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Strip Poker With Cousin

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This event happened almost 20 years ago - and I still think about it to this day sometimes when I masturbate!


When I was 14 I had a cousin who was about 3 years younger than me. Patty lived a few towns away, and I remember a couple of times when her parents went away for long weekends alone she would come to our house and stay with us. This one time she stayed over my Mom had to go out shopping for the afternoon (Patty and I didn't want to go) and my Dad was out of town on business. So we got to stay home alone.
It was a really rainy day so there wasn't anything we could do outside. We hung around for a while watching TV, and then got bored and went up to my room to hang out and listen to music. At 14 I had been masturbating for about a year and was CONTSTANTLY thinking about sex. While I had never seen a real girl naked before, I had 3 dirty magazines I had found in a trash can at the park in our neighborhood (my friend and I had found them when we were playing basketball one day; he kept 3 and I kept 3). I masturbated at least once a day, usually at night when I went to bed. I kept the magazines under my mattress.
Patty was pretty cool for 11 yrs old, but I never thought of her in a sexual way. I guess because I was so bored and I was just lying on my bed listening the stereo I started thinking about sex and got kinda horny. It just popped into my head that maybe I could talk Patty into taking her clothes off so I could see her naked. I looked down and Patty was sitting on the floor across from my bed, just flipping through some of my books and albums. I decided to go for it.
I sat up and told her that I had some really good magazines we could read, but she had to promise not to tell anyone about them. She didn't know what I was talking about until I told her they were magazines with pictures of naked guys and girls in them. She got all excited and said she wouldn't tell anyone if she let me see them. So I pulled them out from under my mattress and sat on the floor next to her. I handed her one and she just said 'Oh my GOD!' and she started blushing as she looked through it. I asked her if she had ever seen a magazine like that before and she said no. Her eyes were wide open like she was shocked, and she kept saying oh my god and laughing nervously. The magazine I had given her was called All Alone and had pictures of women and men masturbating in different places. I was looking through a Hustler, and I honestly now can't remember the name of the other one I had (I think it was pretty lame).
I asked Patty if she ever did what the women in the magazine she was looking at were doing, and she just said, 'Eww, no way!' I said everyone does it when they're older but no one really talks about it. I told her I did it sometimes and she didn't believe me at first. I told her I started doing it about a year ago and it feels really good. I showed her a picture of an older guy lying on a bed with his legs out straight, with his right hand wrapped around his erection. I told her that's exactly how I did it and if I did it long enough it felt so good that sperm came out. She laughed some more and said that's disgusting, and I told her it wasn't.
Then I told her I would show her how I do it if she wanted to see. At first she didn't say anything, then she said maybe. I told her that it would be cool and she could actually see me make sperm come out of my 'wiener'. I told her we could play a card game called 'strip poker' and she wanted to know what that was. I told her that we each take a card from the deck and the one with the lowest card loses, and the loser has to take off one piece of clothing. She gave me another 'OH MY GOD!' and she was really laughing. When she stopped she started looking through the magazine again and I said, 'Well, do you want to?' and she said OK.
I was so psyched! I was about to finally see a naked girl. I went over to my desk and got a deck of cards out of the drawer and told her she could shuffle them. We talked about the rules and even though I had fewer clothes on to start then her (I had on a t-shirt, shorts, underpants and socks - Patty had on a t-shirt, sweatpants, bra - she told me she had one on, I couldn't tell - and underpants and socks) we decided it would be fair. We promised each other we couldn't chicken out when it came time to taking off something (no way I was going to chicken out...) and we drew our cards.
I lost the first hand (a 3 to her 10) and took off my socks. I was completely hard at this point and was trying to hide it under my folded hands as we sat Indian-style across the floor from each other. When I lost the second hand I started to get bummed because it was becoming more and more likely that I would end up naked and Patty would still have at least some clothes on. I took off my shirt and saw that she was checking out my pecs and abs (I already had some chest hair at that age). Patty lost the next hand (thank god!) and took off her socks (I remember they were little white ankle socks with pink trim on the ankles.
The next hand was a tie (we both pulled Queens!) and we agreed no one would take anything off. Patty lost the next one, though and she had to decide what was next - her sweats or her t-shirt. I was a little surprised when she decided her sweats and she was VERY nervous as she stood up, right in front of me, and hesitated a few times before finally pulling them down very quickly and sitting back down, her hands in her lap (much like mine) to try to hide as much as she could. I noticed her panties were white and had a red flower pattern on them. I was getting hornier by the minute.
I lost the next hand; I pulled a Jack and thought I had it for sure and Patty got the Ace of Spades. I slowly stood up and pulled down my shorts, and I knew there was no way of hiding my erection. I was wearing plain white underpants, and I was very self-conscious as I looked down and saw it pressing up against the material for her to see. But a girl seeing me that way also turned me on.
