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Agressive Girlfriend

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she made it happen.


At 14 I was constantly horny, and jerked my five inch boner at every opportunity. Literally all of my jackoff fantasies evolved around my then girlfriend Patty, and the myriad of sexual things I longed to experience with her trim and budding young body. Sadly, the truth was that I was far too timid and shy to even try the mildest form of touching her other than the constant kissing we engaged in whenever we had the opportunity. Being a much more aggressive personality than me, she apparently tired of the constant frustration we both suffered during these unfulfilled makeout sessions, and decided to up the ante in our little game.

Arriving at her house one Saturday morning, I felt my usual excitement as I anticipated another of our steamy sessions, knowing that her parents would be gone to her brothers regular Saturday football game, and that she and I would be alone in her bedroom as usual. I rang the bell, and when she answered the door, I all but passed out as seemingly all of my blood supply rushed to my instantly very erect dick. Before me stood a coyly smiling Patty, her petite little body wrapped in a large bath towel that clung to her pear shaped tits invitingly, and did little to conceal her sweet little butt. Her satin smooth legs were bare and shapely, and as I stood there drooling like a fool, I watched her pert nipples swell against the damp towel. My cock throbbed against the front of my snug jeans, and I saw her gaze drop to inspect my obvious excitement, and a sly smile turned up the corners of her lush, full mouth.

Moving back slightly, she told me to come inside, then took my hand, and led me off to her bedroom. I could smell the aroma of soap, and shampoo, and it hit me fully then that she had apparently just come from the shower, and, that she was no doubt fully naked under that towel. Holy shit! Inside her room, she steered me to the bed, and pushed me down on it. I kind of propped myself on my elbows, and Patty went to her knees, tugging off my tennis shoes while I watched, slack jawed, and utterly speechless. With my shoes off, she reached for the fly of my jeans, and deftly worked it open, then, worked my jeans down my legs, and off my feet. My erection had the front of my briefs completely tented, and I saw her gaze settle on it hungrily, as her delicate fingers slid ever so slowly up my thighs until the tips nudged aganst my tight balls.

I groaned, my breath coming in ragged gasps, as I watched her fingers trace along the shaft of my rigid erection, then finally close around it as she gave me a firm squeeze. I was afraid I was going to just unload, and squirt into my briefs from the intense feeling of her hand working my cock, and I bit my tongue to distract myself as she hooked the elastic of my briefs, and yanked them down, freeing my throbbing erection, and my aching balls. Her pretty face flushed as she stared at my pulsing cock a moment, then, stood up, and tugged on her towel. It parted, and she let it fall to the floor, leaving her completely naked before me, my very first real live naked girl! She was amazingly beautiful, her small but well formed breasts standing proudly off her chest, deliciously topped by large, and very erect nipples. Her flat little tummy gave way to a dark little triangle of pubic hair that rested above her pouty pussy, and I could hardly believe how thick the lips looked, and how wet and shiny the glistening slit between them was. Her scent filled my senses, and my cock throbbed painfully as I just stared at her beauty, speechless once more.

She smiled, then moved to join me on the bed, enveloping me in her softness as she moved that lush mouth to mine, and kissed me in that way I loved so much. My heart was hammering like it might explode at any moment, and I shuddered as her pillowy breasts flattened against my heaving chest, and my hands roamed her silky smooth back, and wandered over the mounds of her pretty ass. I felt her hand worm down between us, and then grip my leaking cock, and I groaned against her invading tongue, completely lost to the overwhelming lust of it all. She expertly worked my cock up and down with her delicate fist, and, in mere seconds it was over, my balls drawing tightly in their pouch, and erupting. My cum literally spewed from my pusling cock, streamer after streamer of the warm fluid ejecting between our panting bodies, wetting us both, and it felt like it might go on forever before the most incredible orgasm of my life finally spent itself, leaving me shaking like a leaf in a high wind.

Patty stopped rubbing my cock then, simply holding it in her soft hand, as I gulped in air, and tried to figure out what the hell had just happened. She pulled back slightly, and looked down between us, and giggled at seeing the torrents of young cream that slimed us both, then kissed me again, as we hugged and laughed hysterically, rolling around naked on the bed. Once calmed down, our next adventure, and the one after that, were far more calm, and calculated as we freely explored each others creavices and creases, culminating in three seperate mutual orgasms, each seemingly more intense than the one before. While we stopped short of actually fucking that day for fear of pregnancy, that ultimate step was not far down the road for us once we aquired the proper protection. My relationship with Patty continued until our senior year in high school when my parents decided to divorce, and I relocated to another city with my Mother. Though Patty is long gone from my life, I will never forget her, or her aggressive nature on that amazing Saturday morning.



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