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Margot - Episode 1

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Intro and a fun story.

Let me tell you first why I've chosen to write down my stories. It's not as obvious as it seems. I'm a typical woman comming from a strict religious household. I might tell more about this in the future, but not now. I'm just telling what I want to share. Sitting in front of my laptop screen after a halfhearted gym session.

Through the years I've learned quite some things about life and a few things about myself. Like my low capability to maintain friendships (I have few of them) and my inability to have a romantic relationship. You might think I should join the mighty crowd of singles, but I do have a healthy, quirky appetite for sex.

Certain experiences have taken away my cravings for the usual coital stuff, but I've processed them and here I am with a moist panty. Slowly I push my chair a bit back and rub the wet spot. It's dark, quite large and lovely warm. My index finger makes some diligent circles on that longing place on the upside of my mount. I only wear a sports bra and nickers. Seeing my erect nipples I quickly remove the bra and continue to circle the now burning spot. The wetness enlarges and I remove the last cloth. This makes the smell stronger and I continue circling, while my left hand wanders upward straight to my nipple.

As often I love to bring myself very close and then linger for some time just before the edge. I feel my temperature rising, my skin become damp and most of all I sense the dripping wet center of my arousal. I've spend many hours in the past, just lazily rubbing and stopping and rubbing again. Each time my muscles get more tense.

I leave the spot between my legs alone and fondle and pull my nipples. They're hard and sensitive. A few times I've reached orgasm by simply rubbing and pinching my nipples. But not for now, I slip my hand down again and push on my clit, I almost trip over the edge so I take three deep breaths and concentrate on the sensation. I'm tempted to push two fingers inside, but I shy away. Lightly, I rub my left nipple, I'm getting closer. Again three breaths. I'm of this world in this state, my eyes closed. I hardly manage to keep my butt on the chair. Grabbing the desk in front of me firmly with my left hand, the right index finger pushes in hard on my clit. The world explodes, my muscles tense and sharp sparks of pleasure go through my spine. I keep bucking on my chair and slide of it to the ground. I'm spent, trembling and sticky.

With some effort I make myself stand up and walk to the shower.



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