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Interesting Extended JO

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While apartment-sitting for my aunt and uncle, I luck into their porn stash and jack off to it all day…

One of my uncles and his wife took off for a weekend trip and asked me to watch their apartment and feed their cats. I was happy to do so just for a change and because they were really nice people. Also, they paid well!


That Friday night I fell asleep in bed while indulging in a stoned jackoff session. The next day I therefore really felt the need to clean my pipes, so after I made some brunch and tended to the cats I checked the place out for porn. I hit the motherlode as there was a bookcase beside their bed stashed with pretty high-quality erotica.



First, there was a serious scholarly treatment of a British adventurer (maybe named Burton?) who had traveled extensively in Arabia and Africa in the 1800s and related a lot of experiences he had and stories he was told. My depraved mind found the explicit descriptions of harems and what could only be described as sexual slavery especially arousing. I stripped naked knowing I had absolute privacy and went through the book cover to cover, skipping the boring (i.e. non-sexual!) parts as I leisurely edged for hours, lubed by my copious pre-cum and having the odd toke to enhance my pleasure. I particularly remember a long discussion of masturbation - the author made the point that even though harems and the like were exclusively for the rich and powerful, jerking off was a treasure available to any man, no matter his station. There wasn’t much discussion of women except as outlets for male orgasms. It was a different time!



After I got through that book, I was ready to blow a cumshot across the room and through any unfortunate wall that may have gotten in the way. I patiently denied myself and found an over-size magazine dedicated to the then-recently released, now-classic porn flick “The Devil in Miss Jones,” starring Georgina Spelvin. I already had a bit of a preoccupation with older women and hairy cunts and Spelvin fit the bill on both counts. I couldn’t believe the quality colour close-up shots of her sucking cock, taking it up the ass, the double penetration, the cumshots, and the way she fingered herself. It would be a fair while before I could see the movie and get aroused by her dirty talking.



I had to cum, so grabbed the porn and got off the leather living room couch to go to the room in which I was staying. I passed a bathroom and noticed it had mirrored cabinet doors. Obviously, I had to change my plans. I opened the side mirrors so that I had a multiple view of my throbbing, hairy young cock. Incredibly, I managed to hold off for a while as I stroked away. Finally, still jacking my pre-cum-soaked penis slowly and squeezing my drawn-up balls, I exploded. Multiple ropes of cum splattered the mirrors as I swung my cumming cock from side to side to take advantage of the split views. My load was huge because of my missed masturbation cumshot the night before and the hours-long porn-fuelled edging I’d had, and I was weak at the knees as the gooey pleasure coursed through my world with my sense of time distorted because of the weed I’d indulged in.



It was quite a clean-up and the rest of the weekend I limited myself to jacking off into my cumwipe before sadly returning the porn to its place and going home.






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