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Long Distance Relationships w/ Aid of Videos

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A description of how a video camera has aided the sexual relationship of Patti and I, who lives 700 miles apart.


I wished I had a video camera back when I was married. We had some real nice masturbation sessions together. We loved masturbating in front of each other, solo as well as together. But, since I got a video camera a few years back, it's added so much to a distant relationship, and when I want something different to masturbate to.

I have this lady friend (I'll call her Patti here) who lives about 700 miles from me. We went to school together, lost contact for over 20 years, then by a fluke, we met again. We started up a nice relationship, though we can see each other only every few months. It's a long story why we can't get together permanently. So, you take what you can get, right? She knows I date other women, though there aren't very many.

We've done lots of erotic emails and chats. Phone sex is frequent, and we each get a lot of pleasure from it. Early on we started taking pictures with my digital camera for each of us to have when we're apart. Patty likes looking at me naked as much as I like looking at her nice little body. She has nipples that grow out huge and really turns me on.

Next, came the video camera. I made a tape alone here of just a conversation to her. I talked about a bunch of strange things that happen in my life. Humor is not hard to find in MY world. She liked these videos I sent her. Gradually, I got bolder and more graphic in these videos. Soon, I was masturbating in front of the camera for her, totally nude. Patti doesn't have a camera, so she couldn't send anything back.

Not long after I got the camera, she was here for a week, and I showed her all the features on it. The next morning, she got the video camera out and set it up. Patti had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and I was still sleeping, though it was near time to get up. It was summer, and I was on my back, naked, and on top of the covers, as usual. She came walking in the bedroom pointing the camera at me, and my morning hard on. She had the camera on its tripod. She focused on my cock as she walked in. The light was good since we never shut the drapes in the bedroom. On one side, the windows are up real high, and the other side nobody would be able to see in unless they were right in my back yard.

I woke up and saw her standing at the foot of the bed naked as when she woke up, and I knew right away this could get interesting.

I looked at the camera, the red flasher flashing, indicating the camera was recording. I started playing with my cock. Slowly, just rubbing it lightly like I do when I wake up. I love teasing myself, and I take as much time as I have when I play with myself in the mornings. It sets the tone for a beautiful day.

Patti moved the tripod about, taking different angles of me playing with my cock. I took a long time, and we talked as I started to stroke myself. I commented on how pretty she is and that I loved masturbating for her. She stayed out of camera, and touched her nipples and they grew out. Patti was real sweet, and she got me real horny with the dirty talk and her doing some sexy poses while behind the camera. When she moved about, I stared at her breasts, which were jiggling real nice. I can never get enough of seeing her breasts sway about.

I told Patti when I was about to cum, and she got the camera in the position she wanted. Cum spurted all over my belly and hand. I had one of those orgasms where I actually shivered and shuddered from it. She kept the camera rolling, and I played for it. I smeared the gooey semen with the head of my cock, and caused strings of it to form. With the camera still rolling, she came around to the other side, and put her face right by my cock. She smiled for the camera, then started licking up my cum. She loves eating my cum. She swallows every drop when she gives me a blow job/hand job.

Her head was laying on my belly as she slurped up the rest of the cum, then she slurped up the head of my cock and played with it, rolling it around her mouth with her tongue. She says she loves the feeling of my cock in her mouth.

This was very erotic indeed!! I got up after she had enough, and turned the camera off. I cleaned up in the bathroom, then got us some juice from the refrigerator. When I came back to the bedroom, Patti was leaning up in bed glazed eyes, and lightly brushing her pussy hairs. I gave her a glass, and we sipped juice, and talked about what we just did. I took the cassette from the camera, put it in the caddy, then put it in the VCR. I rewound the tape, then turned it on. She started rubbing her pussy a little bit. She had the remote, so she stopped it sometimes, and also reversed it a few times to see a particular shot over and over. I commented on how well it turned out. Almost professional looking.

I got the camera, and put another tape in it. Then I pointed it right at her, showing Patti rubbing her pussy while she watched the video on TV. At 1st she was shy, but I assured her that this would be kept very private for me only. I told her I would use this to jack off to when she wasn't here. She perked up when I suggested we could each watch the other on the VCR when we had phone sex.

She got more into it, and started zeroing in on her sweet clit. I zoomed in to see Patti's clit grow with excitement while she fingered it. I got hard again just watching her, thinking of when I suck her clit and lick that delicious pussy. She was getting quite juicy now, and suggested I get a towel. Patty's quite a leaker. Her pussy juice is not as strong tasting as others I've tasted. For that reason, I can lick and suck her for hours, and have. There's an endless supply of nectar that pours out of Patti. I'll just wash the sheet later I told her. Screw the towel.

I was still out of camera sight, and sitting on a chair that faces the bed. I started stroking myself again. It was too early for me to cum again, but I got rock hard watching Patti play to the camera. She got on all fours, and turned her cute butt to the camera, and fingered herself from underneath. She laid back and spread full wide, giving a great view of her juices flowing from her pussy to the crack of her ass. She did all the positions she could think of.

I got up, and reached by the bed stand and got her dildo, and asked if she would use it. Her eyes sparkled, and she grabbed it. She rubbed it all over her pussy, getting it nice and moist from her leaking pussy. Before I went back to the chair, I bent down and got a few licks of her pussy. GOD, she tastes so good.

It was a beautiful thing, watching Patti pleasure herself. I think she liked doing it in front of the camera. She talked to the camera knowing that I would be watching it sometime soon when I was alone. She had a couple orgasms, then I couldn't resist any longer. I put a fresh tape in the camera, then dove in and started licking her juicy pussy. She pressed my head down and wrapped her legs around my neck. I rolled us over, and turned us around so she was facing the camera. I was flat on my back, and her pussy was in my face, and she got up on her haunches and started fucking my face. What I saw later was awesome. My pretty lady sliding her hot pussy on my grateful mouth. Her tits were jiggling as she moved. What a beautiful sight!!!

We taped our lovemaking that whole weekend. I was raw and spent by the time she left. Patti took back some of the tapes, and I kept the rest. Whenever we spoke on the phone, each of us would put in one of the tapes, and we would masturbate while describing what we were looking at. The phone bills shot up. *S* There have been times when I was just watching Patti on tape, KY lube smeared all over my hard cock, when I'll just call her. If she's in a situation where she can drop her pants, she'll join me. Other times I'll go it alone while she talks to me real sexy.

I've made many tapes alone of me masturbating. I'll talk to Patti via the camera while I lube my hard cock, sitting in different locations in the house. I even got a tape of me jacking off out on the deck this past week. I'll send that to Patti today. I've also taped some showing me having phone sex with Patti. I get a big charge out of that. So does Patti when I send them to her.

Patty is coming here next month for 2 weeks. I'll have to go get some new tapes and charge up all the batteries. Maybe I can find her a nice new dildo to use here.

If anyone else cares to tell about taping their experiences, I'm sure we would all love to hear them.

I think I'll go pop a video in and make a phone call.



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