starting to ooze out, and I was happy to be wearing briefs to absorb the mess.

After a while he rolled over and I felt a hand brush the back of my thigh, but I pretended I was asleep.  I felt more precum oozing out, and when I pinched my dick through the briefs the fabric was very wet and sticky.  I rolled over as well, so we were lying next to each other.

Che’s hand brushed my leg again, and I rolled over slightly facing him.  His hand slowly explored my leg further until it found the opening of the boxer shorts and my inner thigh, and he crept up my thigh to my bulge. I thought I heard him mumble “oh yeah… you’re so wet” as his hand found my briefs.

I fumbled for his underwear and found he was very wet himself, but he gently stopped my hand, and continued massaging me through my briefs, slipping under the elastic to tickle my pubes and balls.

After a while he pulled down the boxer shorts leaving me in my briefs. He reached in and found my penis pulled it up and out of the pouch, flicking precum everywhere.  “Oh yeah, you’re fucking soaked,” he said more clearly this time.

Precum splashed into his hand as he rolled my foreskin back and started stroking me softly.  As soon as he found a good rhythm, I felt the rush of orgasm.  Before I could stop my entire body tensed and I slowly blew a hot thick load into his hands.  He pumped my penis harder and harder.  My body went into spasms and I moaned a bit louder so that he would stop.  My penis was sore and tender but the orgasm had felt so great.  My briefs were a hot and sticky mess, and after I finished cumming he grabbed a handful of cum and pulled his briefs down and used it as lube.  He wouldn’t let me jerk him, but my hands explored his wet shaft and sweaty, sticky balls as he pinched his nipples and came.  The best was caressing his thick pubic hair, now covered in sticky semen.

I woke up the next morning unsure of exactly what had happened the night before, but my chest was sticky.  Che was already up so I was alone, and a bit anxious. I was a bit confused at why Che had not let me jerk him back, and didn’t know what to expect when I saw him.  My briefs were still wet, but I needed to go to the bathroom.  I pulled the boxer shorts and a t-shirt on and I saw that people from the party were outside and cooking breakfast.  After I finished peeing I went back into his room and sat down.

I heard a knock at the door and it was Che, wearing loose satin boxers like the ones he gave me.  He had found my backpack.

He didn’t say anything about the night before. I was embarrassed that I had blown so quickly.   After he gave me my backpack he pulled down his boxer shorts and I got my first look at his dick, it was a definite grower hidden in a massive bush of pubes.  I would never have expected that a man with not much hair on his body could have such a thick bush. He quickly pulled on his swimsuit and shorts and returned to breakfast without saying much, but giving me a great show as he fit the brief.

I felt uncomfortable hanging around on my own, so I got changed into a fresh pair of my own clothes and went out for breakfast.  We didn’t get another opportunity to be alone before my friend and I went home at lunch time by train.  He was driving back later in the day.  I left my soggy grey mossimo briefs behind on his floor, hoping he would find a good use for them. 



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