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In A Naught Mood

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I'm feeling deliciously naughty.


i want you to watch me carefully. 

I'm wearing exactly the same clothes as I am in my profile picture. The only difference is that under my white skirt, I am wearing panties this time, a pair of innocent-looking white cotton 'virgin' panties. 

Oh, but I feel antsy though! 

I flop down in a chair opposite you in that casual way teenage girls have. My knees aren't together, in fact, they are bouncing apart from each other as I talk with you. Part of my brain knows I am flashing you, another part doesn't. There is a cute mixture of innocence and deliberation, but that's just me, I guess. 

I notice you trying not to look up my skirt, and failing. You're only human after all, and I guess that the sight of a teenage girls crotch has its own allure. That same part of my brain that is fully aware that I'm teasing you says to me " Look. That dirty cunt wants to see your twat. He's imagining what it looks like, what it smells like and how it tastes right now. See? He's even got an erection, although he's trying hard not to let you see."

I flop my legs against the arms of my chair, and I see your eyes drop from my face, once, twice, three times. Each time they stay between my legs for longer. I have you now, and you can't resist. 

"Go on. Take it out." 

You can't believe I just said that, and you reply with a "huh?"

"I said get you cock out. In fact, bring your chair closer....much closer. "

You pull your chair over until you are sitting between my knees. Your eyes are riveted on my crotch. I know you can see the rapidly growing wet patch, and I suspect you can smell it too. Your cock looks angry, it is already oozing pre cum. 

I slip my hand down between my legs. I want to show you, but you mustn't touch, I slip a finger under the elastic of the leg hole,and pull the gusset to,one side, showing you a perfectly smooth quim that is visibly wet and glistening. Since I'm really into this role,play, I look you straight in the eyes and say "I'm a virgin. No one except me has ever seen me there....or touched me."

You can't help yourself. You are masturbating as you look at me. I slip my other hand up my top and raise it just enough for you to see my tiny little breast, so hard and round, with its nipple pert and erect. 

You are breathing deeply now, and I know you are close. I let the material of my panties slip back over my hole, but I rub my clit through them. 

I see it moments before it happens. Your breath catches in your throats and I say "cum on my panties....do it right on the crotch...aim it at my hole." 

You spurt, a long rope of cum that hits me just where I asked for,it, then another, then another. The last one hits my finger, and I raise it to my mouth  to suck it clean. My panties are a mess, covered with my wetness inside, and yours outside. 

I slip my hand under the waistband and find my clit. "Watch me"

I lock eyes with you, and I let you watch me rub myself to orgasm. The smell of your sperm excites me, and knowing there is only a thin piece of cotton between your sperm and my quim makes me cum. My eyes widen, and this time my breath catches. I gasp, and whisper "ohh fuck.....fuck....fuuuuck." 

Next time, I might let you fuck me, 



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