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Me and My Sisters Best Friend

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I still get hot thinking about this.


This story happened when I was 15 and my sister, Jenni, and her best friend, Ashley, were 13.

I started masturbating when I was around 13 and I couldn't get enough of it, with my sister and I sharing a room I had to be creative about it. I would masturbate in the bathroom at school, in the bushes by the park on my way home, in the bathroom, or just very quietly in bed while my sister slept across the room. My sister and I still share a room to this day, but things are different now.

When I was 15 my parents would go on over night trips together and leave me in charge of my sister, I loved these times for I had more chances to touch my pussy. On one of these occasions my parents left and my sister was at her friend Ashley's house down the street, so as soon as my parents left, I was naked, right there in the front hall. I walked around the house naked carrying my clothes on my hand, just a t-shirt and panties, as I was still in my sleep clothes. I was looking out open windows and running my free hand over my body getting all worked up for what was about to come, me. I made it to my room, threw my clothes on the floor, and flopped on the bed on my back. As soon as I hit the bed, my hands were between my legs. Running my finger tips lightly over my pussy lips and down my bum I was getting so wet that I just plunged right in.

With my fingers working inside my pussy and my other hand squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples I was in heaven. Sliding the fingers from my pussy out and down to my bum I inserted two fingers in my ass and slid my hand from my breasts into my pussy. I must have been going at it for half an hour or more, edging myself over and over, until I couldn't take it anymore. Finally I let myself cum, knowing I was home alone, I let it all out, moaning and screaming loudly, my bed was soaked and I was exhausted. It took me a second to realize I heard giggles coming from the hall outside my open door, I was in a panic, what if someone saw, or heard me? It could only be my sister. I was so embarrassed, but a little hot too.

I walked out of my room still naked, my sister and I are used to being naked when our parents are gone, and headed to the bathroom, I didn't see anybody. I left the door open a crack while I peed thinking nobody was inside since I didn't hear them at all anymore. I was surprised when the bathroom door opened and Ashley walked in on me peeing, she must have been surprised also, when she closed the door and turned around and saw me on the toilet, she jumped and let out a little scream. She started to apologize for walking in on me, but came closer and made no move to leave. Having not peed yet I couldn't hold it any longer and let it flow, what a relief. Ashley, leaning against the counter across from me, heard me peeing and told me she really had to go too and undid her pants and pulled them and her underwear down a bit to get her hand in to hold herself as she had to pee so bad. I felt bad for her, so when I finished peeing I stood up without wiping or flushing, I was planning on having a shower anyway, and let Ashley pee. By this time both of her hands were holding her pussy and she had no way to pull her pants and underwear down more to pee, it was a little funny to see, so she asked me to help her. Now I've never been into girls before, but as I kneeled down to pull her pants down for her and saw her holding her pussy right in my face, I was getting wet again, and not because I didn't wipe. As I got pants and underwear to the floor Ashley stepped out of them and straddled the toilet, as soon as she let go of her pussy, she was flowing like Niagara Falls, all I could do was watch.

While she was peeing she admitted that she and my sister caught me masturbating, I was a little embarrassed and a little turned on too. She said it made her feel funny down there and she couldn't look away from me. Now I was getting really turned on. When Ashley finished peeing she just sat there on the toilet without moving, I told her it's okay that she saw me, that I'm not ashamed and should have shut my door. Then I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and had her spread her legs while I wiped her pussy for her, the moan she let out was intense. I dropped the toilet paper in the toilet and continued to touch her pussy asking her if she liked it, all she could do was moan a quiet yes. I rubbed my finger around her clit and up and down her pussy lips, even though I just wiped her, she was very wet. My fingers now working inside her pussy while I played with her clit with my thumb, sliding my other hand down her back I got a finger wet from her pussy from behind and started to tickle her ass. Ashley whispered in my ear how great it felt and that she thought she was gonna pee again. I slid my wet finger tip into her ass and picked up the pace on her pussy and she came all over my hand, I could feel her clenching on my fingers in her pussy and ass, I was so wet I was dripping on the floor. I slid my finger out of her and she collapsed on the toilet watching me. I sucked on my fingers from her pussy and moaned at her, and she moaned back at me. Ashley then leaned forward on the toilet and fingered my pussy before turning me around and fingering me from behind, I worked my clit while she fingered my wet hole, I thought I was gonna break her fingers I came so hard. After we recovered Ashley put her pants back on, leaving her underwear on the floor, and we walked out of the bathroom talking about if we should tell my sister about our little adventure.

When we got to my sisters room the door was open a little bit and we saw her with her shorts and underwear around her ankles on the floor masturbating. This will lead us into the next tale of Ashley and my sister, as watching her cum was very hot.



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