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Playing Doctor For Old Times Sake...

Posted by: Age: Young teen then, 25 now Posted on: 7 comments
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I played doctor with a friend when I was very young. Years later we decided to relive the memory...


When I was a little kid, I used to play doctor with a friend. He and I would hide behind the couch with the doctors kit and we would take turns being the doctor to each other. We would take our pants off and explore each other. We were constantly being caught by our parents.

Years later, were in middle school. Were hanging out and talking about when we were kids. I don't remember which one of us brought up playing doctor but we laughed about it. All of a sudden he starts tickling me. I tickle back and soon were rolling all over each other. He squeezed my D sized tit. I squealed and squirmed away, I assumed it was an accident. But still, my nipple got hard. I didn't have very good bras then and my nipple was showing right through my thin shirt. We keep tickling and rolling. I felt his dick a few times as we moved. He grazed my nipple and I gasped loudly. No one boy had ever really done that before. He ended up on top and he rubbed his dick hard on my pussy. He grunted and squeezed my nipple. I was nervous so I tickled again. We rolled around and since my shirt was low-cut my one of my tits popped out. I was embarrassed and pulled away. He stared as I put it back. He asked if I wanted to play doctor, for old-times sake

I agreed to play. I was excited to do it. He offers to be the doctor first. We went to the basement where his old toys were. After some searching we found the doctor kit we used to use. We went back upstairs. I told him to wait outside. I said I had to take off my clothes just like at the real doctors office. I went inside and took off my clothes. My big D-sized tits bounced as they fell from my too tight bra.I laid down on the bed. I called for the doctor to come in. He walked in and immediately started staring at my erect nipples and my round tits. My nipples somehow got even tighter and harder. He cleared his throat and adjusted his pants. He was clearly straining against his jeans. He opens his doctor kit and says he needs to look first at my ears and mouth. As he leaned in, I intentionally grazed my hand down the front of his pants. He gasped but kept his professionalism. He looked and said everything looked good. He looked back at my tits. I said that I needed a breast exam. He said oh good! I giggled.

He gently touched the side of my breast and started rubbing. I wanted his fingers on my nipples so bad! I started to shift. My tits were shaking. Finally he touched them. I moaned loudly and my pussy twitched. He caressed gently. Then he started to squeeze my breasts. I was in heaven. He massaged gently, I kept moaning. He pinched my nipple and I gasped. He apologized and I said, a doctor needs to do whatever he needs to find a problem. He pinched again. And pinched them both at the same time. I was squirming so hard. I was so horny. He said okay. Im going to check your reflexes now. He said to sit up and bent down to get more doctor tools. When he got up I accidentally smacked him in the face with my tits. He turned red and then did the test. I kicked outwards so he could see my pussy. He said to lay back down. He said he needed to check everything. He started rubbing the top of my pussy. He told me to spread my legs. I did as wide as I could. He got to the end of the bed and touched me with the doctor tools. I gasped and pushed against them. He pressed every tool against my clitoris Hard. I was moaning and writhing. Finally he said in a low voice I need to check you with my hand now. He put his fingers right on my hard clit. I moaned louder than ever. He rubbed in small circles. I started humping his hand. He got closer. He told me I looked pretty. He told me he was surprised at how wet I was. I couldn't respond. My hands were twisted in the blanket. He rubbed faster and harder. I moaned and yelled and came under his fingers. He kept rubbing as I throbbed. I slowly came down and he said my turn.

He made me leave the room. I got dressed in the hallway but left my bra off. My tits strained against my shirt, my nipples still hard. He called me in. He still had his underwear on. I started the same as him. I used the tools. I rubbed down his body. His dick was twitching and straining in his underwear. I said, oh my this looks swollen, I better take care of it. I pulled his underwear down and his dick stood straight up. He was breathing so hard. I tentatively reached out and touched the tip. He moaned. I rubbed one finger down the entire thing. He moaned and pressed into my hand. I got nervous. He grabbed my hand and put it around his dick. He let go and I squeezed tightly. He squeezed his eyes shut. He started thrusting into my hand. I started moving up and down. I was doing it very slowly. He moaned and asked me to take my shirt off again. I did and grabbed his cock again. My tits bobbed up and down as I jerked him. He begged me to move faster as he stared at my tits and thrusted into my hand. I picked up the pace. He sat up and started pinching my nipples again. I moaned and squeezed tighter. He grabbed my full tits and squeezed and then said Im gonna cum! And boy did he! He came, ropes and ropes of cum all over my naked tits.



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