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The first time I was caught

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The first time I was caught by DW
My first sexual encounter occurred when I was 14. I used to babysit for a single Mom named Sandy across the street who always put the kid to bed before she left, so all I had to do was sit and watch TV. Of course when I was 14 if I was alone it was impossible for me to watch TV (or anything else, for that matter) without taking my dick out and masturbating, and for some reason it was always a special thrill to masturbate in her house. So stupid me, one time I went into the bathroom and took all my clothes off, then I left them there and went back into the living room naked and laid down on the couch and masturbated. To this day I don't know if I have ever been as turned on as I was that night. I was already sucking my dick by then, and I was absolutely delirious being totally naked in her living room doing all that (hey, I was 14 - that's about as good as it gets at that age). Well, sure enough, I'm going at it and guess who comes home earlier than expected.

The couch was directly in front of the front door, and there was nothing in the world I could do. I covered myself the best I could and she just said "Oh my God!" - I was so panicked that I don't remember her expression. All I could think of to do was get into the bathroom to get my clothes, but she said something like "No, just stay there." I just looked at her and she said, "You've been masturbating, haven't you?" Like an idiot I said "no" - as if I had just decided to lay there naked on her couch for the artistic merit of it all. I expected her to go straight to the phone to call my parents, and I was scared to death. The strange thing is you would have thought that my dick would have shriveled down to nothing under the circumstances, but it was still rock hard and throbbing. As scared as I was, the idea of her seeing me naked was so exhilarating that part of me was thinking it was almost worth the consequences, whatever they would be, and my heart was just pounding - I had never had a girl see me naked before, and it's something I'd always fantasized about. All this happened in the span of maybe 30 seconds, but it seemed like forever. Then she said something like, "It's OK, I don't mind." Well, that's all it took - the fear was gone and I was out of my mind with excitement.

My dick was sticking straight up and I made no effort to hide it. She just stared at it, and I can remember her eyes were kind of glazed and her breathing got really heavy. She sat down on the couch next to me and said something like "Show me how you masturbate, Brad" and I turned towards her and spread my legs and just put my hand around my stick and slowly stroked it up and down. I was so turned on I wasn't thinking straight, so I don't remember exactly what she said or did - I just remember her staring at my dick and moaning "Oh yes" and stuff like that over and over again. It didn't occur to me to suck it at that point - I have no idea what kind of reaction that would have gotten. But before long I started shooting huge spurts of come all over myself and the couch - I don't remember if any got on her, but I think it must have. So there I was with my whole body dripping in come, but I had no intention of stopping - having her see me like that just turned me on more, and I kept masturbating until I came again. I didn't shoot nearly as much as I did the first time, but there were still thick streams of come pouring out. I literally don't remember what happened after that except that I took a shower in her bathroom and went home. We had several other encounters after that -- I'll have to share them with you one of these days.



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