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Pool Fun With Lauren

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Lauren and I used to find ways to explore each other all the time, and in the pool was no exception. This is a story about the games we would play and a special surprise I discovered

Lauren and I loved to swim in my pool. We were very curious about each other, and often throughout our friendship would find different ways to see each other naked, touch each others “peepees”, etc. One of our favorite ways to do this was in my swimming pool. My parents would let us swim out there and watch us from inside the house to make sure we were okay. I don’t remember how we started this game, but we found it was quite fun to both duck under the water where we couldn’t be seen and flash different parts of ourselves to each other. At first it started with just lifting up our bathing suit tops, then escalated to touching our chests a little in front of the other. Later, we would even be so bold as to touch each other's nipples under the water… not much, but slight curious caresses and squeezes. Then we began to flash each other our peepees, and I remember her once pulling her swimsuit bottoms down and spreading her private parts open so I could see the whole thing.. that was game changing for us, and soon we were both playing with ourselves with our fingers a little under the water. We would even do this when my parents came outside to watch us.

Then one day, she got nice and close to me and when I flashed her she swam down and spread me open with her own hands, her finger brushing over the middle of my peepee in a way that made me thrash underwater and need to come up for air. After that we would do the same to each other every time we swam. I was so addicted to our underwater games.. These led to many more fun games in the future ;)

One day I was swimming at home before Lauren came over. I was swimming through the shallow end when suddenly my legs were hit with a stream of water and I got the same feeling I had had the first time Lauren had touched my special place… I was so excited. I immediately swam back to the jet and positioned my peepee over it, an electric shock of pleasure dashing through me. I hooked my legs over the side of the pool, not even thinking about my parents occasionally supervising from inside, and pushed my tingling button against the jet.

It started to feel so good and I needed more… I pulled my swimsuit to the side and the jet suddenly made direct contact. I thought I would pee in the pool! Suddenly Lauren walked into my backyard, and I was embarrassed of what I was doing to myself with the jet, jumping off the wall of the pool. But it was too late, when she got into the pool she asked me what I had been doing hanging like that. I blushed really hard and told her that I had passed by it and it gave me the good tingly pee feeling I had only ever had from climbing poles before. Her eyes lit up and she asked if she could see me do it so she knew what to do. I nodded, desperate to get back on the wall, and hooked my legs again. I immediately pushed my swimsuit to the side and at seeing that, Lauren came to the side of me, replacing where my hand was. 

“You don’t need to do that by yourself.. just focus on getting that really good funny feeling again, I wanna see how you do it,” and as she pushed my swimsuit to the side she simultaneously spread my peepee WIDE open so the water was pummeling that super sensitive spot in the middle. I gasped and bucked my hips so hard water splashed on us and my mom came outside to ask if we were okay. We moved quickly away and told her yes, just playing a game. She nodded and went back inside, and immediately I swam back to the jet.

Lauren was just as hasty to resume our experimentation and spread me wide once again. I started humping the stream of water, and the more I humped the more she spread my lips apart, exposing me. 

“I-I need to get off,” I moaned, her body pushing me up against the jet so I couldn’t really move. “If I stay here spread like this I’m gonna pee in the pool.” Lauren giggled and took the entirety of both hands and pushed my lips as wide as they could go, pushing my body tighter to the jet. I involuntarily started humping like a wild animal and suddenly I knew I was gonna get the funny pole feeling.. my peepee jumped and tingled and vibrated and my whole body started shaking… I couldn’t help but moan under my breath as Lauren kept me pushed up against the jet.. eventually when I stopped shaking she let me get off the pool edge and I was in a state of euphoric bliss, so excited I had just found a new way to get that feeling outside of school. Immediately I turned to Lauren and told her she NEEDED to try it.

I have many more stories like this… what kind of stories should I share next? ;)



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