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Watching the Neighbour

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I live on a very short street with only 6 homes. We have all been given these huge garbage bins by the city. I was away on vacation for two weeks and when I came it seems one of my neighbors had taken out my garbage but for some reason I now had two of the large bins.

Yesterday was garbage day and I noticed that the house two doors down had not put their trash out in a bin so I assumed that I had theirs.

I don't know the family very well. The father is a nice enough guy and they have a teenage daughter who never seems to smile.

The mother is a larger woman, not fat, not a BBW but a big woman. She has full breasts, wide hips and she is taller than I am at 5ft 10. When I first moved in two years ago she came over and introduced herself and asked me if I wanted information about her church. Not being a church going person I said 'no thanks' and that has been the extent of our conversations. We still say 'hello' and such at the mailbox or when we walk our dogs but nothing more. Frankly, I can't even remember her name.

After the garbage truck had come and gone, I dragged the now empty bin over to the other house and left it by the curb. Seeing a SUV in the driveway I thought it would be proper to let someone know that I was returning it.

As I went up to the front door I heard their dog barking on the other side. I rang the bell and waited but nobody came to the door. There are tall narrow windows on either side of the door and I could see the dog looking at me.

Ringing the bell a second time made the dog go wild again and this time I heard a woman's voice shout ' Koko, shut up' ( I assume the dog is named Koko)

Peeking in through the window beside the door I could look down the entry hall into a living room towards the back of the house. There was a barrier in the hall keeping the dog in the hall close to the front door. It was what was going on in the living room that excited me.

The woman was lying naked on the floor, shoulders flat on the carpet with her legs hooked up on the sofa and her hips lifted up on a large bean-bag pillow. She was masturbating with a large pink silicone dildo, slowly moving it in and out of her vagina with one hand. The other hand was under her ass and I think she had another dildo or vibe in her anus.

I watched for a moment until the dog went berserk again and the woman rolled over, taking her legs off the sofa shouting at it again. Before she had a chance to see me I stood back from the window, behind the door and quickly walked down the driveway at an angle that prevented her from seeing me.

When I got to the bottom of the driveway I looked back and was amazed that I could see through the window that she had returned to her original position on the floor and was back at it. Quickly; I walked home with a huge hard-on. I began to have this fantasy that she would see me, open the door and we could make love.

Going back to her home, I grabbed the garbage bin from the curb and dragged it to the side of the house placing it where I thought it was normally stored. I then went back to the door and rang the bell a third time. This time there was no dog barking and it was gone from the hall as was the barrier. The woman was not on the floor. I was really let down. Just as I was going to leave I realized that she was now on the sofa, just out of my line of sight and only her feet and legs could now be seen. I could tell that she had her legs spread and was rocking her hips back and forth. I watched for a few moments and then left for home.

When I got home I went into my garage, pulled my shorts off and jerked off while leaning on the hood of my car like some 12 year old boy. It was great.



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