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Reading a post this morning about a guy who videotaped himself while masturbating brought back some fine memories.
Sometime when I was probably 8 years old a friend and I started playing around with our family's video camera. We Took it out side and made little adventure movies, and had a great time doing it. Somehow that led to more adventuresome shots of us mooning the camera, then pulling down the front of our shorts and showing off our little penises and balls. That was titillating, and we started getting more bold, going back into the woods and stripping naked for the camera and running around like that. It was all good clean fun, and we stockpiled a couple of films with us naked, and eventually took a tripod so we could both be in the movies together. We'd horse around, and one memorable day my friend got behind me and dry humped me. There was no penetration, but I do remember we both got boners and it felt good with his penis in my crack, so I did it to him, too.We did that off and on for a couple of years, and when we had sleepovers we'd watch the movies after our parents went to bed, and it was quite erotic. I remember the first time we really masturbated was while watching our naked antics on the TV, and it was a lot of fun.Then one day when I was 13 I decided to tape myself masturbating. I had only recently been ejaculating, and it was a pretty explicit shot. My friend came over sometime later, and we watched some of the older tapes as we usually did, but he found my new one and put it in the vcr while I was out of the room. When I returned he was transfixed on the sight of me masturbating and cumming, and he was jacking off to it. I was embarrassed, and said it was only fair if we taped him doing it, too, so we did. Thus started a series of tapes of us jacking off, jacking each other off, and a couple of times sucking each other.Now it is several years later, and those tapes, though VERY well hidden, are a huge turn on for me, and my friend borrows them occassionally, too. We both know we jack off to them, though we aren't gay. Maybe bi. I don't know, but watching those tapes really get me hot and horny.



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