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My First Circle Jerk

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This happened when I was about 24 years old and it was my firt circle jerk I attended. I jerk off at least once a day and have always been curious and turned on when watching other guys jerk themselves off. Not really knowing what a circle jerk was at the time, I was surfing chat groups and found a local club in my area with the whole purpose of getting guys together for masturbation session. After becoming a member and a few weeks of checking the site out, one of the members said he was organizing a circle jerk at a downtown hotel if anyone was interested. I responded yes and also provided a description of myself. I'm a little heavier now but at the time I was 5'10', 175lbs, decent looking with a 6.5' dick that was shaved (along with my balls)as I always liked the clean smooth look. He got back to me with the details and I nervously waited for the day to arrive.

It was a sunday afternoon and we were supposed to meet at the hotel bar between 12:30 and 1pm, because by 1pm, we would make our way up to the room. I was nervous, I have never done anything like this and didn't really know what to expect. He set out the rules in the email, it would only be a jerk off party, nothing else so do not attend if you're looking for more action. That day and the days leading up to it, I was having the feeling of not wanting to go because I was nervous and not sure about things. Finally the morning came and I said to myself 'screw it, I'm single, why not, it may be fun'. I gave myself the courage and left my house around noon to head down to the hotel.

I arrived at the hotel a bit early and according to the email, I would be looking for the guy with the red gym bag and the blue jacket on sitting at a table. I nervously walked into the hotel bar and figured if I didn't like what I saw, I could leave and no one would know who I was anyways. I turned to look around the bar, I saw the red gym bag on the floor beside the guys feet and he was sitting at the table with 2 other guys talking. They were middle aged, probably in their 30's, and slim. I built up the courage and walked over to the table, they all looked at me and with all friendly smiles, said 'hi, how are you, wanna sit down' I said sure and grabbed a chair. The all introduced themselves and we shook hands. They all seemed pretty friendly and I was feeling more comfortable already. We ended up talking for a bit, as more guys joined us at the table. The organizer looked at his watch and it was time to head up to the room. He kinda looked around the group and said 'ok guys, we ready to head up' I could sense the nervousness from some guys including myself as we all stood up and made our way to the elevator.

We ended up going up to the eighth floor and we all walked into the room, no one was around in the hallway except a maid who was probably wondering why all these guys were going into the same room but we were all pretty clean cut guys that didn't look like a problem so she said hi as we passed and pretty much continued doing her thing. The room had 2 large beds, a sitting area with some chairs and a couch with a tv. Once inside, the organizer locked the door and said ok guys, I think its about $20 each to cover the room. I looked around the room and was surprised to see 9 guys including myself. The youngest guy was this filipino guy, probably 20, then me (24 at the time) I would say and then most guys in their mid 3os to 40s. The guys were mainly slim, clean cut guys, 2 of them had the 'gay look' about them and the other guys you would never know if they were gay or straight. I'm straight (single at the time) love chicks but I've always had this thing about watching guys jack off and cum and being watched as well as I do it. The host turned on the tv and put it on a porn channel, I guess to kinda break the ice a bit as the guys spread out across the room to get comfortable. I sat down on the couch, the filipino guy sat beside me and a taller skinny guy sat beside him.

No one really knew what to do and I was a bit nervous still sitting on the couch, the host sat on the bed and began rubbing his dick through his pants and I noticed a few other guys doing that as well. The guys on the couch starting rubbing their dicks over their pants so I followed along rubbing mine. It was pretty quiet as no one was saying much and everyone was watching the tv with the porn on it. After a few minutes, no one had their dick out yet so one guy said, 'why don't we all take our clothes off together so no one has to be first'. It seemed like a good idea so everyone got up and undressed and in 2 minutes, everyone was completely naked with their clothes folded up in a corner of the room.

I looked around the room and all these naked guys touching their dicks and I was now excited and nervous. Looking at all the different shapes and sizes, some guys were cut, some weren't. I sat back on the couch and the skinny guy was now between me and the filipino guy and we was jerking his dick good. We watched him stroke his dick which was pretty big and shaved as well. The host said he brought some lube if anyone needed it and walked over to his gym bag with a semi hard on and grabbed a big bottle of hand lotion. He squirted some on his hand and passed it around. All the guys took some lotion and soon we were all rock hard in full stroke. You could hear all the squishing sounds of the lotion as all the guys pounded away on their dicks. There were 2 guys on each bed, 2 guys in the chair and the 3 of us on the couch and everyone was looking around at each other as we all jerked off. After a while, no one was watching the porn so the host shut off the tv as everyone was more comfortable now and interested in watching each other jack off. At first I wanted to stare at all the dicks, look at the sizes, see who trims and shaves, whose is cut, I was nervous to really look so I mainly looked at my own dick but after about 30 minutes of stroking, all the guys were looking around at each others cocks, making comments about the size and thickness, it was comfortable and it was ok to stare at someones dick now as they stroked it or just held it out there for you to look at.

