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My Brother And Me

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I'm 20 and a freshman in college. My brother is a senior in highschool and is 18. I wrote a story a few months ago telling how, last year when we were both living at home, our bedrooms were separated by a common wall, and many times I would hear him masturbating. During the day, when he came home from school, and a lot at night. His bed would kind of creak, and I could hear him speed up and then stop and then speed up, and finally, I could tell exactly when he was cuming, because he would speed up and then keep going fast.

And we shared one bathroom in the mornings, getting ready for school. My mom used the bathroom off the master bedroom, and we shared the one in the hall. It had a small shower, with the door frosted up to like the shoulders. And a washbowl and toilet. And we would use it at the same time, because we took the same bus to school and had to be ready. And mom said to keep covered in there when we were in there together. And the shower was small and hard to dry in, especiallly with the door closed and it being steamy. So one day Brandon just opens the door while I'm in there, to make more room for him, and just starts drying. We always walked around in our underwear together in the house, but this was the first time I'd seen him naked! And I think, wow!!! That's the cock that I listen to him jacking every day!

And so I started going braless in the bathroom, because wearing a bra in there while I'm doing stuff is a pain. And he would see me braless. But I wouldn't let him see me completely naked.

So, last Christmas, I went home for semester break, and I've had like three guys by then, and he dates and is sexual, because we've talked about sex some together...we're close....and I've never seen a guy masturbate, and so I'm taking a shower and he comes into the bathroom and starts shaving, and I finish my shower and open the door and and step out and get a towel and start drying myself. And his eyes pop out!! And he's wearing underwear and no shirt and I see him getting kind of hard.

And then I laugh and say I want to see it! And he laughs and takes off his underpants. And I reach out and touch it, and some pre-cum is already coming out! And it's not even fully hard. And then I do what I've always wanted to do but been too scared. I tell him that for a few years I've listened to him jack off through the wall, and wondered what it's like, and I've never seen a guy do it, and would he do it and let me watch! And he says, OH YEH!!

So Mom's still asleep, so we go into his room and close the door, and he lies on the bed and Ive put on my panties, and he takes out an undershirt from his drawer and then rubs his cock with it, and I'm sitting on the bed watching! And we talk about sex, and I tell him about the two guys I've had at college, and he tells me about doing it with his girl friend, who I know from my high school days. And after about five minutes, he puts the shirt on his chest and says he's going to come, and then finishes jacking off and shoots it all over his shirt!!! WOW!!!!

That was fun!!! I'll write again and tell about what happened the next day!!



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