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Thanks To Jerry

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Jerry started this.


This happened over 15 years ago while I and my neighbor boy were off from school for the Summer. Our houses were these two story homes that were real close together. As luck would have it, my and Jerry's bedrooms were right across from each other hardly 12 feet apart. My parents were always on me about keeping things turned off to help keep the power bills down so I'd crack open my blinds to let in light vs turning on a light. I soon noticed Jerry's blind was cracked fully open and he had lights on in his room. It went thru my head that they apparently didn't care how high their bills got.

Anyway, this one morning I was setting in my room and looking out my window. All of a sudden, I saw Jerry walk past his window and he was only wearing a T shirt. I saw his penis and he had a full blown erection! This was the first time I'd ever seen a boy with an erection and I first let out a gasp. I was taken back by how long it was. Soon he walked past again giving me another look. I was beginning to feel a sweet tingle inside. I had been masturbating for several years and would often think about what boys had down there. The next thing that happened was Jerry then stopped in front of his window and he had his hand wrapped around his erection stroking it. He was jerking off! I was now feeling wet in my pussy. Things were so exciting. He then moved away from the window. I ended up fingering myself to a great orgasm.

A few days later I saw Jerry in his back yard by the swimming pool they had so I went out back and made myself obvious so he could see me. Sure enough, he invited me over. I changed to my bikini and went over. He was in his swim trunks. I porposely made some moves in front of him that I knew would have to get to him. Sure enough, it worked. I glanced at his crouch and there was no way those tight trunks could hide that big hard penis. I then looked stright at it so he could see what I was looking at. He blushed and turned red in the face when he saw this. I then brought up the window shows he had been putting on for me. He just turned even more red. I then asked if he wanted to let me see him up close. He was so excited and was almost shaking. He then said if I wanted to. We went inside his house up to his bedroom. I turned to him looking down at that the big bulge in his trunks and to help ease him I started doing what I was dying to do anyway. I went to rubbing my pussy thru my bikini bottom. He then asked if I was also going to let him see me 'down there' pointing at my crouch. I answered 'of course'. He slowly lowered his trunks and out it popped. I told him 'my God, you're so big and hard!'. I then took off my bottoms. His eyes were glued to my pussy. It was the first pussy he'd ever seen and his eyes were about to pop out of his head. I asked him if he'd like to touch it. He answered 'can I?'. I said sure and I also want to touch yours too. We sat on the side of his bed and slowly went to exploring each other. I guided his hand and fingers and he guided mine hand as I wrapped it around his penis. I went to stroking it and it didn't take but a minute or so for him to let out some grunt sounds, stiffen and start shooting his cum. I knew boys did this but this was the first time I'd ever seen it happen. I said 'Oh my gosh' when the first shot blew out. It went a good 3 or 4 feet before landing on the floor. Shot after shot came out and my eyes were so big taking this sight in for the first time. I had never imagined it would look like this and shoot so far out. It took Jerry a few minutes to recover and then he started concentrating on me. I laid back as he nervously worked his fingers as I showed him. Before long I too had the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had.

Oh yes: the rest of that Summer was one hell of a learning experience for both of us. Our get togethers became a daily thing sometimes even twice a day. Masturbation was our big thing but we also experianced doing other things but this was very limited as both of us certainly knew how babies were made! This 'Summer of pleasure' was all thanks to Jerry and I'll never forget that Summer.



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