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Massage With A Happy Ending

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A fantasy story about a woman who goes for a massage and gets more than she could have ever dreamed of. 

Sometimes having a professional career isn't all it's made out to be. Tons of hours, lots of stress, and frankly no time for anyone else other than the job. That's how it's been for quite some time for me, and never mind the salary, it can be lonely and frustrating. It had been at least a couple years since I had any type of a romantic relationship, and I honestly couldn't even remember what it would feel like to be in one. I hadn't even masturbated in about three months. One day taking to a friend at work, she suggested that I get a full massage. It sounded like it would be nice and take away some of my stress, and she told me she knew where I needed to go. She got her phone out and looked up the address, and the specific parlor was only a few blocks away. I was still a little on the fence about going, but she insisted that I take a long lunch break tomorrow and to just go. I finally agreed and she told me that's the best decision I've made in weeks befit giving me a little smile and went back to work. 

The next morning, a little after 11:00 I headed out, picked up a cab and went to their business. Walking in, the place looked beautiful and very modern with soft music playing in the background, and immediately someone came up and asked of I would like a complimentary drink. I assumed it would be just a bottle of water, but they brought me one of those tiny champagne bottles and poured it for me. I was taken aback, surprised and impressed all at the same time. I certainly hadn't expected all of this! Soon after a woman walked over with a tablet and talked to me, and said that a full session would be $200. Pretty pricey, I admit, but I decided to treat myself since I hadn't had any me time in quite a while. She swiped my card on that little box thing plugged in and told me that my masseuse would be by in just a few minutes. I had just finished my champagne when she came by, greeted herself and led me to my room. I guess it was because I hadn't expected a female masseuse, but I was a little stunned at just his pretty she was; red hair that went about halfway down her back, a white button-down shirt that could barely contain her large breasts, black slacks that just touched her feet and dark leather slide sandals with deep red toenails that contrasted her milky white skin. The room we went into was dimly lit, and she directed me to a side room to take off my clothes and wrap up in a towel. I asked her, "Take off everything?" She said, "Yep, nude from head to toe." I was a little nervous since I hadn't been naked around anyone for some time, much less a stranger, and that I want exactly as toned as I was in a younger age. But I decided to just swallow my pride and do it. I took off my suit and hung it up, wrapped up in the *very* plush towel and walked back out. She had lit a few candles and an incense stick, then told me to hop onto the table on my tummy and place my face into the hole and let my feet dangle off of the end. I got into place and she worked the towel out from under me, folded it down to where it was only covering my butt and let it hang off the sides, with me now feeling even more naked with my skin against the soft leather table. 





She started out by kneading my back, working out all the knots and all the tender spots before moving up to my shoulders. As she stood over me doing her thing, I could see through the hole that she had slipped her sandals off at some point. I've always had a knack for noticing little details. I just thought *oh, I wish I could work barefoot...*. After a few minutes of rubbing me down she drizzled warm oil on my back and slowly rubbed it in. Feeling her hands slide against my skin was absolutely heavenly! She then placed warm, smooth rocks on certain places of my back while she started working on my thighs. Over the next few minutes she made her way down to my calves and my feet, even massaging the spaces between each of my toes. She then worked in the oil again before taking the rocks off my back, and then to my shock, removing my towel leaving me completely nude. I could feel my heart stay to face as she dribbled more oil and started rubbing and squeezing it into my bare butt. Even more so when her hand slipped between my cheeks and her fingers rubbed against my pussy lips. My eyes were wide open and I said, "Wha-what's happening...?" All she said was, "Shh...just relax and enjoy, sweetie." All I could do was lay there in shock as she gently rubbed her oily fingers against my pussy lips, which I do admit felt... AMAZING. This went on for a couple minutes before she slowly pulled her hand away and said "ok, go ahead and flip over now." I kind of glanced over and said, "Um, I'm not sure if I'm too comfortable... naked and all..." She smiled and said, "Here, let me help that for you." Wiping off her hands, she then unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off, exposing her large bare breasts to me without a shred of shame. Hanging up her shirt she stood next to me in just her black pants. She cocked her head to the side and said "more comfortable now?" I kind if smiled and said "well...yes, a little." "Ok then, let's flip over. Nothing to be bashful about." 







