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The Dark Side?

Posted by: Age: 19 Posted on: 7 comments
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Do you ever have fantasies that, even though they are wrong, deliver the most stunning orgasms? I do sometimes.  Before I relate this, I want to make it clear that this has never happened in real life, nor, for a second, would I ever allow it to. This is just something that fell into my mind once, and to my surprise, it worked! 


 Early morning. And I’m fucking annoyed. My parents have houseguests and that means my brother sleeping on my floor. 

Naturally, this coincides with the horniest part of my cycle, and I was looking forward to a few secret (and silent) wanks under the covers. 

Next to me, on the floor covered by a duvet is my brother, Robert. 

He seemed deeply asleep, so I risked it.....a quick rub of my nipples. Fuck....I’m randy! Bastard! Immediately I felt my clit jump and demand attention. Fucking HELL!

Robert snuffles and rolls onto his back. The duvet exposes his lower tummy and I can definitely see a morning glory there. Thats all I need. Sight of a hard cock. Fuck....I’ll go back to sleep. 

I doze, and my mind, half awake, half asleep, lets me into a dark world of forbidden delight. 

In my half dream, Robert has snuck into my bed. His arm is round my tummy, but his hand is travelling down between my legs. I reach behind myself for his hardness. In reality, I’m rubbing my clit, but I have to admit, I’m fantasizing about my brother. 

Im soaked. My hole is so ready. I feel Robert pressing against me, between my bum cheeks. Oh my! I feel the tip of his cock against by arsehole. I’ve mever had it there, but I feel I want to push back against it. Instead, I slip two fingers inside my gaping sex and imagine him fucking me as I wank. 

I even whisper aloud “oh Robert....fuck me.....spunk up me.” I feel my cunt grip my fingers and I bite the knuckle of my free hand. I glance down at him. The duvet is off now, and I see his full erection. The mere sight of it sends me over. In my mind I imagine clutching him to me as he spunks inside me. 

The orgasm is terrible, Wild, uncontrollable. I whimper out loud and try to disguise it with a cough. 

When it subsides, I feel disgusted....dirty.....but that doesn’t stop me licking my fingers clean. 



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