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The Barn

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This happened a number of years ago.


It was the end of October. The days were growing short and getting colder. The crops had all been harvested and stored. After a long hot summer filled with chores, I finally had time to hang out with my buddy Trevor who lived on the next farm over. One Saturday morning we decided to ride our three wheelers down the road to the camp ground. During the summer the place was packed with people from the city looking to get away for a weekend and enjoy the 'simple' country life. This time of year the place was deserted, so we would just go down there to get away from the farm and hang out together. We were exploring all around when Trevor noticed a blue canvas duffel bag thrown in the bushes. We pulled it out and opened it up only to discover that it was filled with porn VHS tapes! We looked at each tape commenting on the pictures on the covers. Some of the tapes were straight while others were gay. I looked at Trevor and he looked at me-we each knew what the other was thinking. I zipped up the bag and threw it on the back of my three wheeler. We quickly sped off for my place before someone caught us, although the chances of that were remote at best! Once back on the farm, we hid the duffel in the barn where I was sure dad would not find it, then we went into the house to ask mom if Trevor could sleep over.

A number of years back, when my brother and sister were teenagers (they have since gotten older and moved out), my dad converted a small part of the barn into a 'hang out' room. It is really cool. It is like a small apartment complete with TV, VCR, stereo, couch, carpeting, microwave, fridge, lots of insulation, and a big old franklin stove my dad had picked up cheap at an auction. It was here where Trevor and I wanted to have our sleep over but mom said NO we were too young and it was too cold for us to be out there all night. I quickly reminded her that Nick and Becky were about 13 when dad built it and that Nick had friends sleep over out there when he was that age. Furthermore, I knew how to work the franklin stove-dad had shown me many times before. Just then dad walks in, hears the discussion, and says 'Honey, the boys are old enough. Let them have some fun.' Dad's decision was law so mom had to give in!

We spent the rest of the afternoon gathering our supplies for the night. We stocked up firewood for the stove, grabbed our heavy sleeping bags, filled the fridge with sodas, and raided every snack possible from mom's pantry. This was our first sleep over in the barn and we wanted to do it up right!! Mom made us a big dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and farm fresh green beans, with apple pie for desert. It was good but, honestly, I just wanted it over with so we could get out to the barn! Finally, it was time. We grabbed a few pieces of chicken for later, said good night, and headed out for the barn.

First thing we did was retrieve the duffel bag from my secret hiding place. Mom was right, the room was bone chilling cold so we next loaded up the franklin with wood and started a fire. We laid out our sleeping bags and zipped them together making one huge one for both of us to sleep in that way our combined body heat would help to keep us warm! FINALLY, it was movie time! We eagerly unzipped the duffel and started looking at all the movies. Neither of us could decide which one we wanted to watch first. After several minutes of indecision, we agreed to close our eyes and just grab one. Neither of us looked as we popped it into the VCR. We sat down on the couch and covered ourselves with the huge sheepskin quilt my mom had made. Finally settled in, we hit play on the remote. We both sat there with our eyes glued to the screen as the movie started. The first scene was of a young guy jacking off. WOW what a load he shot!! The next scene was of two guys jacking off together. The third was of two guys jacking each other off! We were both making rude comments about what we were seeing. Trevor finally asks 'You ever seen anything like this before Dillion?'

'Ya but don't tell anyone. A few years ago I was hiding up in the loft when I caught my brother and one of his friends doing that!' I whisper. 'I didn't really know what they were doing-but now I do!!'

Silence fills the air as we continue watching the video. Trevor looks over at me and quickly looks away once our eyes meet. At this point I think we both knew EXACTLY what the other was thinking. I knew my dick was getting hard and I was pretty sure his was too! I had never thought about fooling around with another boy before but must admit I sometimes thought about what I had seen my brother and his friend doing while I jacked off. Now sitting here with Trevor, watching this video with guys playing with guys, I began to see Trevor in a whole new light. I had never really thought about how good looking he was with his moppy brown hair, cute face, and sweet smile. I was getting really really horny. I wanted to get naked with him-but how?? Again, I catch Trevor staring at me and again our eyes lock but this time we just keep looking at each other. I'll admit the situation was very intense. Finally Trevor breaks the silence and asks 'Dillion are you getting hot?'