The next hand was another tie (we each pulled 4s) and we both kept trying to check out each others' private area without being too blatant, but it was pretty obvious what we were both trying to do. The next hand Patty pulled a 2 first, then I won with a 5. She was blushing quite a bit at this point, and I had to gently persuade her that she had to take something off. Again, with quite a bit of hesitation, she took off her t-shirt (without standing up this time) and she sat a mere foot in front of me in nothing but her bra and underpants. She barely had any breasts; I think she was probably only wearing a training bra. God, was it hot! I told her that she was pretty and that she shouldn't be embarrassed, and I think that helped. Until she lost the next hand...
She was getting pretty pissed that she lost and now had to take off her bra or underpants. She said it wasn't fair that I got to see half-naked, especially when I started it and told her that she could just watch me make sperm come out of my dick (that's what SHE called it). So I told her that maybe it would be fair if maybe we both just took off the rest our clothes (just underwear at that point) and then I would show her how I did it. That seemed to calm her down, and she thought about it for a minute, and then she finally said OK, but only if I took mine off first.
I told her sure, no problem, and stood up and just pulled off my underpants. My erection literally popped out as the head caught on my waistband and there it was, sticking straight out in front of me. I stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed as Patty stared at me with her mouth open. 'See,' I told her, 'no big deal'. I spread my legs apart a little bit so she could see everything, and put my hand down there and played with my testicles and explained that's where the sperm came from. She giggled a bit and then I told her it was her turn. She stood up, still staring at my erection, and unclipped her bra (it had a front clasp). She held it there for a moment, and then took it off and I saw the first real naked breasts of my life. They were really no more than bumps, but the size of her nipples in proportion to her breasts surprised me; they were quite large and puffy, they were quite red, almost maroon, and the ends were hard. I simply said 'Wow!' and she smiled, then slid off her underpants. It seemed once she took off her bra she had no problem with removing her panties. Her vagina was smooth, and the instant I saw her slit I moved my hand to my erection and began stroking.
I moved back on the bed with my head against the headboard and began to masturbate in earnest. Patty simply stood where she was, watching. Her hands were by her side, and I asked her to turn around so I could check out her butt. She laughed and did it, and it was AMAZING. Very small and round, and tight. My pace increased, and I was very close to shooting. I told Patty the sperm was about to come out, and to stand by the side of the bed so she could see better. She walked towards me, slowly and unsure of what was about to happen, until she was immediately to my left. I told her to kneel by the side of the bed so she could see, and just as she did I unloaded. I spurted at least 3 streams of semen up onto my chest, followed by another 2-3 ejaculations that oozed down onto my hand and wrist. This was all met with several more 'Oh my Gods!' by Patty. As I was trying to gather myself together and figure out what I had just done (jerked off in front of my younger cousin!) Patty reached out with her right hand and with her index finger touched a glob of come that was on my stomach. She told me that seeing me shoot sperm was SO COOL and that she wanted to see me do it again. I had to explain to her that guys have to rest a little while before they can do it again, and then because I was feeling guilty I told her I had to shower and I got up and went to the bathroom down the hall to clean up.
I came back in the room about 15 minutes later with my shorts and underwear back on, fully expecting her to be dressed. But she wasn't. She was sitting on my bed, still naked, looking at the magazine that had gotten her interested in the first place. I sat next to her and she commented on the girls who were rubbing their 'cooches' (as she called them) and I told her that girls like to rub down there because it feels good too. I told her she should try it, and I was shocked when she laid back on the bed and her hand started rubbing between her legs. It was obvious she didn't know exactly what to do, but seeing her there trying to masturbate got me hard again, and I took off my shorts and underwear in one tug. This time I stood beside the bed, jerking off, as I looked down at Patty, naked, rubbing her vagina and her hips beginning to buck just a bit. I caught glimpses of her pussy as her lips spread open, and she began rubbing very fast on the top of her opening (her clit, I later realized). I was so horny (again) I actually reached down with my right hand (while jerking with my left) and felt her left breast. I gentle squeeze was all, and then before I knew it I was coming again. Less powerful this time, but still awesome. Some actually ended up on Patty's thigh, but most was on my bed. That's when she stopped rubbing (I don't think she ever actually came).
I began to put my clothes back on, and so did Patty. It was pretty awkward, and I had to remind her that she promised not to tell anyone. She just smiled at me and said not to worry, she wouldn't (I found out a year later she had told her best friend, who had told some of HER friends, but my parents or hers never found out). She went downstairs and watched TV and I stayed in my room until my mom got home. It was pretty weird for the next few days while she was there, and we didn't talk about it again for almost 2 years.



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