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He Made Me Cum

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You see, he is MUCH older than me, married, and I should not for a moment see him in this light.


Last Sunday, oh, it was so hot that I wore my favourite summer dress to church. I shouldn't really because it is very sheer. He was sitting where he usually sits and as I walked in, he smiled. Oh, what a smile. Damnit, I could feel my arousal building even here, in church. I walked to the altar, genuflected and lit a candle. I stood looking at the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and prayed for my family. But I found I was praying for something far more worldly, and sinful. I crossed myself and walked back up the aisle. He smiled again and I felt myself getting so wet, oh, so very wet.

I stood and talked to him. His voice is rich, deep and mellow and in a heartbeat I touched his shoulder. Just to feel him sent a shiver through me and made my clit throb. Here, in this sacred place. I said something goofy to him like 'Could you help me with something?' and led him out of the church into the adjoining church hall and from there, through a small committee room into the toilet area. Once there, I just turned round and wriggled my shoulders and my dress fell to the floor. I stood there in just my panties. That alone would have been enough for me even if he had walked off right there and then. I would have jilled myself to an orgasm that I swear, I could already feel building.

He looked deeply into my eyes and I think he knew that this was a need I had to have fulfilled. He took a pace towards me and I melted against him. He stroked my back and then I felt him stroke up my arm, over my shoulder and down onto my breast. He played my nipple so expertly before tracing those long elegant fingers down over my tummy and into my panties. He found my sweet spot in a second and really knew what to do with a girl's clit. (Don't EVER tell me that older men aren't worth it.. trust me.. THEY ARE.)But he also knew that I would like something more. He tugged my knickers down to mid thigh and whispered, 'Spread your legs' There was such power, such authority in that voice, and I LOVE being dominated. (He didn't know that of course, but he seemed to sense so much.) Then I felt his finger enter me and he leaned in close against my ear. He half spoke, half whispered. 'Emily, I want you to cum so hard. I want you to cum so hard that you piss yourself..... you horny.... little... slut.'

With each expletive I felt myself building to that sublime point, but then, I passed it. Somehow he was building me way beyond the point I normally cum. I could feel him alternating working my clit with pressing my g spot and I even felt a finger pressing into my ass. All the time he talked 'I know you love this, Emily. I know you want me to talk dirty to you. I am going to finger-fuck you in both your holes when you cum. Tell me when you can't hold it any more.' By now I was shivering all over and desperate to cum. One moment I thought I really would pee on his hand, the next second I felt like my orgasm was about to hit, then it went back to the peeing sensation. I can't put into words how he built it for me, but then he used his other hand. I felt it work towards my breast and he said 'In a moment, I am going to make you cum like you have never cum before.' As he said this I felt his thumb and finger roll my nipple. Suddenly he squeezed VERY hard.

The orgasm went off in me like a nuclear blast and it just kept coming. He responded to every contraction with either a push with the finger which was by now deep in my ass, or by touching my clit, or pressing my g-spot or pinching my nipple. He was in total control, and he could have kept me cumming forever.

I felt that if he didn't stop, I really WOULD pee so between moans I said 'Ohh. Please... enough...stop now... Ohh GOddddd.' He gently brought me down to earth again and held me as I recomposed myself. I could see his hard on and ached for it in me. I nodded and said, 'Can I...?' He smiled and said 'You know, Emily, what a wonderful thing it is for a girl of your age to let a man of my age do this? You have done more than enough for me, and more than you can know. I do have one request though.. well, two actually.' Then he said he wanted to use his camera phone to take a picture of me exactly as I was, panties half way down and looking very 'Just Fucked'. He also asked if he could have my panties. He told me his wife is bi-sexual and that she has not had any FF for a long long time. I happilly agreed on condition that he jacked into them and let me have them back 'dirty'.

The rest of the service passed in a dream for me. I sat next to him, naked under my dress, still wet as all hell but basking in that afterglow that only comes when something really special has happened.

One thing I know beyond all doubt. I want him to fuck me. I don't think he would do that though, but he can do that with just his fingers, AND has the self restraint not to need to cum himself immediately afterwards, then just imagine his stamina in bed. It's been a long time since I went all the way, over 10 years in fact. (Don't ask.. long story) Even then I was very boring in bed. Missionary position only and light off please. Nothing unusual, and certainly nothing kinky. But with him... since that Sunday, I have masturbated dreaming about him fucking me in the mouth, in the ass, everywhere. I even 'used' objects to simulate it... something I have NEVER done before. I even peed in my panties on purpose because when he was fingering me, I suddenly thought how erotic it might be... so I tried it... and trust me girls,... it is SOOOO horny to do that. This man, at least 30 years older than me has made me come alive.



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