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It is Part of Being a Boy

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Hiring a landscaper can benefit you in lots of ways.


It was a hot spring day. I got into my old pickup truck and went to town for sod. I had recently had a house built on five acres of land I inherited. The house sits in clearing surrounded by trees on every side. A creek with rapid moving water sits away from the clearing giving that sound of rushing water constantly. I had a deep swimming pool, a large hot tub, and an outdoor gym type area. I plan on spending most of my time outside.

After picking up the sod and anticipating much work, I stopped by a gas station to pick up some drinks. On my way in, I tripped on the curb and landed on my face. I was fine, except for being very embarrassed and twisting my ankle. A young man, maybe eighteen or so, came over and helped me up. He was a nice looking guy wearing a Coca Cola t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting blue jeans. he had dirty blond hair that looked like it needed to be cut. He had a very handsome smile, talked with a country tone, and was extremely polite. I thanked for his help and hobbled in for my drinks.

I purchased my items and made it back to the truck. I put my stuff in the cab and just stood looking at the sod. I was thinking how hard it would be to put it down considering my bum ankle. The young man came up behind me and ask if I was okay. I told him that I would be fine, but I was concerned about the sod. He said, Mister, you picked out some good stuff there. Surprised, I asked how he knew so much about it. He told me that his dad owned the farm from which the store bought its sod. What a coincidence. We chatted for a minute on what I was doing with it. He also mentioned that his dad was going to help him start a landscaping business as soon as he graduated from college. His dad suggested he try to get some clients who could give references and offered his services to me. I thanked Him and explained that I was alone with nothing to do. I wanted to play around with plants and such. He said, I understand, but if you decide you need somebody, give me a call. He gave me his number and walked away.

When I got home and started to unload the sod, I quickly realized how bad I had hurt my ankle. I leaned against the truck and wondered what to do I thought of Ricky, that was his name, and decided to give Him a call. He was there within the hour. I hired him to unload the truck and water the sod. He removed his t-shirt and started to work. I was mesmerized by his work. I could tell that he had done this before. He was not terribly muscular, but he did have a six pack. He was smooth except for a small patch of hair on his chest and a line from his belly button into his shorts. When he finished, I paid and thanked Him. He told me that it needed to be installed no later than the next day. He seemed to have and understanding of how to do it and was willing so I allowed him to proceed. He told me to get off of my foot and he would handle everything.

I went over to the pool and placed my ankle in the cool water for a while then got a book and sat on the pool deck reading. It was about noon when he asked to use the restroom. I had one installed at the pool so I directed Him there. I grabbed a cold cola from the cooler and offered it to him when he got back. He was covered in sweat and dirt. His pants were sagging down from the moisture exposing his what appeared to be Superman boxers. He told me it would take about 2 and a half hours more. It old Him when he finished he could jump in the pool. He said, No sir, but thank you anyway, didn't bring a suit.

While he finished, I had fallen asleep. I was awakened by Mister, I am finished, do you want to see? he was very proud of his work and it looked good to me. I paid Him and offered a reference if he needed one. He looked at the pool and said, I wished I had a suit, that water would feel really good right now. I told Him to swim in his boxers. He said, Really, it wouldn't bother me. I assured Him it was fine and offered to run his jeans through the wash while he swam. He went into the outdoor shower and came out in Superman boxers. I grinned and he said, I'm a fan. I told Him I was too. I took his pants into the washroom and when I came back he was swimming laps in the pool. I sat down and continued to read, catching a glimpse of Him splashing around, jumping in from the side, throwing quarters to the bottom and retrieving them. I commented that he was an excellent swimmer. He told me of the pond on the backside of their property. It was a spring that fed the river. He said it was clear, deep and cold.

I had a diving board that he had not used. I asked Him and he said that he had never dived off of one and didn't want to look stupid. I told Him that I wasn't that good at it and encouraged Him to give it a try. He did a perfect jump, but didn't come back up for a minute. I hobbled over to the pool as he came up with his boxers in his hands. They came off! We laughed and I told Him to throw them out. He looked puzzled for a few seconds and shrugged his head and said Waters cold anyway. he then threw them up on the concrete. I told Him I would just go read my book.

He swam around a while longer being careful to exit the pool on the other side from where I was. He covered himself when he walked only revealing his privates when he dived. His ass was perfect and he was sporting a dark bush. As he said the water was cold so everything else was tucked in. When he tired of swimming, he grabbed a towel and sat in the chair next to me. He told me that he and his buddies skinny dipped all the time in their pond. He even said his Dad would when his mom wasn't at home. I found this to be intriguing. I asked if it bothered Him, seeing his dad naked? he said Of course not, I've been seeing it my whole life. Him, my uncles, cousins. We all got the same plumbing. I agreed but told Him that I would be scared of having an erection. he said, Yes sir, it happens and somebody will make a joke about it, but its natural. Just part of being a boy.

I was amazed at his candor. He then remembered his pants in the wash and offered to put them in the dryer. I directed Him. He grabbed his boxers and headed off to the washroom. He came back still wrapped in a towel. You could now see the outline of his cock through the towel. So I ask Him, If it is not a big deal, why were you covering yourself when you got out of pool. he said, I did not want to disrespect you. I told Him it was no problem, We have the same plumbing

With that, he dropped the towel on the chair and stood there for what seemed like minutes, but only seconds. At eye level hung about four inches of beautiful cut cock and two good-sized balls hanging beneath it. He went and jumped in and told me I should join Him. By now I was definitely sporting an erection and used my foot as an excuse to decline. He got out and suggested he help me into the shallow end. I bravely admitted my problem. He asked, Why do you have one of those? Just part of being a boy! With that I stood up and lowered my pants. My hard cock bounced as we walked toward the pool. He helped me down the steps and I sat on the bottom one. He said, This cold water will take care of that. But he was wrong. He swam over and exited the pool by the same steps. Now he was semi hard. He said, Don't you have anything to say about that? We will have to see what happens, I said, Just part of being a boy.

I watched as he went over to get a drink. He was getting bigger and bigger. I asked what he was thinking about. The time I caught my dad chocking the chicken he said. He had been in his dads room looking at porn magazines and his dad came home. He hid in the closet. His dad reached inside and searched for the magazine. He put it in his dads hand. Then his dad laid on the bed and flipped through the magazine. He was rubbing himself through his shorts. He then took off his shirt and started rubbing his nipples. By then Ricky was about to bust. His dad pulled off his shorts and slowly brought himself to cumming. Ricky said it went all over. Then Ricky could hold it anymore and let out a grunt as he came. His dad heard, opened the door and was furious. Later that night he talked to Him about it. What did he say? I asked He said it is all a part of being a boy.

I said, It sure is as I was looking at 7 inches of Rickys hard cock. Then the dryer buzzed. It was like we were talking about the weather. He took off, ran inside, and came out fully clothed. To be continued...



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