I remember I was about average, the skinny guy had the biggest dick and it looked really big too because he was really skinny, maybe 150lbs, 5'10. The young filipino guy wasn't very tall but had a real fit body with no hair what so ever, he had brown skin with a nice sized cut cock. I noticed about half the guys including myself shaved their cock and balls completely for that smooth look while the othes were trimmed real low. No one had any crazy bushes but I figured that all these guys like to jerk off obviously so they probably keep their pubic areas nice and clean all the time because it looks nicer and plus they say a shaved cock looks bigger too!

The host stood up and moved the coffee table away from the couch and said to us lets stand up and make a circle so we can get a better look at everyone. We all gathered around and made a tight circle, all our shoulder and thighs were touching as our cocks were all facing inward as we all continued to stroke. The filipino guy was beside me, he was probably 5'6, slim with a smooth hairless body and I'd guess a 5' smooth cock. He was stroking his dick beside me as his right arm rubbed against the left side of my body as he stroked. My right arm was rubbing against the skinny guy beside me because the circle was so tight. I stared at the filipino guys dick as he looked down at mine as I stroked it with my right hand and the left hand was holding the base firmly so all the viens in my cock would show as I was kinda showing off for him and the others. We were all glancing around and watching how each guy would stroke his dick. Guys were making comments like nice dick to each other and that they were getting ready to shoot some cum. I was officially in my very first circle jerk with 8 other guys and it was awesome, I was no longer nervous, just excited and having a good time.

The host grabbed the communal bottle of lotion, squirted a big glob on his dick which I remember being really thick with a large purple head and started to work it in with his right hand. He asked if anyone wanted lotion and the skinny guy beside me took his long dick, held it at the base with both hands tightly, it must have been 8 or 9 inches and pointed it towards the host who then holding the lotion still squirted some on like he was putting mustard on a hotdog as he made a line of it from the head of his cock to the base. Anyone else, so I did the same and he squirted some on my cock like a hotdog as well. All the guys were now doing it as the host walked around the group coating each guys cock with lotion. It was wierd, that was the closest another guys hand got to touching my dick and I wasn't nervous, it was kinda exciting having someone else apply lube to my dick. Once we were all lubed up, the sounds of our hands sliding up and down our dick started to get louder as we all stroked.

We probably jerked off for over an hour getting to the point of cumming then stopping and then jerking again and continuing this until we were all ready to blast large loads of cum. The host grabbed a black garbage bag from his gym bag and walked over the round table that was between the 2 chairs, he picked it up and moved it in the center of the group and placed the garbage bag over it. He said that we were all going to cum on the garbage bag so it would be easy to clean up plus we would be able to see all the white cum stand out against the black platic bag, he also said when you're going to cum, let everyone know so we can all watch you shoot so lets try and cum one at a time if possible as he chuckled.

The table wasn't that big so we all had to squeeze together pretty tight, all around me I had these sweaty naked guys moaning and groaning, the sounds of hands sliding up and down hard cocks was loud and we were all kinda bumping into each other as we watched each others cock get ready to burst. The skinny guy beside me said to the group that since we were all right handed, we should put our left arms on the guys shoulder to the left of us to give us a bit more room to squeeze in closer. It sounded like a good idea, we agreed since our left arm was kinda getting in the way so we all draped our arm around the shoulder of the guy beside us and tightened the circle by a few more inches. I was surrounded by all these hard dicks, the filipino guy somehow ended up infront of me now and was no more than about 3 feet away and the skinny guys dick was only inches from mine as we all stroked waiting to see who was going to be the first to shoot their load.

