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Library Time

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At Uni, I went out with an older guy. He taught me so much about myself.


Up to then, I masturbated, and had a fuck now and then, but not often and certainly not regularly owing to strict parents. At Uni, all that changed and I became something of a slut, but even so, sex happened in bed, until, that is, I met Allan.

Oh, MY, Fucking GOD! He could make me cum with his voice alone, I swear! He could also make me experiment. No, actually 'make' is wrong, he led me on to experimenting and I was more than willing.

We had been talking about sex in public places where we might get caught. I wasn't ready to be caught fucking him (although that DID happen much later in our relationship), but one day in one of the Libraries, he pulled me to him and whispered in my ear 'Look'. Across the aisle from us was another student, female, but a first year so she would be 18. Allan started kissing my ear which always makes me horny then he cupped my breast from behind. (I had my back to him looking at the girl.) Involuntarily, I moaned, and she looked up at me. Her eyes widened like saucers and she started to get her stuff together but I shook my head and just said 'Please. Stay'.

Allan meanwhile was working me up with his wonderful mouth and tongue on my neck and ear, and pinching my nipple through my dress which I love. Then he hitched my dress up. The girl opposite could see him with his hand between my legs. Her eyes were still wide open, but I noticed her nipples had hardened and her pupils were dilated too. Then I saw her move so she could see up and down the aisle. She was going to keep watch for us! Allan teased my pussy through my panties for a few minutes before edging his hand inside. I saw her breathing deepen and she pressed her knees hard together. I so hoped she would touch herself.

Then I felt Allan tugging my panties down until they were mid thigh and she could see everything. I parted my legs as far as I could, and Allan fingered me to a delicious orgasm. It is something else to be looking right into another girl's face as you cum. I kept glancing from her eyes to between her legs and after a little encouragement she let her legs part enough for me to see her panties which were quite evidently very wet. I whispered, 'Do yourself, We'll keep watch for you.' She had just slipped her hand between her legs, but over her panties when some other students walked down the aisle. When they had passed she had gone! DAMNIT!

A few days later, I saw her again and thanked her for keeping watch for us. She told me she found it really embarrassing at first but then as we got into it she hoped we would fuck. Well, as I said, I wasn't ready for that at that particular point in time, but I discovered her name, (Alison) and that she was single, and had only had sex once in her life before.

I asked if she would like to watch us again and that is what happened a few evenings later. Alison didn't join in other than to masturbate while Allan and I.... well.. you can guess.

There is more, between Allan Alison and me, but not for this site. You can work it out.



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