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Watching Me Pee

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I've been unpicking this peeing thing and why it turns me on so much. I know that other girls like it as much as I do. Amy, for example, now loves peeing during sex. Sometimes she does it in her panties. Sometimes she does it on me and, sometimes, she just likes to stand or squat and have me watch.  This is something I encouraged her to try, and this story is largely her account of it.


"There's this guy. He has fancied me since we were at school and, even though he knows I'm with Claire, it hasn't cooled him down. Quite the opposite. Claire says she would be fine with me fucking him if I want. That's what I love about her. She thinks only of me and what I might like. I think only of her, so we make a great partnership. I'm not in the least jealous if she fucks someone, male or female, because I know it's me she loves. 

Anyway, this boy. We are friends, really. Good friends. The sort you only have a few of in your lifetime. Sometimes we hang together, sometimes we go for walks. This particular time was yesterday. 

We had gone for a walk into the countryside. Well, it's all countryside around here, really. We had walked for about two miles, just chatting as close friends do. I told him I needed to pee. When he said, ‘Can I watch?’ I was really surprised. Part of me for a second rebelled at the idea. Peeing was something I only did for Claire. But then I just, well, wanted to.

I took him into some trees and he sat on a fallen log. I faced him and reached up my skirt. I pulled my panties down to my knees and squatted. He could see my cunt really clearly, and I relaxed and let my pee flow.

As I peed, I saw a massive erection build suddenly in his jeans. It grew so hard and so fast, I thought it must have been hurting him. I also felt myself getting horny. I actually felt myself opening. You know that feeling? I guessed that my cunt was getting wet, and not just with pee either. 

When I finished, I stood up, my panties still around my knees. I think I dripped into them a little too. He stood up as well, and boy, that cock! We didn't speak. I just took two paces forward and unzipped him. He reached between my legs and touched me. It felt lovely wanking him and I loved his fingers inside me. Then he said, "Have you got any left? Can you pee into my hand?" 

I realized his finger wasn't inside me anymore and he had cupped his hand between my legs. I closed my eyes and relaxed myself. I felt a little trickle come out into his palm. My reward was a huge ejaculation. I have never seen a boy cum that hard. The first spurt went a very long way. 

Once he had cum, he brought me off with his finger. 

My panties were very wet. I think my pee had run between his fingers when I weed into his hand. We both looked at them before he said, "Can I keep them?" I slipped them off and he put them in his pocket. 

I asked what he was going to do with them and he said, after a long, guilty pause, "I want to wear them, and, do something in them." 

The thought of him in my pee-wet panties was very exciting, so I asked if he would put them on now. He shucked his jeans and boxers, and pulled my pink panties up, tucking his cock between his legs. I could see the start of another hard on forming, but with it tucked down like that, and him having just shot his load, it didn't go fully hard. Not then, anyway.

I asked what he wanted to do in them? Did he just want to wear them, or wank in them? He stammered. He actually couldn't get the words out, “I want to pee in them, like a girl." 

I had often wondered if he was gay, or had a really big feminine side and, in a flash, I knew he wanted to BE a girl in that moment. I stood around behind him and put my arms round his waist. I whispered, "What’s your name, sweetie." (I just knew he had a favorite girl’s name, and I suspected this was not his first time in girl’s underwear.) "I'm Jessica," he whispered back. 

I ran my hands up under his t shirt and cupped his 'breasts'. "It's ok, Jessica. I'm here with you. Let me help you squat and pee in your little pink panties." 

He squatted and let his head flop back onto my shoulder. I felt the already wet material as this time I cupped his crotch. ‘I can feel how wet you are Jessica.  Just relax. It'll be ok. I want you to pee your panties for me.’ 

I felt the stream, and I lightly touched his cock, pretending all the while that it was 'her' pussy. I also kept up a flow of sexy talk for him until 'she' had finished. Then, I used my fingertip on the head of his cock, pretending it was 'her' clit. I urged her to cum in her panties for me. 

After a few minutes, I felt the contractions and realized he was cumming right into the crotch of my panties. 

I so would have liked him to wear them home but, by now, they were utterly ruined and would have made a mess of his jeans. But hey, I had a spare pair in my bag. I let him watch as I masturbated into the crotch of them, pushing them deep inside me to get them as stained as possible. Then, 'Jessica' put them on, leaving his boxers, and my ruined panties in that little wood."

(Claire speaking now)

When Amy told me this, I really hoped they had fucked. I want Amy to experience a really good fucking with someone she trusts, and truth to tell, I want to watch it happen. Even so, as she told me this, I got so fucking wet! 

I eased her back onto the bed, and pulled her skirt up. She smelled of sex and pee. I licked every single bit of her, inhaling that heady, musky scent. After she had cum in my mouth, I asked her how it felt to have cupped 'Jessica’s' gusset as she peed. 

"It was lovely. It's something we haven't done, yet."

I lead her out onto the balcony outside her bedroom window and wrapped her around me from behind.

As I squatted and let my head flop back onto her shoulder, I felt her hand travel up the inside of my thigh to my gusset. My last words?

"Call me Jessica."



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