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The Cleaner

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Never thought that this was so GOOD !!!


It was Jan 1, 2005 and it was supposed to be a public holiday. However, since I had nothing to do at home, I decided to come to the office and check on my emails.

After I checked my mails in the office, I was feeling a little bored and decided to watch a porn movie. So, I pulled out a hardcore disc from my drawer and played it in my computer CD-rom. I was getting very very horny and started to rub my seven inch dick through my pants. I was so into the movie then and didn't notice that the office cleaner, a Malay guy who is 27 years old called Zal, came into the office and wanted to clear the rubbish from all the bins. He was surprised to see me in the office as it was a holiday, and more surprised that he was hearing those moaning and fucking sounds from my desktop. I didn't know what to do at that time, and decided what a heck! We are all men! Why not ask him to join in. So I told him, 'What's the matter? Don't you watch porn? Don't you get horny? Watch with me if you want to.' He said alright as his supervisor was off on that day.

While watching the movie, I saw him rubbing his crotch and asked him if he was horny. He said he is always thinking about sex and gets hardons everytime. But he seldom masturbates himself as he fucks his girlfriend at least twice a week. But since his girlfriend is having her period this week, he has no chance to use his dick yet.

I told him that I had not had sex for the past months and needed a jack off badly. I asked if he minded if I did that while watching the porn. He said by all means as he wanted to cum so badly too. So, we unzipped our pants and pulled out our dicks from our underwear. We then compared our stiff hard dicks and mine was like an inch longer than his, but his dick's head was really huge! He has a mushroom head dick! It was huge and a purple color.

We were stroking our own dicks while still watching the porn. Suddenly, Zal asked me if I wanted to feel his dick. He said he just loves the feeling of others playing with it. I said ok and used my right hand and grabbed his fat dick. The feeling of holding his dick and holding my own was totally different. I had mutual masturbations with some other guys when I was a teen, but the feeling of holding Zal's dick is totally different. It was fantastic! I was feeling so good in that and started to stroke him. Not even a minute, he said he was cumming.

Immediately, he moaned louder and spurt his juice into my hand. He pressed the back of my hand hard around his dick so that his dick really pulsed with cum. After that, I moved away and cleaned his juice off. I then carried on masturbating myself and Zal moved forward to me and used both his hands under my T-shirt to tickle my nipples, which he said he did that to his girlfriend everytime when he was fucking her. This made me more horny and cummed into the air. Most of my juice hit the floor.

After we cleaned up, we talked for a while. Zal told me that that was his first time he had cummed into a guy's hand. I told him that it was my first time having a cumming dick in my hand, too. We both laughed and agreed that there might be more experiences in the future for both of us.

This was the first time I masturbated with Zal and there was a second time just three days later and it happened at my house. It was much better, and more daring experience.



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