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Comic Books

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I've been reading and enjoying Solo Touch for years now, and thought I'd start submitting stories. This one focuses on my early discovery of masturbation and my experiences growing up.


Most of my early memories of my own sexual feelings centre around bathtime and being naked with my own family. I have many cherished memories of being in the shower with my mother, being fascinated with her breasts, and particularly her dark, luscious pubic hair. I think I even asked her at one point what it was between her legs, and her replying matter-of-factly, 'My bush!'

My mom would often bathe my brother and I together, sometimes leaving us in the bath, while she went to start dinner, make a phone call, or something else. We would have our favorite action figure toys with us in the bath, jumping them off the soap dish, and diving around. Our favorite game was called 'Islands' or something like that. We'd dive our soldiers off the edge of the tub, and swim them to our penises, which would usually be erect and standing out of the water. Sitting there in the tub, we'd rub-a-dub-dub our little selves and swim the soldiers around, not really realising why we were enjoying it so much. I even remember our mother coming in and watching us play our game, and with ourselves, asking us perfectly friendly questions about it. We were probably three or four at the time.

I often played with myself through the later years, in the shower or bath, whether I was alone or not, but never to orgasm, and never really concentrating on what I was up to. When I was about ten, my brother and I traded comic books with friends of ours up the street. My brother was the same age as the older kid (twelve) and I was a year older than his brother. Once, when we were over at his house, our friend told my brother to return those 'comic books' that he'd lent him, obviously winking, and making the point several times that he wanted them back.

Well, I was overwhelmed with the need to see these comic books that he wanted back so badly, and nagged my brother to read them. He told me I couldn't, and that only made me bug him more and more. Finally he relented, saying that if he showed me, I couldn't tell our parents. I agreed, of course, and he opened the bottom of his bookcase. What he pulled out were several issues of an erotic magazine.

I didn't really know what he had at first, but instantly recognized the feelings that I got while he opened the magazine and we paged through it together. My little cock got instantly hard in my pants, and we both talked about how beautiful the girls were, slowly turning pages, and poring over every detail. We heard our parents calling for us and he quickly returned the magazines to their hiding place.

The very next day, while our parents were out, we were looking at the magazines again, and I complained how uncomfortable I was with my pants on. He said he was too, and we quickly removed our pants and underwear, sitting on the rug in his room, half-naked.

We sat there for a long time, taking a very long look at each picture, reading the letters, sometimes aloud, and rubbing our dicks. My brother wasn't really into puberty yet, and his penis was still hairless. Mine was too, and was definitely smaller than his, but not by much. His got redder than mine when it was hard, and was thicker, with a smaller glans. We read through the letters, not understanding all of what was happening in them, but distilling the intensity of the experiences. Since we had our time, we looked at the pictorials over and over. My brother asked if I'd ever 'gone all the way'. I said I didn't know what that meant. He said it was just sort of the best part of the feeling of rubbing yourself, and said it would happen if I did it long enough. So he told me he'd show me, and started rubbing himself harder and faster, while I did the same thing.

After a little bit, he sort of tensed up, and shook a little, which kind of scared me, but my cock was feeling really good, so I kept it up. About 30 seconds after his, my first orgasm hit me, and I shivered and buckled a little bit. Neither of us had an ejaculation, but both of us knew the feeling the other had just felt. It was great fun, and we vowed to do it again soon.

Over the next few years, we continued 'rubbing' together, and trading 'comic books' with our friends, some of them with the pages stuck together. It was one of the few things we did together without arguing, or competing, and it was sort of an unspoken agreement that whenever we had time alone to ourselves, we'd run to the bookshelf, get our cocks out and rub together.

Going through puberty, our bodies changed slowly, and my brother sprouted hair around his dick and balls. He also started to get bigger, and beads of come started forming on the head of his cock when he 'went all the way'. Even though we knew the words for what we were doing, we still used 'rubbing', 'going all the way', and others for it. Through junior high, and into high school, we would manufacture excuses to stay home while our mom went to the grocery store, or out shopping, saying we wanted to read, or just didn't feel like going. It was always a thrill when we watched her car leave, knowing that we'd have an hour or more to sit and slowly rub our dicks, sharing the magazines, then picking a particular page to come together with. Often, we'd prolong it as long as possible, hurrying to finish when we heard a car in the driveway, yanking our pants up seconds after we'd come, rushing to look like we'd been doing something else the whole time.

Some time early in high school, my parents went away on a short trip, and since we were old enough to look after ourselves (my brother was driving, and had a job at the local video store), they decided to leave us for the three days or so they'd be gone. Since it was August, we weren't in school, and were looking forward to having the house to ourselves. Once they were gone, we were instantly naked and 'rubbing', taking breaks to eat, drink, walk around the house naked, and go back to rubbing. We would take our time, as long as we could, to wait to come. I think in the first day they were gone, I had eight orgasms!

We barely wore clothes at all, since it was already very hot out, and would close the shades and rub anywhere in the house we felt like. We dug through our parents' things, finding my dad's collection, and would leave that out, rubbing in their bedroom and bathroom. We took turns in their jacuzzi, enjoying the force of the jets. We used every possible form of lube in the house; shampoo (good, but didn't last), conditioner (better), hair gel (got sticky too quick), baby oil (absolutely the best, but hard to clean off), and even chocolate syrup and (separately) mayonnaise at one point. My brother had snagged some XXX videos from his work, and we watched those, rewinding over and over, watching lesbian sex for the first time, seeing many other well known porn stars. We rewound the cumshots at the end the most, until we were both shooting stream after stream of come ourselves.

We masturbated together, alone, in the shower, in our bedrooms, in the living room, den, kitchen, and even the back porch, once the sun went down. Being fourteen and sixteen respectively, we didn't have an end to our stamina, and just went until we were too sore to continue. Once our parents came back, and our fun was over, we totalled that we must have had thirty or so orgasms apiece in the three days since they'd left.

We'd still occasionally rub together over the years, but mostly did it by ourselves so we wouldn't get caught. Whenever we did, we'd compare techniques, measure our cocks, talk about girls we knew, and share our magazine collections.



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