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My Cousin and her Bi Sexual Party "Spin the Bottle Surprise"

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My Cousin  and her Bi Sexual  Party “Spin the Bottle Surprise”


My Cousin  and her Bi Sexual  Party “Spin the Bottle Surprise”

 This happened when I was in town for a cousin's wedding. He was older than me and what I liked best was visiting some cousins who were at the Wedding. One Female cousin was my favorite; she was 19, Judy, medium height, blonde and had beautiful boobs, sexy and full, firm. I had seen her nude once, walking in on her in a bathroom during a family vacation. She was standing there drying off and I saw her perfect body naked, right in front of me, blonde pubic hair and lovely boobs, sticking straight out, with sexy nipples. I took a good look and left right away, shy, as I left she said “no fair I didn’t see you naked!!”

I always had a crush on her and would have loved to have sex with her but was cautious to make a move since we were first cousins. Shortly after I saw he again and said to her how amazing she looked, and she asked “did I make you hard? Have you masturbated thinking of me?” I sheepishly said “yes” . Well, Judy said she had an idea.

I asked what she had in mind, she said how about we play Spin the Bottle with three of her friends later when her parents go out?  I said sure!!

That evening her three friends came over and it was two girls and a guy, all in college together. Before long she said “okay let’s play!!” And she had briefed her two girlfriends and the guy on the plan, Strip Spin the Bottle!!! The two girls were cute, short hair, athletic on the swim team, and the guy was also athletic on a swim team, he name was Paul and was Gay.

My cousin was laughing telling everyone that I had seen her nude and asked if I liked masturbating  thinking of her…I said yes, I was so turned on I had fantasised and jerked off a nice load…the Guy said that would have been nice to see and the two girls giggled.

Soon we were down to our underwear and Judy said okay the person spinning gets to remove the underwear garment of the person the bottle points to!!  Paul spun the bottle and it pointed at me, I was in a tee shirt and underwear, with an obvious erection and he said “stand up”. I stood up and I expected him to pull my Tee shirt off but he reached for my underwear, and the girls started to laugh howling, all of them in bras, I could see their cleavage and boobs wiggle as the laughed. My cock was rock hard and there was a pre cum spot on my black cotton underwear!!

He starts to pull down my underwear, bending my cock down and he says “Oh my, what have we here? Look at the thick cock, and all shaved, then my cock springs up and he says “wow” is that 8 inches and smooth and circumcised…Judy said “where did you get that weapon? I had known that I would have pulled you into the bathroom”

Then as I was stepping out of my shorts be grabbed my cock and said :”So warm and Hard, feel this girls” I almost ejaculated right there, Judy and the two girlfriends started to feel my cock and balls and Judy then said watch this, payback time, and was stroking my cock suddenly. At this point I started to feel Judy’s boobs on top of her bra and said “stop I am going to cum” and she just went faster stroking my cock, I gasped and said I am Cumming and Paul placed his mouth over just the tip of my cock head and I could feel him sucking hard,  I ejaculated spurt after spurt into his mouth. It felt fantastic, my knees were shaking!  He opened his mouth to reveal my cum all-over his tongue and then swallowed.

I sat down and Judy said “your Turn” to me I spun the bottle and it pointed to Judy, I pulled down her panties and at that point started to masturbate her, feeling her wet hairy vagina and soon her erect large clitoris, I noticed that the other two girls were masturbating each other and Paul was erect!

Just then the two girls descended on Judy, taking over from me, masturbating her vigorously, they removed her bra and started sucking on her boobs. She was moaning and soon orgasmed with the frenzy of masturbation and two girls hands on her vagina.

In the meantime Paul orders me to pull down his boxers and out springs a short but very very thick uncut cock and big low hanging balls. He says to me, my turn, I took his cock and it felt lovely, I rubbed it against my moustache and kissed his cock head and Judy and the girls laughed, then as I masturbated his cock, pulling his foreskin, Judy took my cock and started to masturbate me, then she said “put both cocks together!!  We stood there facing each other and Judy and the girls were all fondling our erect penises, masturbating us, it was so hot,  pumping our cocks, it felt so erotic, suddenly he groaned and spurts of cum appeared then thick white cum oozed out of his cock, all over my cock, their hands were slippery with it and then I felt that special tingle and said “I am Cumming again” and to my surprise she said cum on my feet, and  I had a terrific orgasm and ejaculated, just three little spurts but it was fantastic to see that cum on her foot!!

Judy and I repeated this many times, and all years later when we would meet at family events, we would slip away and masturbate each other and she likes me to suck her boobs as I rub her clit to orgasm. She always makes me cum in the palm of her hand and then licks up my cum. Sometimes we masturbate in front of each other. What a great cousin!!



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