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In the City

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Story of a break in my work day- hope you enjoy it!


To most people I appear extremely shy, although friendly. What most people don't know is that hidden behind the quiet exterior is a sex fiend. I can't get enough. I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember, which was back in first grade. I have many stories I can tell but this one is choice.

A few years ago I let my desires get the best of me. I wanted to see a real man come for me, masturbating for me. I looked online and began chatting with a man who lived in an area where during my work day we could meet for an, ah, exchange. He knew what I wanted and was fine with that. I wanted to watch him stroke his cock but, I did not want to participate. He was all for it. 'Brad' met me on my lunch hour in the city. We walked to his car which was parked in a parking garage in a hotel nearby.

Before I continue let me tell you about Brad. He was succulent, absolutely gorgeous. Tall, with a medium build, blond hair, blue eyes with a sparkling friendly smile. He wore a ball cap and I remember thinking it looked sexy, knowing that this man, ball cap and all, would have his cock in his hand for me soon.

I was nervous, of course. Brad was friendly. We got to his car and as he relaxed down into the seat I saw his cock straining in his jeans. He said, 'I'm really nervous. I hope this works.' He reached down to rub himself softly through his jeans he groaned, and said, 'Oh yeah, no problem here.' I swear I licked my lips as he unzipped his jeans, I was so aroused, my panties were pooling with my wetness.

He reached in and pulled out his hard cock, slowly stroking it with a full fisted grip. Brad was wonderful. He moaned. He groaned. At one point he laid back in his seat, put on arm over his head and used the other to stroke, languishing in the feeling of his hand on his cock, and my eyes on his body. Closing his eyes he smiled and moaned as asked me sexy questions. He then looked at me, looked at my ample breasts, back to my eyes and said, 'I'm imagining you wearing lingerie for me, you're very pretty.'

All of a sudden I wanted to reach out and stroke that man's cock more than anything in the world. But I didn't because it wasn't part of the plan. I was so turned on I felt I'd do too much more with him if I even ran my finger down his cock.

Oh, did I mention his cock? I gulped when I first saw it, engorged and extended, bobbing around in his excitement. It was a huge, gorgeous tool, seriously. I wanted to lick him right there, like a lollipop. Had to be at least 8 inches with a good thickness. He would have been fun to ride, shame on me!

So much pre-come. The wet slippery noises drove me mad with desire. A man jerking off is the hugest turn on for me, and I love the sound most. I totally get off on the wet slippery frantic stroke noises. I like the furtive telltale movements and sound of a hand on flesh, repetitive movements. Brad just oozed pre-come, leaking everywhere, and it was such a sexual sound, I'm getting wet just remembering it. His moans combined with that over and over wet slippery noise made me almost faint with desire.

Brad's masturbation session lasted longer than I figured. About fifteen minutes passed of moans, groans, sighs, different stroking methods, when he gave me this darkly sexual look and said, 'I'm ready, I'm going to come, watch me.' As if I could look away. I was transfixed, wiggling around in my seat. I was dying to touch my swollen leaking pussy as I watched his strong hands manipulating that hard flesh.

Come, oh my word did that man blow his load. I am not exaggerating when I say he shot at least ten huge thick spurts of come. He got come everywhere in his car. I was amazed, it just kept shooting and shooting. And he writhed and moaned and looked at me the entire time, fist pumping.

Finally he was finished, wiped up a bit and zipped up his jeans. We said our goodbyes. We did not meet again. It was a one time most perfect event and I masturbate to the memory of it often. The way he looked at me through heavy lidded, pleasure filled eyes was just incredible.

When I got back to the office I shut and locked my door and made myself come twice before I could settle down enough to work, and still I couldn't concentrate for the remainder of my work day. I took public transportation home, and every bump in the road made me nearly come. I had to run in the house, sprint to my room, strip down and have a good one on one with my vibrator, thinking of Brad the entire time. He's a fantasy I use often!



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