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My Confession

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This was at a time when my girlfriend and I were living together. We were renting a small house with just one bedroom. My girlfriend's younger brother came to stay with us over the summer for about 10 weeks, sleeping on the living room couch. He was 19 at the time, and he was spending the summer with us to get an organic chemistry course required for admission to medical school out of the way at a less demanding summer school than the university where he was studying. I'd met him on a few occasions before, and I was always struck by how closely he resembled my girlfriend--not just his blonde hair and pale blue eyes, but the shape of his face, his finely turned nostrils, his refined features, his ingenuous smile--he was a masculine copy of my girlfriend. My girlfriend had a nine to five job, but I had a very irregular work schedule that often found me at home alone with her brother during the day. Sometimes I'd engage him in talk for a while, but friendly and open as he was, he would usually turn back to his books after just a few moments of idle conversation. Organic chemistry isn't easy anywhere, and he was a very disciplined student. One day I came home in the early afternoon. When I stepped into the living room, his lean and athletic body body lay sprawled on the couch, completely naked. His arms and legs were spread, his head was tilted back, his mouth was open and his eyes were closed. He was asleep. My eyes were immediately drawn, almost involuntarily, to his delicate cock, but what grabbed me most viscerally was the redness of his lips and his nipples set off against his pale and nearly hairless skin. This was exactly what drove me wild whenever I saw my girlfriend nude. I stared at him for a moment and then felt ashamed. I turned my head just as he opened his eyes. He pulled on his shorts. He claimed he'd been up late the night before studying for a test he'd taken that morning, he'd fallen asleep as he was getting ready to take a shower. But it dawned on me that he must have dozed off after masturbating. After all, he had no social life that summer; his daily routines were focused exclusively on his studies. Especially at his age, he must have had a healthy need for sexual release, and he had no other outlet under the circumstances. I began to wonder about his sexual activities and experiences. As these thoughts entered my mind, my scrotum tightened and my cock stiffened. I'd rebuffed homosexual advances once or twice, but now, to my utter confusion, the idea of what it would be like to have sex with my girlfriend's brother took hold of me. After that, I repeatedly paraded my own naked body--I worked hard at keeping myself in excellent shape--through the living room on the way to the shower (when my girlfriend wasn't present, of course). I did this to encourage him to do the same, and also in the hope that maybe, just maybe, he might somehow reciprocate my physical attraction. Once--and I'm still embarrassed to think about this--I even jerked off noisily in the bedroom with the door slightly ajar and then walked naked through the living room with my cock still half-erect and glistening with moisture. But these efforts were useless. He never displayed himself to me again. He was always warm and friendly towards me, but his eyes remained glued to his books whenever I walked past. He never gave the slightest hint that even the most innocuous of my wildly proliferating fantasies might become a reality. One night shortly after he'd left us, as I was lying in bed with my girlfriend in post-coital exhaustion, I tried to pry out some information to satisfy my prurient curiosity. I casually observed that as good-looking as her brother was, he must have had plenty of success with women. Some moments of pregnant silence ensued before she answered me. At a time when she had lost her virginity and he was on the threshold of puberty, she told me, she and her brother had, as she euphemistically put it without further elaboration, "engaged in intimacies."� More than once. "There,"� she said. "I needed to tell you that."� I felt a hollow emptiness in the pit of my stomach, and I was flush with fever. I had to say something, but what can you possibly say when your girlfriend tells you she slept with her brother? Engaged in intimacies. More than once. I couldn't ask the questions that were urgently crowding in on me--how, where, whose initiative? I muttered something utterly inane like, these things happen, it's over and done with, it doesn't matter any more. She sighed. "He's so beautiful"� she said. She rolled away from me. I recovered my self-possession. I was hard as a rock again. I moved closer to her. I reached over and lightly touched her vagina. I eased my stiff cock between her thighs. I pressed my lips to her shoulder. But she said she was tired, and anyway she just wasn't ready for sex again right now. I drew back and waited until I could tell from her breathing that she was sleeping soundly. I got up, taking care not to wake her. I went into the living room clutching my raging cock. I lay on the couch in the same spot and in the same position I'd caught her brother in and jerked off ferociously. Despite recent sex, it didn't take me long to explode in a shattering climax, thinking about those two bodies locked in ecstasy. I realized then that I had to marry my girlfriend.



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