I knew I had to cum bad but I didn't want to shoot first. Finally one of the guys broke and said I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, we all slowed our stroking down as the guy arched his back and sped up the pace of his stroking, suddenly he moaned as large ropes of semen flew out of his cock splashing down against the garbage bag. He was breathing heavy as he continued to slowly jerk his dick as he dumped a huge load of cum onto the bag, he started to shake his dick as a string of cum was hanging from his dick and connecting to the bag. We all commented on how nice the load was as he was squeezing and pulling his dick downward to milk all the cum out of it. That was the first time I've ever seen someone cum in person, not including tv and computer! It was hot and I knew I was going to cum real soon after seeing that. Seconds later the skinny guy moaned, announced to the group he was ready and then this huge load flew out of his cock and struck the guy across from him on his stomach. We all laughed as you could see the cum on him. It didn't seem to bother him as he continued to stroke his cock which was super hard as the skinny guys cum began to run down his stomach. The skinny guy continued to stroke and must have shot 8 or 9 thick strings of cum, his cock was huge, the veins looked like they were ready to burst along his shaft. The side of his body as pressed against mine, his left arm was over my shoulders as I could feel him shake as the loads flew out of his dick and landed on the garbage bag as we all kinda gasped at how much cum there was. Watching his massive cock explode just a few inches from mine, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it any longer and I said I was going to shoot my load, the filipino guy across from me said he had to explode as well so the guys started to cheer us on telling us shoot a huge load together. We both jetted our cocks forward a bit, our bodies were shiny with sweat, our arms resting on the guys shoulder beside us as our right hands pumped away. I was staring at his bald cock, which was only a few feet away, it was shiny from all the lube, his body was smooth and shiny from all the sweat built up from jerking off for almost 2 hours now. He was looking across at my cock which had this thick green vein running from the base to the head of my cock. We were both pumping our cocks slowly now as the 7 guys looked on, I said I'm cumming and with that, I almost stopped stroking as a thick white jet of cum shot out, it travelled a few feet and landed on the filipino guys abs and dick. One guy said 'oh ya man' as the white cum stood out against the filipino guys brown skin, unphased he stroked his dick using my cum on his shaft as more lube and then returned the favour by blasting a warm load of cum back at me which splashed on the base of my cock and my right hand. Not even thinking about it, I wiped the back of my right hand along the base of my shaft and continued stroking my cock using his warm cum which was now mixed in with my sweat and the lotion. We continued to pump our dicks together, our cum was oozing out of our cocks and down onto the garbage bag which now had been sprayed with the cum of 4 guys. It was such a hot feeling to have others watch as you jack off and cum as well as cumming with another guy knowing that he is feeling the same thing you are. We both finished milking our loads as the guys were commenting on how awesome that was.

Everyone stood in the circle and watched as each guy shot his load onto the garbage bag, a few of us got showered with a bit of cum because we were all so close together but it didn't seem to bother anyone as we just continued to stroke through it. After about 20 mins or so, 9 huge loads of cum were dumped onto the garbage bag as we stood around laughing about how much we all came. One guy commented saying too bad it wasn't a hot babe lying on the table covered in cum instead of the garbage bag as a few guys chuckled and agreed.

When it was done, I went to the bathroom where the filipino guy was cleaning himself with a warm wet towel, he laughed saying I got him good and I said hey you splashed me pretty good too. He handed me the towel he was using, laughed and walked out. I cleaned myself up with it and went back into the main room and put my clothes back on. A few guys still stood around naked chatting, maybe they were going to stay for round 2 but I had nothing left in me.

We all said our goodbyes as 5 of us left the room and headed back around towards the elevator. The maid who was in the hallway when we arrived was still up there as her cart was in front of one of the rooms a few over from where we were. As we passed it, she came out and grabbed something off it, she smiled at us (maybe it was me but her smile appeared to be a little coy as if she knew what just went on a few rooms away from her), we smiled back at her, she went back into the room and we got on the elevator and went down to the lobby. One guy said 'I wonder if she knew what was going on about 30 feet away from her', the filipino guy said 'she will once she cleans up the room with that garbage bag there', we laughed as I said 'she was probably at the door listening to us making all that noise'. The elevator opened and we all walked out onto the street and went our separate ways.

That was my very first circle jerk experience, I was nervous at first but got comfortable quickly as I've never stood around with 8 other naked guys with hardons before. Everyone was nice, no one was pushy, and we were pretty much all there for the same thing, to watch each other stroke and to be watched while we stroke. We all talked about how fun it was over the next few weeks on the yahoo group and said we should do it again. There were a few more jack off sessions but they only had 3 to 5 guys at them, we tried to get women involved and some of the guys said they were married but it was impossible to, I guess the group masturbation is a guys thing. The first one was the biggest one and I never did see that filipino guy again.

I tried to remember as much detail as I could as it is still kinda fresh in my mind (happened about 6 years ago) because it was such a hot experience. Feel free to comment about it in the comments section.

Hope those who read it enjoy...cheers



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