Slowly I turned over onto my back, now exposing every inch of my bare self to this complete stranger. She again started at my feet, now deeply rubbing them and pushing her thumbs into my soles. As she moved on to my second foot she said "I have to say, you have very pretty feet. I like when a woman takes care of her feet." I kind of giggled and said "thanks...you do too, from what I could see." In a pretty voice she said "aww, thank you sweetie!" "I just wish I could kick off my shoes at work like you do." "Just a perk of the job, sweetie. But I sure do love going barefoot. If I could I would spend the whole day barefoot." "Mmm...me too..." The small talk had helped me relax a little, and it took me a moment to realize my legs had slightly spread open, giving her a perfect view of my vagina. She then rubbed the oil up the fronts of my legs, but skipping up to my breasts. She slowly squeezed them and massaged in the oil, tenderly kneading them one at a time. Moving down her hands slid around on my belly, inching their way to my pubic mound. I hadn't given myself a trim in a while, but she didn't mind as her fingers slowly moved through my dark, thick hair. I was getting extremely turned on, and in a matter of moments her fingers made their way to my clit. With the softest touch of her fingertips, she rubbed from my clit to the bottom of my now wet lips and back up. I had goosebumps. My breathing became faster and heavier as her fingers circled my clit, keeping me right on that edge of ecstacy. And then...I came. With a force I hadn't felt in so long, my orgasm came in waves from my head to my toes, leaving me shaking on the table as her warm fingers continued massaging my clit. When I finally came down I stared at the ceiling and then began to cry. She kneeled down with her had on my tummy and asked "is everything ok, sweetie?" Wiping my eyes I nodded and said "yes...it's wonderful...it's just been so long since anyone had touched me...thank you." She smiled and said "you're welcome, sweetie...are you ready to keep going?" "We aren't finished?" She giggled and said "no, we aren't finished, sweetie." 



I said ok and she stood back up, moved down and spread my legs apart, bending my knees and pressing the soles of my feet together. Using both hands she explored my vagina, sliding her middle finger deep inside me as her other hand gently pulled at my pubic hair. My eyes were closed and my mouth hung open as I was masturbated for the second time. My toes were tapping against each other as her finger moved around inside me and against my g-spot, her thumb slid against my clit and her left hand rubbed my oily tummy. I have no idea how long she worked on me that time...but I do know her hands made me feel a way that I never had when I would masturbate. She whispered "let it out, sweetie...don't hold back. Let yourself orgasm...cum." She keptv going for maybe another minute when I could feel myself getting closer. I mumbled "yes...yes...I'm going to cum..." Her finger was now pistoning in and out of my wet hole, her other hand rubbing and squeezing my breast. When I came the second time I let out a low, guttural moan and shook on the table, my legs stiffening and my toes wiggling like crazy. I didn't want her hand to ever leave my vagina, but alas I felt her finger slowly slip from my hole. Rubbing her hand on my thigh she asked "feel better now, sweetie?" I just nodded and barely squeaked out a "yes...so much..." "I'm so glad, sweetie...ok, we need to get you cleaned up."



It was time to shower off all the oil, and wiping off my feet she pulled a pair of flip flops from a drawer and slipped them on me before helping me from the table. My legs felt like wet noodles and she could tell. "Would you like me to help you in the shower?" "Yes, please, if you don't." "Not at all, sweetie" ss she smiled. Surprisingly, she unbuttoned and slipped out of her pants, now leaving herself as nude as I was. She hung them up, smiled and shrugged, saying "don't want my pants to get wet. The rest of the day wouldn't be very comfy." I just smiled and nodded. Slipping into a pair of the same flip flops she helped me to the shower room, holding my hand with her other on the small of my back. The water was nice and warm as we stepped in, and she had me hold up my arms as she took the shower head and ran it all over my body. She then soaped up her hands and cleaned me all over, paying special attention to my breasts and my butt. When it was finished she dried me off and we stepped back out into the main room. She took the towel and dropped it into the hamper and I said thank you over and over as I hugged her, both of us still nude, save for the flip flops. She giggled and said "you're very welcome sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Now looking in her eyes I said "can I repay you?" Looking back she said "repay? How?" I slowly ran the back of my hand down her tummy and said "...repay." "I...I really shouldn't..." "Please..." She was breathing heavier and finally said "...ok" with a slight nod. My hand slid between her legs and cupped her shaved pussy, and as she did I slid a finger into her tight hole. She let out a quiet gasp as my finger explored her inner folds, feeling the dampness as her arms held on around my neck. Our faces were mere inches apart as I masturbated her, our breasts smooshed together and me grinding my hips into hers. She was getting closer and closer before my finger slipped out of her, making her open her eyes and whisper "no...why?" I whispered back "can I taste you?" She nodded and said "yes...if you let me." I smiled and she got on the table with me getting on her in the 69 position. I took a deep breath as my tongue ran down her wet pussy as she did the same. This was the first time I had ever had sex with a woman...and I was loving it. Her tongue felt so warm and wet licking around my vagina, and I did my best to mirror her actions. Since she was a whole lot closer than I was she came first, her legs shaking and dangling over the end of the table, her sandals dangling off the tips of her toes. As I felt her relax under me I maneuvered myself around to where I was straddling her chest, and she watched as I began masturbating. My mouth was open as I squeezed my breasts while my other hand quickly rubbed my clit. Her hands were rubbing my thighs as I got closer and closer to my third orgasm. When I came I bucked and shook over her with my hair dangling in her face. Then composing myself I asked her "is this always part of the massage?" She giggled and said "no...definitely not." I leaned over and kissed her, our pussy juice still on our lips. I checked the time and had been there for over two hours, and I needed to get back to work. I helped her off the table and gave her another long hug before we got dressed. She then told me if I would like another session to mention her by name and she'll make sure we have plenty of time for another...massage. I smiled and hugged her one more time, then walked out feeling like a brand new woman. 




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