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Another story from a client.


As a computer tech, I was in the library fixing one of the public computers. There was a super-pretty librarian working there. She was in her late twenties, thin, tall, blond hair, and glasses. Yes, the absolute picture of the fantasy librarian. But she was real. Of course other than admiring her, I paid no attention. I'm happily married.

This librarian, Joan, was not making it easy. She was smelling very attractive with a whiff of just the right perfume, was asking questions while standing behind me, and putting her hands on my shoulders, leaning over me to press things on the keyboard, things that didn't need pressing, I might add, and talking quietly but sultery. I was like 'What the fuck?'

When I finished, I walked past the conference room, and there she was laying across a big, empty table. She was obviously not being a librarian at that moment. No, she was posing for me. You might even say she was posing AT me.  Not only that, her skirt was up, and I could see she had no underwear. I didn't actually see her pussy, but the picture was obvious. Of course I did nothing.

When I got home, I told my wife, thinking she'd be amused hearing about this extremely forward woman. My wife was indeed amused, but she then did something quite unexpected. Sandi playfully hit me on my shoulder, and said, "Why didn't you invite her for dinner?"

I was like, "Umm...?"

"Really, next time you're in the library, invite her over."

It wasn't until about two weeks later that they had another computer that needed attention, and sure enough Joan was there. And, true to form, this woman was all over me again. So, I did exactly what Sandi suggested.

"Hey, my wife and I would like to invite you for dinner."

"Your wife, too?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Well, I know Sandi pretty well, having been married to her for five years, and I pretty much figured she had something sexual in mind. She and I are so sexual that we've decided not to have kids, at least for now, because they'd interfere with our sex life. It's not that we orgasm more than anyone else. At least I don't think so, but we commit foreplay for hours, almost every day. It's crazy I know, but that's Sandi, and I'm perfectly willing to play along.

So, there was Joan, finishing dinner with us, enjoying a slice of Sandi's homemade cherry pie. All evening, Sandi had been making little sexual quips and innuendos, and Joan matched her all the way. There was no doubt where this evening was going.

But how was it going to start? Who would break the ice? Turns out it was my pretty little Filippino wife who just leaned over, and kissed Sandi fully on the lips, holding her close for a long time. When they let go, Sandi said, "Dear, I don't want you to get he wrong idea. Paul and I are fully into this," nodding at me. I nodded back.

The next thing you know, we're on our big old king-size bed, all three of us naked and rolling around. I was very proud of my immediate hardon flopping all around as I mostly watched Joan and Sandi fingering and licking each others bald pussies.

The became so into each other that I was pretty much forgotten. Now, I know sometimes in three-ways, one person feels left out. Not this time. I was absolutely enjoying the show. Especially when Sandi had Joan turn over and get on her hands and knees, so her slim, pretty, very white ass was up in the air.

Now, Sandi's pretty vagina with its almost black inner labia contrasting with her milk chocolate skin, and her nearly as dark asshole with its slight radial wrinkles leading to the middle have always turned me on. I mean, I could almost cum just from looking at my wife's bottom, which I've spent hours doing.

But now I was looking at Joan's bottom. It was quite different. Her labia were pinkish white, and really quite small. Her outer labia, also small and strikingly white, glistened with girl juice and saliva, from my wife's attention. Her anus was out of this world. Small, pink, with a corresponding pink line leading a couple of inches up her asscrack.

I found myself staring in wonderment, as I held my super-erect dick in one hand. Then, Sandi placed a fingertip right on Joan's asshole. Joan shivered and said, "Ummmm!" Just watching, I felt that pre-orgasmic feeling building in my system. I knew I should immediately let go of my dick and think of something else, but it was too late. Sandi had just started pressing her finger in, and I saw Joan's little asshole rhythmically contracting. Her pussy started contracting also. She sceraming, and writhing, and was orgasming big-time, just from that little fingertip. I too, was orgasming, spraying my cum over my wife's back.

I was expired for the evening, although I continued to watch and enjoy the show. The two women spent another 45 minutes giving each other orgasm after orgasm. When Joan returned the favor of putting her finger in Sandi's butt, I got erect again, unusual for me so soon after cumming, and started to stroke myself again. I didn't cum a second time, at least not that night.



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