Boy was I getting hot! But not in the way he meant it!! 'Ya, kinda I guess. That franklin really throws out the heat.' I stammer with my voice squeeking nervously.

With that said, Trevor unbuckles the straps of his bib overalls and pulls off his shirt exposing his tanned toned torso and slightly hairy pits. I do the same while Trevor watches. 'You know,' Trevor starts ' I can see why people ask if we are brothers. We do kind of look alike.'

'Ya you look more like me than my own brother does!' I say grinning.

Meanwhile, on the screen, a full blown circle jerk has started with about 10 guys all naked, all hard, all playing with each other! Trevor and I keep darting our eyes from the screen to each other. Our eyes lock again and this time he asks 'Would you ever mess around with another guy?'

'I dunno. Maybe. Depends.'

'Depends on what?' Trevor inquires.

'Who it was with!' I respond with my eyes glued to his.

'Would you with me?' Trevor questions with a devilish grin on his face.

'HECK YA!!!' I almost scream!

Now we are ignoring what is happening in the video. Our full attention is on each other. An air of pure boy lust fills the room. 'Sooooo Trevor are you- uh um- you know- is your- are you as hard as I am right now?' I blurt out.

'Oh Yaaaaa big time! You think your mom or dad will come out to check on us?'

'Nah it's late. I'm sure they are asleep.'

'Soooo ya wanna get naked and.....'

Without another word being spoken, we throw the sheepskin quilt to the side and stand up letting our bib overalls fall to the floor. There we are standing face to face in our white briefs with our boners straining the fabric. Here is where I start getting really nervous. Trevor and I had seen each other naked lots of times. There was a small lake that seperated our farms and we would go skinny dipping there together quite often during the summer. But since our last skinny dipping adventure my body had begun to change. The last time I had seen him naked was over the summer and we both had tiny little hairless dicks. But over the last couple of months my dick had gotten bigger, my ball sac was hanging lower, and I was getting hairy down there. I wondered was he changing too? Then I looked at his straining underwear again and noticed that yes his dick was about the same as mine and that he must have hair down there because he had hair growing under his arms!! After what seemed like an eternity we both drop our underwear exposing ourselves to each other.

We just stood there gawking at each other-taking in the beautiful site before us. Our dicks were about the same size-maybe five inches, my balls hung lower and were a bit bigger, but Trevor had more hair than I did. He walks up to me and grabs my dick saying 'Looks like you've changed a bit since I last saw you!'

Grinning, I grab his dick and say 'You too!!'.

We laid down on the sleeping bags we laid out earlier and began exploring each other's bodies. Out still tanned bodies glistened in the glow given off by the franklin stove and the movie. Soon we were jerking each other off. The feel of his hard little dick in my hand was great and the feeling running through my body as he stroked me was intoxicating. I would love to say that we lasted a long time but I can't. Unfortunately we were both too worked up and all too soon we were blasting our young loads. We both agreed that it was the best cum we had ever had. We wiped each other clean, climbed into our sleeping bag, and held each other tight as we watched the final scene of the movie. In that final scene, two guys were holding their dicks together and jerking them off together until they came all over one another. We saw that and just had to try it. We were both hard again and put our dicks together and Trevor started stroking them. This time we lasted a lot longer. We were fucking each others dicks and it felt soooo good. We sat with our legs wrapped around each other, our balls bouncing together, and our dicks grinding being held in place by either his hands or mine. Not sure how long this went on-time seemed frozen. Soon we were both groaning and grunting. The pace quickened. Our breathing became rapid. We were holding each other tight as the grinding quickened. Then it hit!! We both started cumming at exactly the same time shooting all over the other's dick and pubic hair. These loads were much bigger than the first!! Exhausted, we laid back on the sleeping bag and held each other tight letting our loads mingle on our bodies. We eventually climbed into the sleeping bag and hugged, kissed, and rubbed against each other until we eventually drifted off to sleep. We awoke hard and did each other again before going into the house for breakfast.

We made great use of the barn room for the next few years. Eventually, Trevor went off to college and I to an agriculture school. I just saw him this past Thanksgiving. He brought his 'friend' Ben by to meet me. Let's just say the three of us made use of the barn room again but that is a story for another time!!



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