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I Should Be Ashamed...

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I know I shouldn't have...But we were so damn horny


Please forgive the abrupt style of my writing, I'm not too good at this.
So here goes...I've just turned 18 (two months ago), and I have discovered this web site through very close buds. And, I wanted to share this story.

First, I still feel uncomfortable about telling this, but, have talked to my cousin (Kyle) about it. He says he doesn't care. I turned him on to this site as well.
So here goes...

My cousin Kyle, who is 16 years old, is confined to a wheel chair because of his cerebral palsy or what ever, and even though he can't really do things that most people can do, like walk or run etc. He is fully (I think) mentally capable of doing everything else.
I have witnessed this first hand over the years so I know what I'm talking about. Anyway. His parents had to go out of town on an emergency, and my Mom and Dad were asked to watch over Kyle for the weekend.
Kyle is not really a problem except he needs help doing different things, such as getting into the bathtub to bath and dry off, or limited help changing clothes or the bathroom ritual thing.
My parents ---for whatever reason---decided that it would be good experience for me to help Kyle in whatever he needed on this particular stay over.
Well anyway, I was tasked with making sure Kyle got safely into our bathtub, washed and out and dried.. fresh with clean clothes.
At first I was a bit uncomfortable (my Dad put Kyle into the tub--with tighty whites on, then told me to take over) so as I soaped up and washed Kyles back, his hair and eventually other parts of his body. I started to get turned on. I have never seen any other guy my age or otherwise naked much less touch them.

Although Kyles legs are somewhat deformed and fragile looking, His body is in otherwise really good physical shape. I noticed he has very nice pecs, strong arms, a very muscular butt, and a surprisingly impressive bulge up front. etc.

Anyway...out of nowhere, Kyle asks me to remove his underwear, so he could get washed up better.
He stared at me in such a way that I thought he was kidding ... otherwise for only a minute., then I asked him if he was sure. He said, He's sure., So I pulled his tighty whites off.

When I did, I saw Kyles fully engorged dick spring to full mast as his massive 6.5 inch very thick hard dick...uncircumcised... spring forward and stare me straight in the face.

I was so taken aback, I didn't know what to do. Kyle then reached down and started to stroke his hard dick up and down. I was almost ready to shoot in my jeans, then Kyle pulled the foreskin back and displayed a precum soaked purplish mushroom headed dick.

Now, I have been jacking my own dick for a long time... but always in private. So I consider myself totally straight, and have never really thought of having anything sexual to do with any guy--ever.

But, when I saw how big and hard and swollen my cousin's cock was and staring right at it no less, I was instantly changed and could feel (uncomfortably) my own dick starting to become aroused.
Everything seemed to happen so fast.

Kyle asked me if I ever jacked off. Of course I said I had. He asked me if I would jack off with him, as he jacked off almost every chance he could. (Usually alone in the bathtub of warm water after his Mom or Dad had left him for fifteen minutes or so), Kyle told me he had often wondered about me and about other guys his or our age and whether they jacked off or not. I assured him that they and I did.

Anyway, I was so mesmerised at the size of his dick and turned on as well, that I don't really know what came over me.
He guided the soapy sponge from my hand and directed it onto his rock hard penis. The feel of his warm rigid yet soft dick, and his smooth almost hairless balls made me want to actually put my mouth on it, but, I didn't, I resisted.

As it was I ended up stroking his dick almost until he was ready to shoot, but he told me to stop. I stopped. Then he told me to get up and lock the bathroom door then come back and drop my own pants and pull out my dick. I did just as he commanded., I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing. Kyle didn't seem to care at all. I dropped my pants down to my knees, exposing my own shaved eight incher. Kyle reached over and took my dick into his warm hands , My eyes closed shut and seemed to roll back into my head,

I fantasised and when I thought he was just going to stroke me off, instead I felt the most awesome, hottest sensation I have ever felt in my life.

I looked down to see that Kyle was giving me oral. I was shocked. I pulled back and told him I couldn't let him do that and would only agree to jacking each other or a mutual hand job.

Kyle agreed, but, I was so horned up by then... both from the thrill of being caught and to the time restraint---when I knew my Dad would be back, that I just wanted to get a nut and to get out.

Needless to say, we wasted a lot of time (due to nervousness and inexperience) and then my Dad hollering up from down stairs that he would be up in a minute.

Kyle then begged me to promise to continue what we started later in our shared room, I reluctantly agreed, even as hard and ready to blow a load as I was. But, I will tell you that my cousin... although somewhat handicapped has a very exciting and sexual imagination and I am always open to his techniques.



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