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Mark by Smapti
It was a hot summer evening in sunny southern CA, and it was about to get a lot hotter. I'd just moved out of my parents' and into a small apartment not far from college, and I decided to invite Mark to spend the night for a little housewarming celebration. I had met Mark when we were high school seniors, and, long story short, we had become jerkoff buddies. I'd never really thought of myself as bi before I met him, but just looking at his firmed, tan varsity track & field body got my juices running, and now that we had a little privacy I was looking forward to one wild night.

On my way home from class that day i'd stopped by the adult bookstore to rent a few DVDs. We usually watched ordinary boy-girl porn, with the rare bisexual orgy movie thrown in for variety, but today i'd picked up three all-gay DVDs instead. I got home about an hour and a half before I was expecting him to show up, showered off, and slipped into a pair of silk boxers and a matching robe. I ordered a pizza from Domino's and tried to keep my mind occupied until he showed up. I always get excited while i'm waiting for Mark, and this time was no exception. Finally, close to 6 PM, the doorbell rang. I sprung up to answer the door, and there he was.
Mark and I were the same height at about 6' 0", and about the same weight, though I must admit he's got muscles I didn't know existed. He has a year-round tan which almost makes him look Mediterranian, compared to my pale Irish-American complexion. The most amazing part of him was his dick - just short of eight inches of uncircumcized bronze beauty, at least an inch and a half longer than my own. He was wearing a track t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans with a prominent bulge in front. I greeted him with a hug and slapped him on the ass, and invited him in to take the grand tour of my shoebox apartment (which didn't take very long at all.) Once he made himself comfy on the couch, I got us two beers out of the fridge and joined him on the couch. We made small talk for a few minutes, sipping our beers until, once again, the doorbell rang and I had to get up to grab the pizza i'd ordered. We ate our fill, and around 6:30 or so I decided I couldn't wait any longer, so I took him by the hand and invited him into my bedroom.

I left Mark standing in the doorway while I closed the blinds and brought out a few "essentials": a couple more beers, two kinds of lube, and a box of Kleenex, then sauntered back over to him and gave him a kiss. He returned the kiss, and we wrapped our arms around each other, running our fingers up and down each other's backs. I could feel his dick pressing into my leg, and I slowly rubbed up against it as my hands squeezed and massaged his asscheeks. He returned the favor, and we dry-humped in the doorway for thirty seconds or so before I broke away to get the DVDs out. I showed them to him and asked him which one he wanted to watch first. When he realized what kind of movies i'd rented he gave me a knowing look as though he knew what I had in mind, and picked one of them. I took the one he'd picked and put it into the DVD player. As I fiddled with the player to get it started, I felt Mark's hands reach around my waist and untie the sash on my robe, then pull it off, leaving me in my boxers. Not to be undone, I turned around and pulled his shirt off, then tossed him on the bed and jumped down next to him. He slid out of his jeans on his own and we both turned to watch the TV as the movie started.
The first scene was a three-way of two big muscular blondes taking turns fucking a little redheaded guy while he blew the other one. At the end, he grabbed a dick in each hand and jerked them off onto his face, then rubbed their cum all over his dick and stroked it until he shot his load on his chest and stomach. It was a hot scene, but I didn't want to start jacking off yet, so I just threw my arm around Mark's shoulders and tweaked his nipples while we watched. Mark seemed to be thinking the same thing, and he ran his hands slowly up and down my sides as we watched. But by the middle of the second scene, a black-on-white 69, we were both far too horny to hold ourselves back, and we were both slowly rubbing our dicks through our boxers. I rolled over to face Mark and tugged down his boxers, revealing that marvelous eight-inch trouser snake. Likewise, he reached over and pulled off my boxers, and we were together, naked, our hard throbbing dicks just inches apart. I reached over for a bottle of lube and said to him, "Let's get this party started."

Lying on our sides and facing each other, I squirted some lube into Mark's right hand and some into my left. He wasted no time in wrapping his fingers around his dick and spreading the lube across it. Just watching him manhandle himself like that made my mouth water, and I wanted, right then and there, to wrap my lips around his dick and suck every last drop of cum out of it. But there'll be plenty of time for that later, I reminded myself as I started to beat my meat. If I were alone i'd close my eyes while I jacked off, but right now my eyes were fixed on Mark's dick, and his on mine. I scooted a little closer to him, so that our dicks were almost touching, and reached around to squeeze his ass. He squealed from the unexpected grope and retaliated in kind, quickly pinching the head of my dick while my hand ran up and down it. We had forgotten all about the on-screen action - this moment was just too fucking hot to worry about anything else. "Let me get on top of you," I whispered to him, and he could only groan in response. He rolled onto his back and I mounted him, lying across him so that our dicks touched. I leaned down and kissed him again, and for the next couple of minutes we had what was simply the best makeout session i've ever had with anyone, male or female. Finally he said to me, "I need to cum. Please, make me cum."
That was all the invitation I needed. I grabbed the bottle of lube again and squirted a big gob of it right onto his dick, watching as it poured down his balls and into his asscrack. I wrapped my damp fingers slowly around his dick and began to pump it oh so slowly up and down, up and down, up and down.As I jacked him off, I slid my other finger down into his asscrack, and his legs obligingly parted as I probed his tight asshole with my finger. I slowly worked my finger into his asshole and began finger-fucking him as I pumped him. As I fingered him, his breathing got heavier and heavier, and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. "Stop," he panted, and I obligingly halted my work. He looked me in the eye and said the words i'd been waiting for all night: "I want you to fuck me."

I kneeled between his parted legs and rubbed some more lube onto my cock. Holding his hip with one hand as my other guided my cock towards his hole, I leaned down and kissed him again and he repeated his command. "Stick it in me. Fuck me. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass." Slowly I pressed my dick against his asshole, and he relaxed the sphincter to allow me in. It was easily the tighest fit i'd ever had, and he winced as I entered him. For a few minutes we stayed in that position, rubbing each other up and down, too horny to speak. When I could tell he was no longer in pain, I slowly started to piston my hips back and forth, and I heard him groan lightly in response. I gradually picked up my tempo, holding onto his shoulders to steady myself, and he soon started moving himself back and forth in sync with my thrusts. Before too long I was fucking at full speed, just as if I were riding my girlfriend Crystal (who i've mentioned in another story here), and we were both groaning like crazy with every push. Mark's dick seemed to stand up on end and get even bigger than it already was, and without warning a gob of cum shot out of his dick and landed across his chest, the rest of his load emptying all across his stomach. I'd seen Mark cum all over himself at least a dozen times, but nothing i'd ever seen had been as incredibly hot as that. I could feel his ass quivering from the explosion, and that was all I needed to push me over the edge, my cum blasting into Mark's ass.
And that was only the beginning of the evening.



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