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Grinding - My Fav. Since I Was 5!

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I learned to masturbate at an extremely young age, definitely by the time I went into pre-school. It always astounds me when I find women who didn't learn until their late teens or twenties, but that's ok because that's what makes life interesting-variety!

My very first masturbation method was to lie on my stomach, pants pulled down around my ankles, and make a fist and stick out my pinky. I'd rest my fist underneath the fleshy mound of my pussy (where pubic hair would grow later), and stick my pinky down into my slit and rest it on my clit. I didn't know what my clit was then, but I knew it felt good to touch that particular area of my pussy. Once my hand was in place, I'd move my hips in circles and flick my pinky over my clit. I don't know if I had full-blow orgasms when I first started masturbating, but I DO know that I used to call the little muscle twitches that happen during masturbation (but not the actual orgasm...kind of like the pre-shocks) 'getting one.' I'd think to myself, 'Ok, I'll go until I get another one.'

One time I was in the living room dancing to some music on TV, and I pulled my pants down and wiggled it around like I did when I masturbated. My mom said, 'I don't like that at all,' to which I replied, 'Do you like when I do it in bed?' not knowing what I was saying. I think she just gave me an embarrassed glare. That set the tone for always being semi-ashamed of masturbation and wanting to hide it.

When I got a bit older, I graduated to stradling and humping pillows, stuffed animals, and just the plain floor. I remember once I got into grade school-4th or fifth grade, I would stack tons and tons of pillows on top of each other and straddle them so my legs were basically straight and not bent...a mountain of pillows for humping! Seeing the mountain made me horny and wet, even then.

The first item I used for penetration was a tampon taped so the applicator didn't go down into the shaft. I would put it right in the opening of my vagina, and hump a pillow or something similiar.

I always loved going around the house to see what all I could hump. The bannister, the kitchen counters, the tub edge, the toilet (hahaha...yes, the toilet!), my bed posts, door knobs, basically everything. I was definitely one of the most sexual children I knew, and had lots of experimenting with others, but I'll leave that for my next post.



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